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BYCorrina Murdoch/ LAST UPDATED ON March 25, 2021

From the shop to the kitchen (and everywhere in between), you need to protect your clothes from the mess of work. Whether it’s oil in your garage or sawdust in a wood shop, hands-on work can easily damage clothes. That’s why you need a quality work apron. Unlike coveralls that go over your clothes, work aprons cover the areas most likely to get messy. An apron should give you efficient access to your tools, prevent stains, and be made of a tough textile. Ideally, the apron is easy to maintain and will stand the test of time (and stains). Naturally, these must-have accessories are popular. So, to make your shopping easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best work aprons available.

If you want something sturdy and durable, check out the ecoZen Lifestyle Woodworking Shop Apron. It’s made out of waxed canvas to promote waterproof abilities and structural integrity. The stitching is reinforced at the seams and pockets. Tough hemming prevents fraying and makes a long-lasting apron. In terms of coverage, it offers 34 inches of protection at the front to keep your shirt and pants safe. The apron is lightweight and comfortable. This makes it easy to wear for long durations. Coming with pockets for glasses and wood-shop tape, it offers efficient storage. The apron is simple to put on and adjust. When you’re through, just use the buckle to release the harness. You can hang it in your shop for the next time you work on your projects. Comfortable and durable, this is an ideal apron overall.

If you're planning on some kitchen work, check out the Chef Works Unisex Pocket Apron. It’s lightweight and breathable, making it well-suited to muggy kitchen environments. The apron covers a full two feet of area. This protects your pants and shirt from spills and stains. The fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester. Cotton adds comfort while polyester contributes to durability. Together, the fabrics create a machine wash and dryable textile that won’t shrink or lose shape. As an apron, it ties behind the neck and around the waist. At the front, it incorporates a trio of pockets for storing tools, technology, or other items. You can get these aprons in one of five colors, depending on preference (including the chef-classic white and black). In terms of kitchen function, this work apron is a great choice.

If you just want a simple apron for keeping tools handy, take a look at the Ergodyne Store Arsenal Canvas Waist Tool Belt. It is only a few inches tall, with multiple pockets for efficient storage of work tools. At the sides are adjustable straps that fit waists as large as 52 inches. Simply tie the fabric behind your back and you are set to work. It offers comfort in the form of weight distribution. The pockets are evenly placed across the belt. This ensures that heavy items won’t cause the belt to slip or lose shape. You get a full range of motion when using this belt, thanks to the minimalist design. It lets you bend at the knees and waist without encumbering your movement. In terms of durability, the belt is made of heavy-duty canvas for long-lasting function.

If you're looking for a versatile apron for home projects, consider the Aulett Home Store Waterproof Apron. It provides thorough coverage with a long front that spans 40 inches. Made of rubber and vinyl, the apron offers waterproof features and complete stain resistance. It’s ideal for everything from chemical handling to kitchen work. The apron attaches behind the neck and around the waist with adjustable ties. It incorporates a quick-release clasp for efficient removal. The straps are all easy to maneuver. This way, you can find the most comfortable wearing position. It’s lightweight and easy to wear. You get the benefits of tough stitching, so you never have to worry about frays. The sturdy fabric is resistant to tears and abrasions common to work settings. The waterproof virtues make it ideal for wet work environments.

The Hudson Durable Goods - Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron can be used for a variety of activities, from woodworking and blacksmithing to painting and metalsmithing. It's also great for electricians, mechanics, brewers, and baristas. The bib apron provides full coverage for individuals who are at least 5 feet 2 inches. It is 27 inches wide by 34 inches tall. It includes grommets and long straps, so you can adjust it to fit a waist as large as 50 inches. There are also large 8 by 8.5-inch tool and accessory pockets as well as a quick-access cell phone pocket on the chest. Overall, it's very well constructed, and the fabric, stitching, and rivets are of good quality. It's easy to put on and clean, and debris doesn't stick to it. Unfortunately, it doesn't have pockets dedicated to holding pencils. Plus, it's a little heavy, which isn't ideal in summer.

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