The Best Trailer Hitch Covers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021

Protect your vehicle's hitch and add a bit of visual flair

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BY Jon Langston / LAST UPDATED ON May 7, 2020

If you’ve got a boat, trailer, or camper, then chances are you have a tow hitch on the back of your vehicle. And if you’ve got a trailer hitch, you need a hitch cover. Not only does it hide unsightly parts from view, but a trailer hitch cover can also be a stylish accessory. And since you’re covering it up, you might as well express some originality or personality while doing so.


Even if aesthetics aren’t a concern, a tow hitch cover can be a practical accessory instead of a vanity one. Many of today’s top tow hitch covers increase safety by integrating brake/tail lights. Some even offer a step, making access to the truck bed that much easier. 


Even if you could leave your trailer hitch exposed, why would you? There are so many uses for that dead space. Instead, pick up one of these trailer hitch covers and let your truck work as hard as it possibly can.

Best Overall
Bully CR007F

This plug-in hitch is black and has an LED brake light that features either the Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, or Jeep logo.


It's a high-quality product and doesn't rattle. The light should last 100,000 hours, so you won't need to swap it out for a really long time.


The bulb inside may melt the plastic housing. There may be issues getting the wiring to work properly.

Best Overall
Bully CR007F
Best Value
CURT 22276 Rubber Trailer Hitch Cover

This basic rubber trailer hitch cover fits a standard 2-inch receiver. It has a friction fit, and there's no need for a hitch pin or clip for installation.


It's very inexpensive and a no brainer to install. It prevents dirt, water, and debris from getting into the receiver tube and won't rust because it's rubber.


It may slide out and get lost since it's not tethered to the tube. It tends to fall out if you go through a car wash.

Best Value
CURT 22276 Rubber Trailer Hitch Cover
Honorable Mention
HitchSafe HS7000T Key Vault
This aluminum hitch cover has a secure key vault that hides valuables, such as keys and credit cards. It features a four-number dial combination.
It's great for people such as surfers or outdoorsmen who like traveling light, and it has dual bolts for added security.
You may need to modify it to get it to fit your receiving tube, and it doesn't fit all hitches. The spring load feature may break prematurely.
Honorable Mention
HitchSafe HS7000T Key Vault
Best Trailer Hitch Covers

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Benefits of Trailer Hitch Covers

  • Protect your trailer hitch. Leaving your trailer hitch uncovered can expose it to the elements. With time, it may collect water, debris, and dust. This can cause it to rust and not to mention, it may be a habitat for smaller animals. Using a cover is the best way to keep the trailer hitch clean. 
  • Accessorize your ride. Add a little flair to your vehicle by adding a stylish cover with a unique design, such as an American flag or a Harley-Davidson emblem. There are many options to choose from that will allow you to show off your style. 
  • Make yourself more visible. Many trailer covers have integrated LED lights, which not only serve as a decoration but also help make you more visible from the back. It can also serve as an extra brake light to help prevent rear-end collisions.
  • Storage. Getting a hitch cover means that you can use the hitch as an extra storage space for your items. You can store spare keys, a flash drive, or anything else you need to be kept safe. 

Types of Trailer Hitch Covers

Traditional Hitch Covers

A traditional hitch cover acts as a cap on the drawbar receiving tube. The most basic covers are typically made of plastic and feature a clip-on design. Sometimes they have a hinge, or they may hang prone. Many are designed to match the vehicle and are seamlessly designed to fit in with the vehicle's lines. Some allow the user to show off his or her sense of style. They can feature team logos, boast about one’s Italian heritage, or feature other images that allow the driver to let passersby know what they are passionate about.

Creative Hitch Covers

Manufacturers are very innovative when it comes to designing trailer hitch covers. You can choose one that's shaped (and moves) like a boat propeller or one that resembles a human waving hand. Others feature flopping fish, political statements, and even inspirational quotes, such as "Always take the scenic route.” Some hitch covers a bottle opener, so you always have access to a cold beverage. You can even wire some of them to display a glowing skull or proudly show off a light-up Jeep, Chevy, or Dodge logo. 

Top Brands


Bully is a California-based manufacturer of automotive accessories, including trailer hitches, trailer hitch covers, hitch steps, and truck bed covers. Its products are designed to help with customization of your truck and to help preserve the life of valuable parts. Check out the Bully Hitch Cover or the Bully Heavy-Duty LED Hitch Step if you want to try out some of its best trailer hitch covers. 


Curt is popularly known for making premium quality towing products, including traditional hitches, gooseneck hitches, and trailer hitch accessories. Its products are made in the U.S. and are tested for safety. They are also quite affordable, and the CURT 22276 Rubber Trailer Hitch Cover is a fine example of that. 

Trailer Hitch Covers Pricing

  • Under $10: This price range includes basic hitch covers with a one-size-fits-all design that’s easy to install. Most have company logos or emblems on the front plate aimed at enhancing aesthetics. The covers here can last for several months with proper use and maintenance. 
  • $10 to $30: The trailer hitch covers here are more durable since most are made of stainless steel that’s designed to be more resistant to the elements. They can last for a year or more. Also, most come with extra features such as LED lights. 
  • $30 and up: Expect to invest in more add-ons and premium construction when buying trailer hitch covers within this price range. Most of the hitches provide a good fit in almost any vehicle. Also, most OE model hitches from vehicle manufacturers are priced this much.

Key Features


There are five classes of trailer hitches (Class 1 to Class 5), and receiver tubes range in size from 1.25 inches to 2.5 inches. The most common type is Class 3, which works with 2-inch receiver tubes. Before buying a trailer cover, it's important to check the size of the tube and product specs. The good news is that some manufacturers sell products with several mounts so that the hitch cover will fit a variety of hitches. 


It can be frustrating to buy a new product that breaks after just a few months of use. That's why it's important to look for hitch covers that are durable and long-lasting. Check to see if the product can withstand various weather conditions and exposure to a lot of water. Some of the best covers are made of stainless steel because they resist rust and corrosion. 

Other Considerations  

  • Design: If you don’t want a plain cover sitting on your trailer hitch, explore more options when it comes to the design. You can get one with a creative emblem or one that’s shaped like a step for easy accessibility to your truck bed. 
  • Installation. Hooking up the cover on the trailer hitch should be fairly easy. It should also remain stable on the hitch even if you drive on rough terrain, take the trailer through a car wash, or drive at high speed. 
  • Auxiliary Features. Any extra tool or feature on the cover is a plus. Choose covers with extras such as a bottle opener or ones that come with LED lights that make it more appealing.

Best Trailer Hitch Covers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Bully CR-007D

In our opinion, one of the best trailer hitch covers you can buy is the Bully CR-007D for your Dodge, Chevrolet, Ford, or GMC truck. It covers up the dead air of your tow hitch with a lighted insignia that lets you express your pride in your vehicle subtly and safely. It’s a quality device that’s made of solid ABS. It fits snugly and won’t rattle around. With up to 100,000 hours of lamp life, it will adorn your hitch, providing safety and security to any 2-inch trailer hitch for years to come. 

It’s a plug-and-play device/hitch cover; simply push the Bully CR-007D into your trailer hitch, lock it in with whatever mechanism you typically use (usually a cotter pin), and plug the four-pin electrical connector into the same standard outlet to which you connect your trailer lights. You may have issues getting the wiring to work properly but you can get a professional to fix it for you.
Best Value
Curt 22276 Rubber Hitch Cover

Some people don’t want fancy; that’s what makes the CURT 22276 Rubber Trailer Hitch Cover so fantastic. It’s one of the most popular trailer hitch covers we found, and it’s also one of the least expensive. But hey, some folks just want something to plug that hole in their tow hitch. And if that’s what you’re after, the Curt rubber cover is the trailer hitch cover for you. Just make sure to remove it before taking your car through a car wash so that you don't lose it. 

It’s not much more than a perfectly sized, well-made rubber plug that fits into any standard Class 3 through 5, 2-inch-wide trailer hitch receiver post. No tools, pins, or clips are required for installation. It’s simply a rubber plug that protects the hitch receiver against dirt, water, debris, and rust while adding a finished look to your vehicle that’s not gaudy, with no adornments whatsoever save for a raised brand name. For many, it will be the perfect trailer hitch cover.

Most Practical
HitchSafe HS7000T Key Vault

The HitchSafe HS7000T Key Vault is nothing short of ingenious. Now you can stash your valuables on your truck without worrying whether they’ll be there when you return. It’s the perfect accessory for construction workers or anyone whose truck doubles as their office. And it’s fantastic for surfers, hikers, mountain bikers, and outdoor adventurers of all stripes who need to travel light. 

You may need to make slight modifications for a snug fit, but the dual bolts included provide plenty of security. And the combination lock is smart because you don’t need keys to access the safe. Simply park and lock up your vehicle, stash your keys, cash, pen, or any other small personal items inside the HitchSafe, and close it up. Insert the plain rubber cover and voila! Your valuables are secure and hidden. If you or someone you love tends to lose keys or get locked out occasionally, this is precisely the accessory you need.
Most Patriotic
eVerHITCH USA American Flag Hitch Cover

Turn your tow hitch into a symbol of American pride with the eVerHITCH USA US American Flag Stainless Steel Emblem on Metal Trailer Hitch Cover. It comes in a variety of styles: all-black, black/chrome (shown), or classic red, white, and blue; you can even opt for a thin blue or red line across the black/chrome ones. Regardless of the style you choose, you get a quality, steel-made hitch with an embossed stainless steel American flag insignia. It’s only 4 x 3 inches, so it’s a subtle, yet powerful tribute. 

Waterproof and UV-resistant, it will last for years on any standard 2-inch receiver hitch. Made in the USA (but of course), some users complain that the stainless steel flag feels cheaply attached. Also, the hitch pin is not included, which can be a bit of a hassle.

Best Trailer Hitch Step
Bully CR-605L LED Hitch Step

If you have a pickup or SUV and need easier access to your gear, tools, or whatever you lug around back there, pick up the Bully CR-605L Chrome Series Heavy-Duty Truck SUV LED Hitch Step. It’s way more than just a cover for your tow hitch; it’s a utility step, tail light, and bumper guard. It fits standard 2-inch hitch mounts, so it has applications for any vehicle with a trailer hitch. 

Once locked into place, you’ll be able to readily access your truck bed, roof rack, or the rear cargo area of your SUV. It leans on the expensive side, but its heavy-gauge stainless steel with a high-impact, non-skid step pad makes it worth every penny. You can select the Hitch Step only, but we recommend the version with LED brake lights for added visibility.
Honorable Mention
CURT 21728 Rubber Trailer Hitch Cover

This trailer hitch cover fits any receiver tube measuring 2 x 2 inches. It is ideal for Class 3, 4, and 5 hitches. You won’t have a hard time installing it as it has a friction fit for easy installation. You also won’t need installation tools like a hitch pin or a clip. The trailer hitch cover comes with a handy wiring holder that keeps your car’s four-way flat wiring connector safe when it’s not in use. The manufacturer gives a one-year limited warranty for it. 

The cover is somewhat bulky but it helps to enhance the appearance of the rear part of your vehicle. It is made from high-quality rubber and can withstand frequent exposure to mud, snow, and rain without corroding or wearing out. It will keep your receiver tube free of debris, water, dirt, and other road grime. The tube will be clean and free of rust. The cover fits snugly into the hitch tube, so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost as you drive.

Honorable Mention
BougeRV 2 Inch Trailer Hitch Cover

A useful retainer band keeps this hitch tube cover in place and ensures it doesn’t fall off at the car wash. It will offer you many years of service. Its bracket is permanently positioned on top of the receiver tube. The good news is you don’t have to remove it completely to use the hitch. Simply open the cap and connect a hitch accessory. You’ll save a lot of time you would have spent installing and uninstalling it every time you need to use the receiver tube. 

Though it isn’t resistant to the elements, it can be used on any 2 x 2-inch receiver tube, including Class 3, Class 4, and Class 5 receiver hitches. It is easy to install and is made from high-quality black rubber for enhanced durability. All BougeRV products are backed by a one-year warranty.

Honorable Mention
MAXXHAUL 70429 Trailer Hitch Cover with Brake Light

The 12 bright LEDs in this hitch cover set this trailer hitch cover apart from the rest, allowing it to do double duty. It keeps rust, dirt, and debris away and also functions as a brake light, enhancing your visibility. The LEDs are charged by the trailer’s brake light pin, right turn signal, and the connector's running light pin. The hitch cover turns on when you make a right turn or when your brake lights and running lights come on. It also lights up when you switch on your headlights.

The LED chips used in this trailer hitch cover last longer than other regular bulbs. They help boost your safety at nighttime. The plug wire may be shorter than what you expect but it’s just the right size for most vehicles. Besides that, the cover can fit any 2 x 2-inch receiver tube, and it comes with a ½-inch thick gasket that allows it to fit more snugly, preventing rattling.

Honorable Mention
LFParts Dog Animal Paw Foot Emblem Trailer Hitch Cover

If you’re looking to invest in a trailer hitch cover, this one is a good option—especially for those who love dogs. It features a unique dog paw design and will enhance your trailer’s appearance. It is available in chrome and black, and chrome and pink. The cover is easy to install, so you won’t have a hard time setting it up. However, it tends to tilt a little after installation, so get a hitch pin to keep it in place. The pin will secure it to your vehicle.

LF Parts knows how to make products that last and has used stainless steel to make this hitch cover. It will stand the test of time and won’t crack or break like other trailer hitch covers. You’ll love the fact that it looks exactly as pictured. It complements the average hitch very well and is ideal for 2-inch trailer hitch receivers.

Honorable Mention
Bully CR-311 Dodge RAM Logo Truck Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover

The Bully trailer hitch cover customizes your car and also protects the hitch receiver tube. It is both fashionable and functional and will improve your car’s appearance. It has a triple chromed die-cast finish and features the Dodge RAM logo. It keeps dirt and debris away from the receiver tube and is highly resistant to rust and corrosion.  

The cover may not be exactly as pictured on the online listing, but it will still make your vehicle stand out. Bully also makes different models for Chevy, Jeep, Ford, and GMC cars. It is available in two sizes to fit 1.25-inch and 2-inch receiver tubes and is specially designed for Class 2 and Class 3 hitch receivers. Its installation process is not complicated, and it comes with a one-year warranty.


  • The easiest way to get a properly fitting hitch cover is to search for one by entering your vehicle’s year, make, and model. You will get a bunch of suggestions that are compatible with your vehicle, and you will only have to choose the best out of them all. 
  • Replace your hitch cover if it starts showing signs of wear such as cracks or rust. A worn hitch cover can get lost on the road or in a car wash. If it’s rusted, the rust may travel to the rest of the hitch tube. 
  • Keep your hitch cover in top shape by cleaning it regularly. You can do that by washing it in a basin of warm soapy water to get rid of dirt, grease, and road grime. Alternatively, you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth.  


Q. How do I replace a trailer hitch cover?

A: First, see if your receiver is the standard 2-inch size. If it is, there are a variety of options available both online and in stores.

Q. How do I install the trailer hitch cover?

A: Some merely require a clip. On others, you must slide the mounting piece into the receiver tube and line it up with the holes. Then you use a hitch pin to keep it in place.

Q. Should I get a trailer hitch cover?

A: It's a good idea. It can protect your receiving tube from water damage, dirt, debris, and other elements. It's also a stylish accessory.

Final Thoughts

We went with the Bully Hitch Cover as our best overall product because it's a plug-and-play device that's easy to install and features a lighted insignia. The CURT Rubber Trailer Hitch Cover is also a great option. Despite being very basic, it's extremely affordable and doesn't require any tools for installation.