Introducing Micro Madness-a Month-Long Tribute to Micro Drones

Get ready for a month of stunts, reviews, and comparisons while we put these little quadcopters to the test.

The FAA dictates that drones that weigh over 0.55 pounds (or 250 grams) need to be registered. Micro drones, though, can be much smaller—as light as 15 grams AUW (All Up Weight—referring to their weight, with battery, once in the air). That lets them bypass the law requiring drone registration, which has led to their sudden rise in popularity in the UAV-flying community. 

Given that, we at Drive/AERIAL have decided to dedicate the month to figuring out what’s great about micro drones, and to see how they compare. We’re inviting Hoverbot co-founder Adam Weld,to show us his Nano, and review the FuriousFPV Moskito 70 and Flex RC Piko Owl V2

The quadcopters tested mostly use brushless motors, which mean that the motors are the same type found in larger racing quads, just miniaturized. This very recent development in micro drone technology has completely changed the game for these small flying machines, allowing them to evolve from knock-around toys to full-on race quads. 

Stay tuned for the month long debauchery of Micro Madness. It’s gonna be great.