Best Motorcycle Cargo Nets: Top Picks for Bike Storage

Never worry about carrying extra cargo while riding your motorcycle

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PUBLISHED ON October 8, 2019

One of the more difficult parts of riding a motorcycle, especially as a daily driver, is the lack of cargo space. Wearing a backpack can be uncomfortable, while saddlebags have limited space and you might not like the look of them. A cargo net for the back of your bike is perfect for a quick run to the store or even holding your helmet when you're parked. This review will tell you what you need to know about the best motorcycle cargo nets on the market.

  • Best Overall
    PowerTye Black Mesh Cargo Net
    PowerTye is one of the most popular cargo net brands, and this product is the best for motorcycles.
    This bundle comes with two nets, features smaller two-inch holes, is made out of 4.4mm stretchy latex, and is available in four colors.
    The unique hook design might not fit with your motorcycle, and some customers have had issues with the plastic hooks breaking.
  • Best Value
    SunFounder Cargo Net for Motorcycle and ATV
    Sunfounder offers a handy and robust motorcycle cargo net that is also the most affordable option.
    This cargo net can stretch to 45 inches and uses a multi-strand latex cord with a protective nylon jacket and six iron hooks.
    This cargo net might be too big to fit on some models, and users have had issues with the hook's plastic coating.
  • Honorable Mention
    CARTMAN Motorcycle Net with Bungee Cord Assortment
    This set includes 18 assorted bungee cords, four canopy ties, a motorcycle cargo net, and a carrying case.
    The CARTMAN net is a 15-inch stretchable square net with six steel hooks. It is UV-resistant, and the multiple bungee cords can help tie anything down.
    The bungee cords and net are not as elastic as other products, and the cargo net hooks have plastic ends that can snap off.

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  • Consider what type of cargo you will typically be moving with your motorcycle. This can help dictate the size and strength required.
  • Style is crucial on your bike, so finding a cargo net that can match your paint scheme or features can be important. Some cargo nets are sold in multiple colors and designs.  
  • Pay attention to the anchor points on your motorcycle. They could dictate what type of hooks you need to secure items to your bike safely. 
  • Consider mounting a rack on your bike or ATV as they make transporting cargo much more manageable. 
  • Measure how wide your mounting points are and how tall your cargo can get. Using a net at its maximum stretched size isn't great for prolonged periods, and it can be challenging to secure. 


Q: How do you install a cargo net?

A: Motorcycle cargo nets come with multiple hooks around the sides. These hooks can be placed on any secure part of your bike. Just make sure they won't slip off and that there isn't too much slack. 

Q: Do I need a mounted rack to use a cargo net?

A: While having a rack mounted to the back of your bike isn't necessary, it does make it easier to secure large items. 

Q: What do I do if the end of my hooks come off?

A: Metal hooks typically feature plastic or rubber coatings to protect your bike. If the coating breaks or wears off, you risk scratching the paint of your bike. Sometimes you can use caps used for metal shelves or even recoat the hooks with rubber. 

Q: Can I reshape the metal hooks on my cargo net?

A: While you might be able to reshape metal hooks with pliers, it isn't a good idea. Excessive bending can weaken the metal and cause the hooks to snap easily.

Final Thoughts

The most versatile cargo net for your motorcycle is the PowerTye Black Mesh Cargo Net (2 Pack). This product comes with two nets that are well-made and have the smallest holes for a better grip. 

If you want a more affordable option, you should get the SunFounder Cargo Net for Motorcycle and ATV. This motorcycle cargo net uses premium materials for half the price.