Best ATV Trailers: Haul More with Your ATV

The best haulers for your ATV

byAustin Fracchia, Daniel Rika|
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BYAustin Fracchia, Daniel Rika/ LAST UPDATED ON May 19, 2020

ATVs are extremely useful as both sports and utility vehicles, but space is lacking, even with built-in racks. A good ATV trailer increases the amount of space you have to transport objects and materials with your ATV without adding too much bulk. For some help finding the right trailer for your ATV, check out our in-depth review below.

Best Overall
Yutrax Trail Warrior X4 Heavy Duty UTV/ATV Trailer

Yutrax Trail Warrior X4 Heavy Duty UTV/ATV Trailer


The best ATV trailer to buy if you want something that is rugged enough to survive off-road conditions without struggling with challenging weather and terrain.


The four-wheel design adds a lot of traction and stability to the overall setup. Extra-high sides make it easier to keep larger objects secure in the trailer itself. Good ground clearance.


Putting the trailer together can be difficult. Some parts may be missing when the trailer is first delivered. Some drilling may be required to get the correct hole alignment.

Best Value

Polar Trailer 8232 HD 1200 Heavy Duty Utility and Hauling Cart


A straightforward ATV hauler with wide tires that can handle on- and off-road conditions without slowing down.


The trailer has a lightweight design that doesn't slow down the ATV as you travel with heavier loads behind the vehicle. The trailer can handle tough road and trail conditions without sliding too much.


Emptying the contents of the trailer can be difficult and slow depending on the materials.

Honorable Mention

Gorilla Carts GOR1400-COM Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart with Removable Side


One of the best budget-oriented ATV and hand-pulled trailers meant for use around the yard more than off-road.


The sides of the trailer can fold down or be removed to make getting objects and materials on/off of the platform easier. It can hold up to 1,400 pounds of weight.


Not compatible with a two-inch ball hitch, so it can only be used with basic tow-pin setups. Tires are not as rugged as proper off-roading trailer tires.


  • Choose an ATV trailer that offers the carrying capacity you need for typical work.
  • Make sure the ATV trailer is compatible with your ATV's towing mount before purchase.
  • Off-road trailers can be difficult to use around the yard since they are heavier and bulkier.


Q. How do I pull an ATV trailer?

A. Most ATV trailers use a simple pin mount to connect to an ATV for pulling. A few also use ball hitch mounts instead.

Q. Can I dump stuff off of an ATV trailer?

A. There are a couple of ATV trailers that have a dump mechanism, but most are stuck in the horizontal position. Other trailers have folding or removable sides you can use to slide materials off of the trailer. 

Q. What makes a trailer suitable for off-road use?

A. The right tires are the most important part of an off-road trailer. Heavy-duty tires with decent traction can resist slipping and sliding around. The overall construction of the trailer should also be heavy duty. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the ultra-rugged Yutrax Trail Warrior X4 Heavy Duty UTV/ATV Trailer for its solid base and unique, effective trailer design.

For a more basic hauling solution, try out the Polar Trailer 8232 HD 1200 Heavy Duty Utility and Hauling Cart.

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