The $249 Bind-and-Fly Furious FPV Moskito 70 Is Crazy, Brushless Fun

We take the Moskito 70 for a test flight—or many—and see how much of a beating the quadcopter can really take.

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The Furious FPV Moskito 70 is leaving the test bench and cutting its teeth on our Indoor Showroom track. 

This 122mm micro quadcopter was built for easy transport and easy flying in tight places. Adding brushless motors, instead of the less efficient and less powerful brushed motors, means that it can also pack a wallop when it comes to speed. 

Although the Moskito 70 is well under the 250g registration limit set by the FAA, it is a little on the heavy side for it’s size—51.5g without the battery—and we’ll see if that hinders flight characteristics. 

After a few laps (and many crashes and batteries later) we weigh in on how the Moskito 70 holds up. Next week, we review the Piko Owl V2, our biggest, heaviest, and most powerful Micro yet.

Video shot by Erica Lourd and Andrew Siceloff, edited by Andrew Siceloff and Erica Lourd, and produced by Cait Knoll.


Andrew Siceloff

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