Best Motorcycle Gear: Be Safe and Comfortable While Riding

The best motorcycle gear doesn’t just prevent scrapes; it also boosts your comfort and safety

byAlice Musyoka, Linsay Thomas| UPDATED Jan 27, 2021 5:46 PM
Best Motorcycle Gear: Be Safe and Comfortable While Riding

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BYAlice Musyoka, Linsay Thomas/ LAST UPDATED ON January 27, 2021

Bike gloves, a leather jacket, a helmet, riding pants, and tough boots are more than just protective equipment meant to keep you safe. They are an extension of your personality. If you have all the basics but want motorcycle gear that will boost your riding experience, you’re in the right place. This review covers three of the top motorcycle accessories on the market.

Best Overall
Nelson-Rigg Unisex Adult Stormrider Motorcycle Rain Suit

Nelson-Rigg Unisex Adult Stormrider Motorcycle Rain Suit


This two-piece suit from Nelson-Rigg ensures full body protection against even the heaviest downpour. It comes in sizes small to 4X large and in three different colors.

  • Has a high-visibility design to ensure your safety on the road
  • Despite the waterproof exterior, the interior has a soft and comfortable lining
  • Decent price
  • Vents under the arms can be an issue in the rain
  • No easy sizing chart to determine your real fit
Best Value

MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector by Coleman


This is one accessory that works well with both an off-road motorcycle and an ATV. It improves the aesthetics, makes the seat last longer, and boosts overall comfort.

  • Has soft-molded foam to keep you comfortable when you drive offroad and to cushion you against hard bumps
  • Three latches lock it in place and protect your seat from harsh weather elements
  • Cover also prevents seat wear and tear
  • Offers less support and comfort than its predecessors 
  • Buckle design may interfere with its fitting on many seats or the leg placement of the rider
Honorable Mention

Event Biker Leather Men's Motorcycle Jacket


What’s a rider without his or her signature leather jacket? This leather jacket, which is made of promotional grade leather, makes a style statement. It is also unisex.

  • Comes in various sizes—ranging from small to 5X-large—to accommodate different body types
  • Has a polyester-filled liner and retains heat when it’s cold
  • Feels comfortable on the skin
  • Side lace helps make the jacket a perfect fit
  • Some sizing issues—you may have to order two sizes bigger
  • Zipper is not the highest quality and sometimes sticks when you try to zip up

Benefits of Motorcycle Gear

  • Safety. Wearing the right motorcycle gear can help keep you safe while on the road. The right gear can protect you from the heat of the engine or harsh weather. It can also keep you safe in the event of a fall by protecting commonly injured areas. 
  • Comfort. The right gear can make riding your motorcycle so comfortable that you could do it all day. This includes cushioning on your seat or cooling throughout your riding suit.  
  • Style. Buy gear that enhances your personal style. It can match the colors of your motorcycle, or you can create a unique style that projects the image you’re striving for. 

Types of Motorcycle Gear

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The gear for cruiser-style bikes has a more upright riding position in mind. This takes into account how your arms and legs are positioned. The helmets take into account your head position and how the wind directs around it. The gear in this category has a more traditional biker feel. 


The gear in this category accommodates the more aggressive riding style and body position that sportbike riders have. The leg lengths are longer, and the arms are articulated. The helmets are shaped differently to account for the change in airflow around the head. This gear tends to be more colorful and embraces a wider range of materials, such as textiles. 


The gear in this category is meant for the hardcore rider that gets off the road and into the wilderness. You’ll find the gear to be more durable and have more compartments for storage. There are also a lot of features included in this gear to help riders be prepared for any type of riding condition. 

Top Brands

Frogg Toggs

Founded in 1996, Frogg Toggs has a single mission of keeping you dry and comfortable while riding in inclement weather. It manufactures jackets, pants, and suits for motorcycle riders and those who like the outdoors. Check out the Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Waterproof Rain Jacket for a jacket that will keep you dry on all of your rides. 


The Harley-Davidson brand has been a staple in the motorcycle industry since its founding in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wis. You can literally find anything and everything you need for riding with the Harley logo on it. These Harley-Davidson Women's Osminda Mesh & Leather Gloves are a perfect example of the quality and style that Harley produces. 

Joe Rocket

If you’re looking for unique and affordable motorcycle gear, Joe Rocket is the brand for you. The company makes gear for both men and women that includes suits, jackets, pants, gloves, and footwear. The lower price point of the gear makes it popular among beginners and those on a budget. This Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 Women's Mesh Jacket is an example of style and affordability. 


Founded in Valenza, Italy, in 1946, AGV produces some of the highest-quality motorcycle helmets in the industry. Owned by Dainese, the AGV brand is known for producing helmets that have colorful bold designs and feature the latest technology. The AGV K-3 SV Balloon Helmet Balloon demonstrates AGV’s bold style and high-quality construction. 

Motorcycle Gear Pricing

  • Under $100: You can find some high-quality smaller pieces of gear in this category, such as gloves. But for the most part, gear in this price range isn’t the best quality. It will have cheap construction and low-quality materials. 
  • $100 to $500: When it comes to the majority of gear, this is the range quality pieces fall into. This includes jackets, helmets, pants, and boots. You’ll find quality materials with useful features that make riding more comfortable. 
  • $500 and up: Gear that falls into this category are high-end pieces that feature the best quality materials and the latest innovations in features and technology. Some of the gear in this price range includes high-end leather jackets and race suits. 

Key Features


Lower-quality riding gear uses cheaper materials. These can be uncomfortable against your skin and not breathe as well. They’re also not as abrasion-resistant, which means they won’t protect as well. Higher-quality fabrics will conform to your body, encourage airflow, and protect you in the event of a motorcycle accident. The price of the gear will help you determine the quality of the materials used. Common materials used for motorcycle gear are denim, Kevlar, leather, and nylon.


It can get really hot while riding, causing you to overheat. Look for breathable materials, mesh panels, and zipper vents. These will increase the airflow through your textile jacket. Your motorcycle helmet should have vents that you can open and close to airflow around your skull. Motorcycle gloves may or may not have venting, depending on the season they’re meant for. Warm weather gloves should have mesh inserts, while winter gloves won’t. 


Higher-quality gear tends to come with more features. Quality motorcycle jackets come with armor such as elbow, shoulder, and back protector shells. This will protect you should you come into contact with the open road. Look for motorcycle boots with a sturdy zipper or another method of securing your boots to your feet. 

Other Considerations

  • Fasteners. One place where motorcycle gear tends to fail is in the fasteners. Plastic fasteners tend to break more easily than metal ones. You need sturdy fasteners that will keep your gear securely in place. This includes metal zippers, the chin strap on your full-face helmet, and the lacing on your boots. 
  • Element Protection. You need protection from more than just the road; there are also weather elements such as wind, sun, and rain. Look for gear that will block the sun, such as a tinted visor on a full-face helmet. Jackets and pants can have wind protection. There is also water protection, but pay attention to whether the gear is waterproof or water-resistant. 
  • Technology. You will find modern technology built into motorcycle gear, such as Bluetooth in helmets, USB gloves, or suits that have AC or heat. There is also technology built into fabrics, such as UV resistance. The technology isn’t a necessity, but it makes riding easier, more comfortable, and convenient. 

Best Motorcycle Gear Reviews & Recommendations 2021

If you are looking for a comfortable motorcycle suit that will protect you in the rain, Nelson-Rigg has the optimal product. This is a two-piece suit to cover your entire body, with excellent neck coverage and straps to hook around your feet. It comes in black and orange, black and yellow, or all black. The orange and yellow versions are high-visibility for extra safety in the rain. It is designed to keep you dry in even the heaviest downpour, so you don’t have to stop riding. 

This motorcycle gear is competitively-priced for its top quality. The jacket has a full-length zipper, a hood, a soft interior lining, and adjustable cuffs. It weighs just under 3 pounds, so it is a lightweight and comfortable fit. The cooling vents under each arm can become an issue for long rainy rides, allowing water to get inside. Nelson-Rigg also does not have a sizing chart on their product page, making it a bit more difficult to guess the correct size. But it does come in sizes small to 4X large, so there is a decent diversity there.


This piece of gear will work well with both off-roading motorcycles and ATVs. It will improve the aesthetics of your seat. It will also protect your seat by taking the brunt of the abuse during use. The extra cushioning will increase the overall comfort of the seat. 

The soft molding of this seat cushion protects from harsh bumps. There are three latches that keep the cushion in place. The cover is also effective at protecting the seat from wear and tear. 

However, this seat cover isn’t as cushioned as other options on the market. The buckle placement may interfere with your riding position, making it uncomfortable to sit on the seat. 

This is the quintessential leather motorcycle jacket that embodies the traditional biker style everyone thinks of when they imagine a biker. It features promotional grade leather and is unisex so anyone can wear it. 

The jacket comes in a wide range of sizes, so both men and women can wear it comfortably. There is a polyester liner that will retain heat to help you stay warm in cold weather riding. The side lacing will help you create a custom fit for your jacket. 

While the jacket comes in a range of sizes, it does run small. You may need to size up two sizes bigger than what you would normally wear. Also, the zipper isn’t the highest quality, and you may find that it gets stuck while you’re trying to use it. 

If you are looking for an excellent set of gloves, COFIT has a great pair for an affordable price. These full finger gloves are available for both men and women and in sizes medium to 2X large. They come in all balck, or black with highlights in green, red, blue and orange. While the all black gloves are nice, the splashes of vibrant color really makes these a stylish addition to your motorcycle armor. They have a hook-and-loop closure and are also great for climbing, motocross, and ATV MTB riding. The fingertips are designed to make it easy to handle touchscreen phones and other devices, so you won’t have to take off your gloves. In this digital era, that is definitely a must to keep you covered if an emergency arises. These gloves also have knuckle protection and a palm pad to keep you safe. They are designed for strong grip while being flexible and breathable. For the price, that is definitely what you hope they would do. They sit comfortably around the wrist and will not feel too short or too long around your hand. 

They are unisex, so keep that in mind when determining which size to buy. COFIT does offer a palm sizing chart on their product page to help you get the proper size. They are not waterproof, so if you are riding in the rain or mud, expect your hands to get wet. If you take a particularly rough fall, there are reports of the glove tearing, but still sparing your skin from damage.

If you are looking for a pair of more traditional gloves that have a simple yet sleek appearance, this pair from Jackets 4 Bikes is a great deal. They are made for men in sizes small to 2X large, but could fit women depending upon your hand size. They have an all black design, but the style is in the sleek details and stitching. While there is no strong armor on them, they do have padding on top of the fingers and around the wrist. The double-stitched design keeps these durable throughout years of wear. They are fastened with a Velcro strap and have elastic panels around the thumb for ease of movement. Made of goatskin leather, these motorcycle gloves are very affordable. 

However, there are no touch-friendly pads on the fingertips for smartphone usage, so you will need to take these gloves off. If you are a rougher rider and enjoy more extreme sports, you likely want gloves with more protection. Despite some padding, these are not the best for cold weather riding but they are breathable for hot weather riding. These are definitely thin gloves, and with a fall they could very easily rip. But with the excellent price, it’s hard to say no to this deal.

These black motorcycle pants from HWK are strong, stylish, and comfortable. While these are designed for men, depending on your build, women can also wear them. They come in a variety of sizes to ensure the proper fit. With white stitching over the black pants, they definitely are attractive to look at. They are completely waterproof, so you can ride in all kinds of weather without worry. A zipper along the waist allows these to attach to your motorcycle jacket, if desired. They are designed to be worn comfortably over jeans if that is your style. The zippers near the ankles are made for fit adjustment if you are wearing boots. The knees and sides are armored for added protection. They also feature a reflective logo and piping for night visibility. 

These definitely are not cheap pants, but you get what you pay for. What you are paying for is fit adjustments, waterproofing, night visibility, and breathability for all-season riding. However, if you are riding in very hot weather, especially if you are wearing them as an overpant, they will get quite hot. While these are designed to be waterproof, if you are riding in a downpour for an extended period, there are reports of them leaking through.

This armored motorcycle jacket comes in sizes small to 5X large for excellent diversity in sizing. It also comes in white and black with highlights of either gray, black, red, or even all black, depending on your style. It has Cordura on high-impact areas to keep you protected. There are adjusters at the arm, cuffs, and waist to ensure the most comfortable fit for you. With a waist connection zipper, you can attach this jacket to your pants if you desire. If you are a fan of cold weather riding, HHR has you covered with a removable thermal lining. Air ventilation increases the breathability of this jacket, and a collar protects your neck from rashes and irritation. 

While not necessarily a cheap product, this is competitively-priced compared to others on the market. Weighing just over 3 pounds, it is also fairly lightweight. 

You will want to hand-wash this to preserve its quality and ensure it gets fully cleaned. It is form-fitting, so you may want to order a size up depending on your build. While this is designed to be breathable, you likely do not want to wear it in really hot weather.

If you are looking for an easier, or perhaps a more modern way to see your gear, this indicator from the Idea store is a great option. With a digital display and LED light, it is designed for Honda motorcycles. The numbers are lit up in red, and it is waterproof to ensure no damage while riding in rain, mud, or snow. Not mechanically minded? No problem. This is a simple plug-in design so you don’t need to mess with your motorcycle’s electricity. It also sets into your dashboard with double-sided tape. It reads only the ECU data of your motorcycle. 

Is this affordable? For a mechanical part, it is priced at about what you would expect. It is extremely light, weighing just over 2 ounces. This product has been praised for its incredibly easy installation. While this may not be necessary if you can easily hear the gears in your motorcycle, this is definitely a product for those that like to see it visually and be certain.

There are, of course, only certain models of Honda motorcycles that this will work with. There is a full list on Idea’s product page, but the company also encourages communication if you are uncertain.


  • When purchasing motorcycle gear, it is important to place your safety above everything else. Most gear is either built for biker safety or biker comfort. Buy products made with high-quality components to guarantee safety. 
  • When it comes to wearable motorcycle gear, get products that are double-stitched or triple-stitched. A good lining is also important and is a quality of great workmanship. 
  • All-weather gear will serve you better and save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. That’s because you don’t have to keep changing the gear as the seasons change. 


Q: Will motorcycle gear affect my everyday look?

Every time you hop on a bike, you should commit to protecting yourself first, and style should come second. Fortunately, a lot of motorcycle gear is designed with style in mind. 

Q: How do I know if my motorcycle gear is good?

Important bike protective gear aligns with safety guidelines. Many manufacturers submit their gear for testing and quality assurance. It is good to check whether the gear you’re purchasing adheres to these guidelines. 

Q: Is a motorcycle full-body kit expensive?

A full-body kit does not need to be expensive to be high-quality. With about $500, you can get a high-quality full-body kit that will last for a long time, depending on your riding frequency. 

Final Thoughts

Our top recommendation for the best motorcycle gear is the Nelson-Rigg Unisex Adult Stormrider Motorcycle Rain Suit to keep you dry in the rain.

We also recommend the  MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector by Coleman. It’s comfortable and protects your seat from harsh weather conditions.