Best Electric Trailer Dolly: Easily Move Your Boat, RV, or Trailer

Make moving your large trailer a breeze with these heavy-duty electric trailer dollies

byLinsay Thomas, Scott Roepel| UPDATED Mar 9, 2021 3:50 AM
Best Electric Trailer Dolly: Easily Move Your Boat, RV, or Trailer

Maneuvering a large camper into a specific position or lining up your vehicle’s trailer hitch can be a hassle. It’s possible to miss several times or run into something. That’s when having the best-motorized trailer dolly comes in handy. Their compact designs give you more control, allowing you to move your boat, RV, or trailer into a secure location or onto a hitch. Check out these top electric powered trailer dollies to help you tow or move a trailer with ease.

Benefits of an Electric Trailer Dolly

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  • Freedom of movement. A trailer dolly gives you a much wider range of movement. You can only turn the trailer so far before you have to readjust the angle. Or worse yet, you could end up backing into the trailer, therefore damaging your car or cargo. The amount of control you have over the trailer is much larger and safer with a dolly.
  • Improved strength. Hand cranking a dolly by force can strain your muscles and body, leaving you exhausted and overheated. It is also time-consuming. The convenience of powered dolly lessons the amount of time it takes to connect the hitch to the trailer and the time it takes to stow the trailer away in tight spaces.
  • Enhanced mobility. With an electric trailer dolly, you don’t have to worry about using your vehicle to back in the trailer somewhere difficult. Powered dollies make stowing trailers, boats, RVs, and travel trailers much more simple by giving you more maneuverability. You have 360-degree of motion with the dolly and aren’t burdened by having a cumbersome vehicle just inches away from the trailer.
  • Versatility. Many powered trailer hitches can be removed from one trailer and connected to another. This is useful for anyone who needs to move around multiple trailers or stow away several at a time. More robust and durable electric trailer dollies can lift heavier trailers as well.

Types of Electric Trailer Dollies


Motorized, electric, or powered trailer dollies are designed with convenience in mind. They typically have a small battery-powered motor that cranks the hitch into place. Many can also accommodate a hand drill, which can be used to lift the dolly. Electric dollies save a lot of time and effort but can be more expensive than hand-cranked ones.

Top Brands

Trailer Valet

As one of the leading designers and manufacturers of trailer dollies, Trailer Valet is an award-winning company founded in Industry, Calif. It makes reliable powered dollies and standard ones to help any outdoor enthusiast get the job done. One of its products is the Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly.

Electric Trailer Dolly Pricing

  • Under $300: In this price range, you will find many electric dollies capable of lifting almost any trailer. They are generally made with a tough metal design with sturdy wheels to hold the weight of the trailer.
  • Over $300: Here you will see powered trailer dollies that can hold more weight and include more advanced features. This may include a handheld remote to control the dolly from a distance or buttons on the handle itself.

Key Features

Weight Capacity

You need to know the amount of weight the dolly can handle. You don’t want to stress it out too much or it could put your vehicle, the trailer, and your safety at risk. Add up the weight of your trailer plus the weight of the object, such as an ATV, boat, or jet skis, to make sure it can hold the amount of weight you require.


The majority of powered dollies will feature brakes to lock the wheels into place. This extra layer of security gives you peace of mind if you ever forget to properly lock down the hitch or it fails to lock itself. It’s also effective if the hitch malfunctions and detaches the trailer from the vehicle.


A motorized dolly is built to prevent a trailer from detaching from a vehicle, so you will want to ensure it’s durable in its construction. This includes the wheels, hardware, and overall design of the dolly. The better quality and sturdier the material, such as a steel frame, the less likely it will be damaged or corrode. This increases both the performance and longevity of the trailer dolly

Other Considerations

  • Stowability: You may need to stow the dolly away when it is not in use, particularly when parking the trailer or unhitching it from a vehicle. Many can be rotated to rest next to the trailer itself, while others can be lifted slightly so they don’t drag against the ground. You can also remove a dolly completely from the trailer if necessary.

Best Electric Trailer Dolly Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This durable electric boat trailer dolly from Trailer Valet is simple to get going with the use of a powered drill. Its hefty weight capacity allows it to hold up to 10,000 pounds with 1,000 pounds of torque weight. Plus, the ball attachment mechanism is quick to attach and holds securely to the hitch, giving you a wider range of mobility.

One feature we found useful is the high-strength pneumatic tires that are capable of withstanding 500 pounds of pressure per tire. Another good feature is the steel construction enables corrosion resistance up to 300 hours of travel. It also comes with an automatic safety brake if there is a need for it. All you need is a handheld 18V drill to start the motor.

It is an excellent dolly once affixed to the hitch; however, it may take a bit of time to install it properly. It also does not work as effectively on grass as it does on concrete. You may need a bit of muscle power to move it off road and up inclines, but that may be due to the limited power of the handheld drill. Also, while it is able to hold 10,000 pounds, moving something that heavy will be difficult no matter what. 

Biltek’s powered heavy-duty trailer dolly is built to handle a trailer, caravan, or boat weighing up to 5,000 pounds  The motor is a 12V motorized jockey wheel with easy-to-find buttons on the handle. This gives you extra control over moving and steering the trailer to where it needs to go. A nice extra feature is it comes with an automatic brake ability.

The sturdy design is rust-resistant and finished with a strong coat to prevent scratches and dings. The dolly is designed to move trailers at an incline of five degrees with a max jockey wheel load of 600 pounds. It also has a heavy-duty and robust 8-inch solid rubber wheel to bear the weight while gliding across the ground with ease.

One issue with this particular dolly is you may have to drill holes into your trailer to accommodate it properly. However, you may be able to find other mounting hardware if you prefer not to drill into your trailer. Another drawback is the dolly is unable to swing up and lock against the trailer.

The Tow Tuff TMD-3500ETD Electric Trailer Dolly features a third wheel design that stabilizes the load when moving trailers and equipment. With a speed of up to 1.5 mph in forward and reverse, this heavy-duty dolly uses two sealed 24-volt 7AH batteries for power. 

It accommodates trailers with a ball height of 22 to 28.35 inches. The 13-inch tires and eight-inch swivel caster enable its use on all types of terrain, and the step increases foot leverage. The dolly is compatible with a two-inch coupler and has a 3,500-pound weight capacity and 600-pound tongue capacity. 

There's also an LED battery indicator light, and users report that it provides plenty of power and speed. In addition, the manufacturer has excellent customer service should you experience any issues. 

However, the tires have a tendency to spin when they're wet, and in general the traction isn't as good as some competing products.

The Parkit360 Motorized Electric Trailer Dolly is powered by a U1 battery and is ready to go out of the box. The dolly has a 10,000-pound weight capacity and 900 pounds of tongue weight. It comes with a 1.7-horsepower Bosch electric motor, a charger, 6.5-inch-wide tires, and a seven-pin trailer brake plug. 

The dolly is compatible with most ball-mounted trailers, including RV trailers, cargo trailers, and boat trailers. It features a freewheel mode, and there's a forward and reverse toggle switch for steering. The compact device is simple to disassemble and can fit in the trunk of a passenger car. 

However, it may require two people to lift it into a vehicle. Also, the dolly is not designed for use on sand or uneven terrain, and it doesn't work very well on inclines larger than four to six percent.

The Trailer Valet 5X V211 Tongue Jack Dolly has a 5,000-pound towing capacity and 500 pounds of tongue weight. It's a manual dolly; however, you can motorize it by using a drill attachment and an 18-20V cordless, non-impact drill. The dolly has a patented drive system with low and high drive gears as well as an automatic safety brake. 

The dolly is powder coated and corrosion resistant, and the mounting bracket is compatible with most trailers. It has dual 85 PSI tires and a fold-down frame, which makes it easy to store. The  manufacturer also provides a one year warranty should you experience any issues. 

Users report that the optional drill adapter is a little pricey but works great. Unfortunately, the wheels may spin in inclement weather, and it can struggle when moving up an incline.


  • Try to enlist someone to assist you when parking or moving a trailer with a dolly. They can alert you to any dangers and help keep you safe in the process.
  • Do not leave the jockey bar attached when driving with the dolly on the trailer. This could lead to it falling off and damaging something else.
  • Ensure the hitch coupler is properly locked in place to prevent the trailer from popping off. You can test this by gently rocking the trailer up and down before starting your journey.


Q: Can I travel with the dolly attached to the trailer?

A: This depends on the style of dolly you get. If it is able to fold up and lock next to your trailer, then it is safe to travel with it. Read the guide book to ensure you don’t need to remove anything in particular before setting off.

Q: Can I use a car battery to power some dollies?

A: You can use a car battery to power many dollies as long as there is a connection for it on the dolly. Just make sure the battery’s voltage output matches the voltage on the dolly.

Q: Will drilling holes into the trailer damage it?

A: If a trailer dolly calls for you to drill holes into the trailer, it shouldn’t cause any structural damage. As long as you follow the guidelines in the dollies handbook, you should be fine. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to move your trailer more easily and effectively, consider the powerful Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly.

If you want to save some money but still get a durable and strong electric dolly, check out the Biltek Trailer Mover 350W 12V Electric Trailer Jack.