Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks: Prevent Your Bike from Rolling Away

Secure your bike with these top-notch motorcycle wheel chocks

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BYNorah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON October 13, 2021

A motorcycle wheel chock is a safe anchor that’s placed against the wheel to prevent the bike from moving. You can use it when parking your bike or for stabilizing it during repairs. It can also be used to enhance your safety after lifting your motorcycle with a lift table. If you are interested in purchasing one, consider some of the best bike wheel chocks featured in our buying guide below.

Best Overall
Extreme Max Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Extreme Max Motorcycle Wheel Chock

A standard motorcycle wheel chock that provides an extremely stable platform that’s resistant to severe weather conditions.
Stylish matte, powder coat finish. Made of long-lasting, heavy-duty steel. Fits almost all motorcycle wheels. Efficient use of floor space. Easy to assemble.
The wide design doesn’t promote sideways stability. Weak bolts. May damage a low fender bike.
Best Value

MaxxHaul Motorcycle Wheel Chock

A compact front wheel chock that automatically locks the wheel into place when it’s rolled onto the chock.
Cheap. Lightweight and elegant looking. Easy to install. Automatic lock. Strong heavy-duty steel construction. Rust- and corrosion-resistant.
Challenging to push the wheel of the chock. May not be a right fit for narrow motorcycle tires. Poor packaging.
Honorable Mention

Pit Posse Universal Wheel Lock Chock

A versatile chock with a self-locking mechanism that’s designed to fit almost all motorcycle front wheels.
Durable and stylish. Allows for quick installation. Decently priced. Accommodates a wide range of wheels. Includes a five-year warranty.
Poor quality mounting hardware. Unclear installation instructions. Rounded cradle design reduces stability.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Wheel Chock

  • Stability. Do you feel uncomfortable about parking your motorbike on a wet or slippery surface? Then you could benefit from a wheel chock that stabilizes the motorcycle and keeps it firmly anchored to the ground no matter how long you leave it unattended.
  • Safety. A wheel chock is an extra precaution in addition to using the brakes. It prevents your motorcycle from moving and getting damaged in case an external force is applied on it. It also keeps your bike immobile when you’re servicing or repairing it.
  • Efficient parking. A wheel chock keeps your bike in its designated parking space. It acts as a barrier that prevents the motorcycle from moving into an adjacent parking space and blocking other motorcycles from parking. 

Types of Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Pivoting Bracket Wheel Chock

These chocks are easy to use since they automatically lock the wheel as soon as you roll the bike into the cradle. The cradle takes on the weight of the bike, which triggers the bracket to lift itself and lock onto the wheel.

Adjustable Cradle Wheel Chock

These wheel chocks allow the user to adjust the position of the cradle according to the size of the wheel. They require extra bolts and hardware to secure the wheel and typically come with instructions on how to mount and assemble the unit.

Recessed Flip-Up Wheel Chock

Recessed flip-up chocks carry a space-saving, neat, and tray-like design. They are typically used inside trailers to save on space and to keep the motorcycle from any obstructions on the floor that may hinder a repair service.

Extruded Rubber Chocks

Rubber chocks maintain a simple pyramid design and are cheap but offer reliable support for your motorcycle. Rubber provides an excellent grip on the front or rear wheel and the flat surface to prevent movement of the wheel. However, rubber loses its grip in extreme temperatures and may not be dependable; it hardens in cold temperatures and melts in hot temperatures. 

Top Brands

Extreme Max

Extreme Max is an American auto and marine parts manufacturer headquartered in Lino Lakes, Minnesota. It makes some of the best outdoor gear designed to withstand all weather conditions, high speeds, and all terrains. It also makes replacement parts such as j-hooks, dolly wheels, cables, and other equipment. One of its best motorcycle front wheel chock stands is the Extreme Max Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Pit Posse

From its headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida, Pit Posse designs and distributes motorsport accessories, including motorcycle lift tales, stands, and wheel chocks. It has operating facilities spread out in North America and sells its products globally. Pit Posse manufactures a variety of wheel chocks from the inexpensive rubber chocks to more permanent models that use screws and bolts for extra stability. One of its premium removable motorcycle wheel chocks is the Pit Posse Universal Wheel Lock Chock.

Lock N Load

Lock N Load is a US-based manufacturer of motorcycle accessories including stands and chocks. It’s headquartered in Grant Pass, Oregon, and sells its products in the international market. Lock N Load chocks are known for their quality and are reliable when it comes to parking, repairing, or transporting motorcycles. One of its high-end wheel chocks suitable for luxury bikes is the Lock N Load Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock.


While MaxxHaul is headquartered in Shanghai, China, it centers most of its activities in the United States. It specializes in a wide line of automotive and motorsport accessories including bike racks, ramps, mounts, towing products, and a variety of chocks. The company is known for its high-quality, affordable, and user-friendly products. The MaxxHaul Motorcycle Wheel Chock is one of its top-rated trailer wheel chocks. 

Motorcycle Wheel Chock Pricing

  • Under $100: This price range includes a variety of durable steel motorcycle chocks, as well as more simple rubber designs. The price depends on the number of security features offered by the model, as the cheaper versions are good for stopping the wheel but may not prevent the bike from tipping over. You have a better chance of finding a self-locking wheel chock that prevents the wheel from rotating while holding it upright higher in this price range.
  • Over $100: Expect to find premium wheel chocks made from either alloy, stainless steel, or aluminum within this price range. Most will mount safely on any platform and will hold the wheel securely. They are also elegant-looking, adjustable, and can be assembled by a single person. They are designed to handle heavy bikes weighing more than 3,000 pounds and come with extra tie-down straps for maximum stability.

Key Features

Build Material

Chocks are typically made of steel frames and base plates that weigh 35 pounds or less. Steel is a high-quality material that promotes durability. They can be stainless steel that’s corrosion-resistant or zinc- or powder-coated for extra durability and resistance to rust. Some more expensive chocks are made of aluminum, which is lighter than steel. Cheaper materials include rubber and wood. 

Size And Capacity

The best motorcycle wheel chock should be a perfect fit for your wheel so that the bike doesn’t move from side to side after being locked in place. You should choose a model with a wide base if you have a heavy bike and a narrow base for lightweight racing bikes. Most heavy-duty motorcycle wheel chocks have a capacity of 2,000 pounds, which is more than enough to hold heavy bikes. However, the higher the capacity of the chock the less portable it is. You may have to install it at a permanent location for your bike. 

Other Considerations

  • Adjustability: This feature is important if you plan to upgrade your tires or wheels. Select a model with adjustable cradles that allow you to change the width to accommodate different tire sizes and to fit the tire in any position that’s convenient for you.
  • Security: You should look for a motorcycle chock that automatically locks the wheel immediately after you roll the wheel on the bracket. This includes units with a pivoting bracket, which pivots to the other side once the wheel rolls and locks it. Also, consider units with other tight-locking mechanisms. 

Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock Reviews & Recommendations 2020 

The Extreme Max is a sturdy chock with a minimalistic design that keeps your motorcycle stable without tipping. It’s made of pure steel, coated with a semi-gloss black powder and features a high-strength front bar and boot. You won’t have to make any adjustments to the chock to fit your wheel since it’s equipped with multiple-layer wheel cradle adjustments to accommodate different wheel sizes. 

A sturdy front crossbar and boot enhance the stability of the device, and it has a unique V shape at the cradle’s front and rear that fits motorcycle wheels ranging from 17 to 21 inches. You will have an easy time using the device since it’s easy to lock and unlock and can be operated by a single person. It also features a wide stance that enhances the unit’s stability, especially when mounted in a garage or trailer, or on a motorcycle stand. 

A major drawback of this motorcycle chock is that it may be too wide for some tires and may not offer adequate sideways stability. Moreover, the bolts attached to the angle piece are hollow inside and may break with too much tightening. It’s not designed to hold bikes with low fenders, such as many Harleys, as it may strike the fender when locking and damage it.

The MaxxHaul is an affordable wheel chock that carries a heavy-duty steel construction with an elegant powder-coated finish to promote the lifespan of the unit. It’s also resistant to rust and corrosion. It has an efficient pivoting cradle that makes it easy to load, unload, and lock the bike. An automatic, rotating, tire-lock (pivot) flips over the back end of the wheel to lock it in place.

Its wheelbase has three-position adjustable holes to accommodate different motorcycle and trailer wheels. This model also has a raised base, and it comes with bolts that allow you to mount it securely on the floor, a truck bed, trailer, and any other flat surface. Setting up the mount is easy and can be handled by a single person.

However, it may be challenging to unload your motorcycle from the chock. The automatic lock gets a firm hold of the wheel, and you may struggle before you get it off. In addition, narrow tires may not hold upright on the chock, and you may need to get extra straps. It also comes in poor packaging and may have some bolts that are cross-threaded.

The Pit Posse removable wheel chock is a durable front wheel chock that allows for easy loading and unloading. It’s made from heavy-duty gauge steel, features a zinc-plated base, and is reinforced with 7/8 inches of a chrome-plated steel tubing. All these features contribute to its durable and elegant design. It has a self-locking mechanism that locks in the wheel once the full weight of the wheel is exerted on the base. 

The unit is easy to operate as the pivoting bracket closes in as soon as you roll the wheel onto the cradle. Unlocking is just as easy as the chock automatically releases the wheel after you gently pull back the bike. It’s designed with an adjustable bracket that’s designed to fit the front wheel of almost all bikes, including dirt bikes and other heavy bikes. Durable plastic caps increase the motorcycle chock’s stability when mounted on a flat surface. 

Some issues with this motorcycle chock include poor-quality mounting hardware that may break easily when too much pressure is applied. Moreover, the model doesn’t come with clear or adequate instructions on how to adjust the wheel chock on the mount. You may have to rely on online videos to install the input. Also, it’s rounded cradle design works better on wider wheels than with narrow motorcycle tires.


  • If you park your motorbike on a slope, a rubber motorcycle chock may not prevent the wheel from rolling off the slope if it’s at an angle greater than 10 degrees. The same thing applies to metal chocks with no mounting bolts. 
  • Use a motorcycle wheel chock to secure your bike when shipping it in a truck over long distances. Also, use tightening straps and tie-down hooks to balance the bike in an upright position on the truck bed to prevent scratches to the paintwork. 
  • Once you roll your bike into the wheel chock and lock it in place, put your bike into gear to prevent it from rolling backward. Try moving the bike back and forth to test if it’s firmly secured on the ground before you leave it unattended. 


Q: How long does it take to install a wheel chock?

A: It depends on the type of hardware that comes with the motorcycle chock. Some models only have a few components for assembly, and you should manage to assemble the chock, screw in the bolts on the mounting stand, and roll in your bike in less than 20 minutes. However, some may have complicated hardware and drill bits, and it may take longer to install them. You could reference online video tutorials for help.

Q: Can a rusty wheel chock damage my treads?

A: If the wheel chock is extremely rusty, it could lead to the degradation of the tread compound, but that would be the worst-case scenario if you leave your bike parked for a long time. However, a rusty wheel chock isn’t as sturdy, and some parts may snap off the mechanism and release your tire. It’s better to buy a rust-resistant wheel chock.

Q: Is one front tire chock enough to secure my bike?

A: A single front or rear wheel chock is enough to prevent your bike from moving, especially if it has a wheel-locking mechanism that prevents the motorcycle tire from rotating. It’s also sturdy enough to secure your bike as you concentrate on repairing it. However, it may not be enough to hold your bike in an upright position during transport unless you use extra tie-down straps.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Extreme Max Motorcycle Wheel Chock. It’s weather-resistant, secure, and fits a wide range of bikes. 

Our value pick is the MaxxHaul Motorcycle Wheel Chock. It’s affordable and easy to use, thanks to its automatic lock.

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