Best Sheepskin Seat Covers: Protect and Warm Up Your Car Seats 

These top sheepskin car seat covers are comfortable and affordable

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Sheepskin covers are unquestionably some of the softest and most comfortable seat covers. They help you travel in style and are also great at protecting your car seats from dust, dirt, coffee spills, pet fur, and normal wear and tear. Our buying guide offers a rundown of some of the best wool seat covers in the market for your consideration. 

  • Best Overall
    Aegis Sheepskin Cover
    A 100 percent genuine Australian sheepskin cover designed for low-back car seats.
    Extra soft. The airbag is compatible. Can be installed on a removable headrest. Ultra-dense and comfortable. Available in a variety of colors. Durable material.
    Poor quality elastic bands. Weak buckles. Has a strong odor. The rubber lining may shed with time.
  • Best Value
    Masque Sheepskin Cover
    A genuine sheepskin cover that slides over the car seats and offers long-lasting comfort.
    Affordable. Luxurious look. High-quality material. Protects your seats from wear and dirt. Little to no shedding. Easy installation. Offers extra comfort.
    Not compatible with detachable headrests and side airbags. Doesn’t fit in most large vehicles.
  • Honorable Mention
    Eurow Genuine Sheepskin
    An ultra-dense sideless seat cover made of 100 percent genuine Australian sheepskin.
    The airbag is compatible. Breathable material.  Easy to install. Non-slip backing. Washable, Durable. Comfortable. Includes a headrest cover.
    May discolor with time. The straps may lose their elasticity. The bottom part may slide a lot.

Why Buy Sheepskin Seat Covers?

  • Comfort. The fleece provides maximum support for your body and relieves muscle aches and pressure points. They offer maximum comfort during long drives and are ideal for pregnant women and people who suffer from backaches when driving.
  • All-season versatility. Sheepskin covers promote airflow between your body and the seats to keep you comfortable during all seasons. Even without a heater, sheepskin covers make great insulators that keep your seats warm in the cold winter. They also stay cool during the summer.
  • Protection. Most fleeces feature a layer of genuine leather under the fleece, which protects your seats from dirt, dust, and spills from staining the seats. Sheepskin covers are also very durable and can offer more than 10 years of unparalleled protection for your vehicle’s upholstery.
  • Promotes health. Sitting on sheepskin can promote better blood circulation and boost the immune system. It may also heal sensitive or inflamed skin. In addition, the covers do not attract dirt and bacteria, which is good for people who suffer from allergies. 

Types of Sheepskin Seat Covers 

Traditional Long Wool 

Traditional long wool sheepskin is made of a luxurious brand of wool that’s long and feels soft to the touch. It’s acquired from natural wool, which hasn’t been shorn and maintains most of its silky properties. It’s typically used to make floor rugs, pillows, chair covers, and car seat covers. 

Curly Wool

Curly wool has “pig-tail” curls kept at a manageable length to maintain the quality and appeal of the wool. It’s typically acquired from natural wool but is a specific breed of sheepskin to maintain quality. Curly wool pelts are typically the thickest and warmest type of seat covers. However, they can take weeks to dry and may feel itchy on the skin. 


Synthetic wools are made from chemicals to create strong fabrics like acrylic, rayon, polyester, and other synthetics that mimic the qualities of natural fabrics. They are the best materials for making seat covers since they are lightweight, non-itchy, and easy to care for. However, they tend to feel clammy to the touch and have a strong odor. Synthetic wools are also highly flammable. 

Top Brands


Aegis was established in 2005 and specializes in the production of auto accessories and home décor products. The company manufactures fleece steering wheel covers, seat belt covers pillows, floor rugs, and car seat covers. Its sheepskin covers are designed with European processing techniques and German chemicals to produce strong, comfortable, and durable products. One of its best-selling custom sheepskin car seat covers is the Aegis Sheepskin Cover.


Masque is a car accessories manufacturer based in Brampton, Ontario. It’s a subsidiary brand of The Marklyn Group. The company specializes in making leather, neoprene, and sheepskin car seat and steering wheel covers. Masque products help you accessorize your vehicle with fashionable and premium quality products. Consider buying the Masque Sheepskin Cover, which is a cheap sheepskin seat cover.


Eurow has more than30 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying microfiber textiles. Its products serve the automotive, commercial, and residential industries. The company has a 60,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art production facility in Simi Valley, Calif. Some of its products include towels, rugs, mops, car covers, and seat covers. One of its premium quality genuine sheepskin seat covers is the Eurow Genuine Sheepskin.

Sheepskin Seat Covers Pricing

  • Under $100: Most of the fur seat covers within this price range are made of genuine sheepskin, which either covers the entire seat or just parts of it. The higher you are on this price range the more durable and comfortable the cover is. The lower-priced options have a thinner wool layer and are made of synthetic wool, which sheds easily.
  • Over $100: At this price range, you are paying for both quantity and quality. You should, therefore, expect to find either a single premium cover for either the driver’s or passenger’s seat, a full back seat cover, or a full set of covers for all your car seats. The covers come with extra seat belt, headrest, and armrest covers. You may also find one that’s sold with a complimentary steering wheel cover.

Key Features

Design and Color

Choose a seat cover that complements your vehicle's interior design and suits your taste. You can choose your favorite color and a full or partial seat cover. A full seat cover covers the headrest, armrest, and the back of the seat. A partial cover typically doesn't include a side or back cover. 


Look at the craftsmanship of the cover in terms of the thickness of the wool, the seams, inner layer strength, and the quality of the attachment straps. These features determine the durability of the cover. If the fabric is thin, it may start to feel uncomfortable and tear in less than a year. 


Shop for car seats that match your car seat configurations. You should select covers that match your car's year, make, and model for a perfect fit. You should also consider the size and shape of the passenger and back seat if you want to get a full set of covers. 

Other Considerations

  • Airbag Compatibility: Some seat covers may prevent the side airbag from being deployed in case of an accident. You don’t have to alter the fabric by yourself. Instead, consider buying seat covers that can accommodate the side airbags.
  • Maintenance: Sheepskin covers typically require a certain level of maintenance, and the curlier the cover is, the more maintenance it needs. Curly covers tend to hide dirt, and shaking off the covers may not be enough. You can use a dog brush to comb through the fabric. Give priority to soft and straight covers since they require minimal maintenance. 

Best Sheepskin Seat Covers Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best Sheepskin Seat Covers Overall: Aegis Sheepskin Cover

Aegis Sheepskin Cover

The Aegis Sheepskin Cover has a luxurious look, and it’s made of genuine Australian sheepskin. The cover measures 52 inches long and 12 inches wide. It’s constructed with a 1-inch thick, first-grade ultra-dense pelt that’s extra soft and comfortable. The side section includes heavy-duty stitching to keep the material from fraying or tearing when the airbags are deployed. It also has a synthetic skirt for a snug fit on the seat bottom.

The unit has enough hooks and elastic straps keep the cover in place. The cover is airbag ready, and the airbag easily pushes the mid-back strap away every time its deployed. It’s designed to be a custom fit on most low-back car seats with a removable headrest. The covers are available in a variety of dark and bright colors that would compliment most vehicle’s interior designs.

However, the straps may not be strong enough to handle the constant pressure of you getting in and out of your vehicle. The buckles are weak and may pop open if you sit roughly on the car seat. Moreover, it may have a strong odor when new, and you may be forced to crack a few windows to get in some fresh air. You may also notice rubber shredding on your car seat after a few months.

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Best Value Sheepskin Seat Covers: Masque Sheepskin Cover

Masque Sheepskin Cover

The Masque Sheepskin Cover is a budget-friendly seat cover made with a premium pelt. It contains a patchwork of sheepskin pieces that are molded together to create a large and strong cover. The cover is 15.6 inches long, 10.7 inches wide, and 7.9  inches at the headrest. It has a smooth wool exterior with a thick foam padding for extra comfort.

This masque cover is breathable and keeps your body cool as your drive. The extra padding relieves muscle tension and relaxes your pressure points during long trips. It's a slip-on cover that installs within minutes, and the material doesn’t shred. In addition, the cover comes in a visually appealing dark color that complements any vehicle’s interior.

However, the cover doesn’t fit on car seats with a detachable headrest. It also doesn’t fit in some trucks, SUVs, and other large vehicles. Moreover, if the cover is a tight fit, it may prevent the side airbag from being deployed during an impact. It also doesn’t come with attachment straps and hooks, which would help keep the cover intact when you move around in your seat. 

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Best Sheepskin Seat Covers Honorable Mention: Eurow Genuine Sheepskin

Eurow Genuine Sheepskin

The Eurow Genuine Sheepskin is a sideless seat cover that’s 51 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 10 inches at the headrest. The cover is made from genuine Australian sheepskin and features one-inch thick wool for extra comfort. The sides are left open to allow easy use of the side harness seat belt and the side impact airbag. It also has an acyclic skirting for a snug fit on your seat cushion.

The cover is durable and washable with a mild detergent. It has natural sheepskin properties where it stays cool in summer and warm in winter. The backside of the cover is padded, quilted, and non-slip to minimize movement when you’re driving. It only takes about five to 10 minutes to install the cover, and it installs in most car and truck seats.

A major drawback of this product is that it may discolor with time, especially the bottom cover. It discolors faster with frequent washing, and the covers may look ugly in your car seats. Also, the straps may lose their elasticity, and the covers move around a lot because they lack adequate side support to keep firmly in place.  

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  • You can clean sheepskin covers by shaking them vigorously or vacuuming them since the material naturally sheds dirt. Give them a gentle wash if you want to remove coffee stains from the fabric. Use a cat brush to fluff the wool afterwards. You can use mild dish detergents to spot clean the fabric.  
  • Do not expose the wool to direct sunlight or direct heat from a dryer. The fabric may shrink. Leave the fabric to drip dry by spreading it on a raised surface with the fleece side facing downward. You can also use a cooling fan to dry the wool. 
  • Switch around the covers in your car seats after a few weeks to promote even wear. For example, put the cover in the driver's seat (which typically wears out faster than the rest) in the back seat to give the wool a chance to regain its shape. 


Q: Do sheepskin covers feel comfortable on a motorcycle seat?

A: Yes they do. They are the best covers to keep your bottom cool as you ride in the heat. The cover won't feel hot even when you leave it in direct sunlight for hours. However, the wool needs more maintenance when installed on a motorcycle seat, since its more exposed to dirt and dust. The wool also doesn't last long on a motorcycle seat since direct sunlight thins and shrinks the fleece. 

Q: Can I install sheepskin covers on heated or air-conditioned seats?

A: Yes, you can install the sheepskin covers on heated seats, but it will take longer to heat up. The fleece adds an extra layer of protection against heat. For an air-conditioned seat, you will notice that the fleece gets cooler, but you may not feel air passing through the seats. Consider getting perforated or meshed sheepskin covers if you would like to get more heat from your car seat. 

Q: Do I have to remove my existing upholstery?

A: Most covers can slip over the existing upholstery and leave enough room for the side airbag and power controls. You can also find a bottom-only cover that you can lay on top of the existing car seat cover. They typically include straps on the back for a secure fit on the car seat. 

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best shearing seat cover is the Aegis Sheepskin Cover. It offers the best-contoured fit on low-back car seats and also includes a headrest cover. Its thick wool layer provides utmost comfort on long drives, and the material is good for keeping your back warm during the cold season.

Consider purchasing the Masque Sheepskin Cover if you are looking for something cheap. It’s a black sheepskin seat cover designed to complement your vehicle’s upholstery and to provide maximum back support and comfort to the user.

Let us know what you think about sheepskin seat covers in the comment section below.