Which of These Is the Best Micro Brushless Drone?

After pitting the best micro brushless quadcopters against each other, which reigns supreme?

Alas, our month(ish) series dedicated to sub-250-gram drones—Micro Madness—is done. For the past month, we have all but destroyed the best micro brushless quadcopters money (or in our case, Monopoly money) can buy, in an attempt to help you better decide who to take to prom. The only requirement was keeping them under $250 dollars. 

We started with inviting the co-founder of

HoverBot, Adam Weld, to The Drive‘s showroom to find out how the Nano holds up in an indoor course (hint: well). 

Next we tested Furious FPV’s Moskito 70, the smallest brushless on the list. Even with its tiny frame, it kept up when in higher throttle, but was best suited for small, intricate courses fit for its size. 

Ending with the biggest micro brushless tested, Flex RC’s

Piko Owl V2. The thing is a beast, and ate our course for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while giving up some of its micro-ness. 

So sit back, relax, and let us tell you how to live your life, one micro quadcopter at a time. Watch the video above to find out which one we dub Micro Madness Champion.

Video shot by Erica Lourd and Andrew Siceloff, produced by Cait Knoll, edited by Erica Lourd and Andrew Siceloff.