Best Trailer Tires: Add More Power to Haul any Load

Haul a trailer more easily and comfortably with these top-of-the-line trailer tires

byScott Roepel| UPDATED Mar 21, 2021 1:38 PM
Best Trailer Tires: Add More Power to Haul any Load

Towing a boat trailer, camper, or travel trailer adds a lot of stress on the tires supporting the weight, particularly on long trips. Having the right tires can make a big difference when lugging around a hefty load. From heavy-duty, high-quality, off-road tires to durable ones built to handle thousands of miles, there is a trailer tire for every occasion. Here are a few of the best trailer tires to consider the next time you’re planning to hit the road.

Benefits of Trailer Tires

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  • Improve safety. Driving for long distances or through difficult terrain on an original set of trailer tires can be dangerous. A good set of new trailer tires designed with a specific need in mind will boost safety overall. Knowing the tires you chose are built to handle off-road conditions, wet roads, or long distances will give you peace of mind while hauling a heavy load on the road.
  • Relieve vehicle stress. Pulling a trailer, boat, camper, or anything behind your vehicle adds a lot of stress to it. Getting the right set of trailer tires can help alleviate the stress and take an extra load off of your truck, Jeep, or SUV.
  • Carry heavier weight. Trailer tires are specifically designed to carry a heavy amount of weight. Typically, the standard tires and wheels included on a trailer may be smaller and more lightweight. Choosing a pair of sturdier trailer tires allows you to carry a heavier load more safely, quickly, and comfortably.

Types of Trailer Tires


Radial tires are built with steel belts running at a 90-degree angle of the tread centerline. The steel construction makes them last longer and a much more durable tire overall when compared to bias ply. Radial tires also tend to run much cooler as well.

Bias Ply

Bias-ply tires are constructed with nylon belts running at a 30- to 45-degree angle of the tread centerline. While the material holding them together may not be as strong as radial, the nylon adds an extra layer of protection to the sidewall. Plus, they are typically less expensive.

Top Brands


The company started in 1917 and was founded by Charles S. Moomy in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. It constructs tires and wheels for trailers, farming, and lawn and garden equipment. One of the best-known products it makes is the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire.


Starting in 1967, Maxxis International began manufacturing bicycle tires in Taiwan. It has since expanded to create products for motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, trailers, and other vehicles. A trailer tire it is known for is the Maxxis Radial Trailer Tire.

Trailer Master

Trailer Master has been in business for the past 50 years. Under TCB Brands, which began in 1956 in Dayton, Ohio, Trailer Master crafts premium trailer tires for a number of vehicles. One brand it makes is the Trailer Master ST Radial Trailer Tire.

Trailer Tires Pricing

  • $60-$100: Trailer tires are sold individually, so this is the price you will pay for a single tire. You should be able to find either bias-ply or radial tires here.
  • $100 and up: When you get to this price range you will be paying for larger, bulkier tires with a wider tread. You may also find that buying tires as a set may be less expensive overall than buying them individually.
Make sure to check the tire pressure in each trailer tire before setting off on long journeys., GettyImages

Key Features


A generic set of trailer tires may not be built for excessive mileage, and they may already have a few miles on them. That’s where having the best pair of trailer tires will make a huge difference. Choosing your own gives you the freedom to find ones that are built for a specific reason. If you know you’re going to travel thousands of miles with the trailer, then go for a long-lasting pair. Or if you do a lot of off-road driving, get a more robust and durable set.


Not all trailer tires will be designed for your specific trailer. There are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a set of trailer tires. One is to make sure they will fit the wheels on the original set of tires. If not, you will have to buy a matching set of wheels as well. Trailer tires are also limited to the amount of weight they can hold. Make sure you find a set that is rated to carry up to the amount you are towing.

Other Considerations

  • Size: Tire size is one thing to keep in mind when buying new trailer tires. Consider getting larger and more robust trailer tires with a bigger tread if you plan on doing any off-road travel. Smaller and thinner tires are good for normal, everyday driving.
  • Shock Absorption: Riding around on tires that don’t provide you with a large amount of shock absorption is a great way to damage your car and your body. Tires able to absorb some of the road’s harshest bumps will last longer and prevent your cargo from being tossed around; plus they give you a much smoother ride.
  • Tread:Tires with a larger tread will add more grip to the road. The grooves in the rubber are designed to add more traction to prevent the vehicle from sliding on a wet surface. A trailer tire with a larger space between the tread will give your vehicle more grip but will be louder at higher speeds.
  • Load Range:The tire load range measures how many pounds it can carry. These are represented by letters and range from A to F.

Best Trailer Tires Reviews & Recommendations 2021

These Maxxis radial tires are capable of holding up to 2,830 pounds, which is a high load range compared to our other picks.  They also come with an advanced tread compound that decreases rolling resistance. This addition makes them great for improving the fuel economy of your vehicle. Plus, it helps extend tread life. One feature we are particularly impressed with is the rubber is constructed with a double steel belt for additional strength and vehicle towing capability. This makes them high-quality and long-lasting tires that also improve towing stability. The tires also provide a great amount of shock absorption to provide a pleasant ride to your destination.

However, we noticed the tires may haven been produced and manufactured a few years ago, so the rubber could be old. You also do not get a wheel when you order these tires, and they are on the more expensive side.

These trailer tires can hold a maximum weight of 2,833 pounds. They are built with a center tread groove to improve tracking and stability. This gives you a more comfortable ride and increases the amount of road grip. They are also fit with an enhanced shoulder design that provides more heat dissipation, extending the life of the rubber and tread. As a radial tire, these are constructed with a nylon overlay construction, making them durable and capable of hauling loads for several thousand miles. As a bonus, they are covered by a five-year, nationwide, manufacturer's limited warranty. Trailer Master also claims they will continue to function well at a high-speed rating of 81 mph.

While Trailer Master may have royalty in their name, these tires may require some tender love and care. Users say they have had issues with bumps forming in the rubber after driving on them for a while. The carry weight for the tires is also on the lower end.

Carlisle’s radial tires are built to carry the toughest cargo with a carrying tire load range of up to 2,150 pounds. A feature we enjoy most about these tires is their unique tread pattern. It’s designed to wear down the tires evenly, so they don’t end up impacting the ride in a harsh way. This also makes them capable of withstanding high levels of heat on the road. The tires are built with a high-quality, high-tensile belt package that helps to resist punctures. The material is also designed for low-rolling resistance and increased durability. With these tires you also get a variable pitch pattern that reduces road noise, giving you a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

While these make for an excellent trailer tire, keep in mind you will have to buy wheels for them. We also found them to be a pain when it comes to maintenance. A few weights will be required to make sure they are properly balanced.

This eight-ply tire measures 13 inches, has a maximum load capacity of 1,610 pounds, and has a maximum psi of 65 pounds. It comes with a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. What’s nice about this tire is the tread. It features several circumferential grooves to help channel water. There are also horizontal sipes of varying sizes throughout to give the tire more edges for improved grip. The tread also wraps around to the sidewall for traction on softer surfaces. 

Unfortunately, the cords inside of the tire that provide shape and support can fail. This can cause the tire to wear unevenly. It can also cause the tire to suddenly fail by the belt bursting through the rubber.

These 205/75R15 five-lug trailer tires and rims are in load range C with a weight rating of 1,820 pounds. The maximum tire pressure is 50 psi. These tires are compatible with most popular boat brands, including Alumacraft, Continental, Crestliner, Karavan, Lund, Mako, Nitro, Ranger, Regency, River Pro, Sea Ray, Smoker Craft, Stratos, Striper, Sun Tracker, Tahoe, Tracker, Triton, Triumph, and Yamaha. The tires come pre-mounted on black rims. You can use these tires for more than just boat trailers. They're also compatible with many popular utility and cargo trailer brands. These include Big Tex, Carry-On, E-Z Hauler, FastTrac, Lark United, Miska, Performance Trailers, PJ, Quality Trailers, Remeq, Road Force, Teske, Top Hat, Triple, and Wells Cargo.

The downside of these tires is that they have very specific size compatibility. If you don’t need this exact size, then these tires won’t work. You also don’t have the option of changing the wheels, so you’re stuck with the black.

This trailer tire from Freestar is a size 205/75R15 107L. This means that the rim diameter is 15 inches, the aspect ratio is 75, and the load rating index is 107 with a speed rating of L. The construction of the tire is radial. This tire stands out because it is larger and stronger than your average tire. It has a high load capacity, which makes it perfect for larger campers and RVs.

One drawback is that the tire comes by itself while the pictures show the tire mounted on a rim. This can be misleading. You also only get one tire, which means you’ll have to buy multiple tires separately if you’re looking to replace all of them.

This trailer tire measures 225/75R15. It is in the load range of E with a maximum weight rating of 2,830 pounds. The maximum tire pressure is 80 pounds. The overall diameter of the tire is 28.2 inches. This tire is compatible with several popular boat trailer manufacturers, including Alumacraft, Continental, Crestliner, Karavan, Lund, Mako, Nitro, Ranger, Regency, River Pro, Sea Ray, Smoker Craft, Stratos, Striper, Sun Tracker, Tahoe, Tracker, Triton, Triumph, Warrior, and Yamaha. What’s nice about this tire is that it works on more than just boat trailers. You can also use it on several popular cargo and utility trailer brands. These include Big Tex, Carry-On, E-Z Hauler, FastTrac, Lark United, Miska, Performance Trailers, PJ, Quality Trailers, Remeq, Road Force, Teske, Top Hat, Triple Crown, and Wells Cargo.

The downside of this tire is that it isn’t as durable as other trailer tires. The rubber can begin to separate. Another problem with the tire is that the tread depth isn’t very deep. This shortens the life of the tire and reduces its traction performance.

This trailer tire is designed to work on small- to medium-sized trailers. Its load range is rated C with an index rating of 77 and it has a maximum load of 910 pounds. The construction is six-ply biased. What's nice about this tire is that it features a tread pattern with circumferential grooves. This will help the tire to expel water and maintain traction on wet surfaces. There are also grooves along the sidewall to create gripping surfaces for traction on softer surfaces.

Unfortunately, the rim that’s pictured with the tire doesn’t come with the tire. This can make the description inaccurate and misleading. You’ll need to have this tire mounted on your own wheel. The tire is also quite heavy for similar-sized tires.


  • We recommend rotating the tires every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Routine maintenance will ensure the tread is even.
  • Make sure to check the amount of tire pressure in each tire. Check the manufacturer's guide to see their proper levels.
  • Check to see if the lug nuts are tight and secure and at their correct torque before starting any journey.
  • You can check the tread level of your tires by using the penny test. This is done by inserting a penny into the tire’s tread groove with Lincoln’s head facing you upside down. If you can see all of his head, the tread depth is too low and needs to be replaced.


Q: How long do trailer tires last?

A: This depends on the quality of the tires, how frequently they are used, and what surface you are driving on. Experts recommend replacing a trailer tire every seven or so years. If the tread is getting low or the tire is showing signs of age, it is best to get it replaced as soon as possible.

Q: How often should I check the tire pressure?

A: Consider checking the tire pressure of each trailer tire once a month or before any journey. You should also check the tire pressure with any major shift in temperatures. A swift change from hot to cold may decrease the maximum pressure in the tires.

Q: What is the difference between trailer tires and passenger car tires?

A: There are various differences between trailer tires and passenger car tires. The tread on a trailer tire is typically not as thick as that of a car tire. Also, car tires are built to operate more efficiently at high speeds, whereas trailer tires are designed to carry weight and may not ride as well at increased speeds. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a great set of trailer tires to transport a heavy load, camper, or boat, consider the Maxxis Radial Trailer Tire

For those who want to save some cash and still get one of the best trailer tires on the market, check out the Trailer Master ST Radial Trailer Tire.