Best Car Seat Covers: Protect Your Leather From Sun and Sweat

Keep those seats looking fresh with a slip on barrier.

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Best Car Seat Covers: Protect Your Leather From Sun and Sweat


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Unless you've mastered the art of levitation, your driver's seat is the most touched component in your car. Even if you're meticulous about detailing and leather conditioning, just sitting in your car is wearing out the surface of the seat bottoms and side bolsters. Not everyone is crazy about the look and feel of car seat covers, but there isn't a better way to protect your leather or cloth from friction, chemical, and sun damage.

Part of the reason most people don't like seat covers is that they've never had a really good set. Buying a cheap set of covers at the auto parts store that are hanging between the LED shift knobs and stick-on plastichrome fender vents is a sure way to get an inferior product. This guide will help you find what you need for everyday or occasional protection.

Best Overall

Wet Okole Standard Covers

These are custom built wetsuits for your seats. You can choose colors, patterns, and piping before them stitch them up to fit your car's seats exactly. They are waterproof as well as being warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • The fit you expect from a custom built cover
  • Go with basic black or spice it up with camo or even flowers
  • A thick layer of neoprene is great protection for your seats
  • I get it, not everyone likes the feel of wetsuits
  • Custom made comes with custom made prices
Best Value

VSHIELD Waterproof Neoprene Car Seat Cover

Sometimes you want a simple cover that you can throw on for driving home from the beach or the gym. This is an affordable way to protect your seats that folds up and slips away when you don't need it.
  • Offers protection when you need it but stores easily
  • Neoprene will stop sweat, sea water, or junkyard dirt from getting on your seats
  • Simple design at a good price
  • It won't be the most comfortable and form fitting
  • It fits most seats, not all
Best For Pets

4Knines Dog Seat Cover

We all love dogs and dogs love going for rides, but their best days are when they get wet and muddy. Protect your seats and your own calm by covering the seats and floors. Fold it up and keep it in the trunk.
  • Installs in minutes but still stays in place even with active dogs
  • Keeps pet hair as contained as possible
  • Still allows for pets to move around and even for windows to roll down
  • Gives the entire backseat to the dog
  • Still won't keep nose prints off glass or spittle off sides of your car

Summary List

Our Methodology

For years, the car seat cover of choice was sheepskin, they've fallen out of fashion in recent years but you will still find them in everything from Cessna to Boeing cockpits around the world. Now, most car owners won't buy seat covers until it's too late and they want to cover worn-out and torn seats, and even then, they choose something from a big box store. I've had seat covers in several of my cars, not to cover up wear, but to prevent it. I've never been willing to put up with ill-fitting or uncomfortable aftermarket products, so I searched for the best products before spending my own money. I applied that past research when assembling this guide.

To go along with my own knowledge and experience, I used The Drive's normal research and due diligence methods as an extra source of info.

Best Car Seat Covers: Recommendations & Reviews

Best Overall: Wet Okole Standard Seat Covers


Custom-made means no sagging and wrinkling

Comfortable in weather extremes especially in thigh-scorching sun-blasted heat

Easy to clean if and when they do get dirty


Since they are custom, they can take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks to get

You can't use normal car detailing products to clean them

Sure, leather is great for car seats. Except it's cold in winter, flesh-scorching in summer, and the sun fades, dries, and cracks it. I've used several different types of seat covers on cars in the past in an effort to preserve the leather on the seats and none of them have worked as well as Wet Okole. These are handmade from neoprene, the same material as wetsuits. Since they are custom fit to your seats, they fit better than just about any other seat cover out there also.

Wet Okole Covers are available in a huge variety of colors and patterns, so you can match them to your interior, exterior, or go crazy and get Hawaiian print. The material is waterproof, meaning they are perfect for people who are frequently at the beach or gym. They are held in place with multiple straps and have cutouts for any seat adjustments as well as cutouts or extra seams for side impact airbags.

These seat covers aren't cheap. But, for a custom-made product that will not only save you from having to replace leather but also provide more functionality, it isn't bad. Not everyone likes the feel of neoprene, so maybe check out a wetsuit before you place your order.

Best Value: VSHIELD Waterproof Seat Covers


Installs in seconds if you only want to put them on when needed

Offers 90% of the functionality of custom seat covers at 10% the price

Roll it up and stick it on the floor behind your seat when you aren't using it


Not recommended for use during spirited driving

The included American Flag sticker is more patronizing than patriotic

If you're looking for a seat cover you can slip on quickly when you get out of the gym or after a particularly muddy mountain biking session, the VShield is a good choice. It is a tenth the cost of custom seat covers and installs a fraction of the time as well. When you're done with it, you can roll it up and stash it behind your seat or in the trunk.

This does feel like a temporary use seat cover. It will hold up to abuse, but you probably won't want to have it on your seat all the time. Since this is a one-size-fits-all piece, it will certainly fit some better than others, but it won't fit perfectly on any seat.

For the price of the VShield cover, you can't get much better protection. It installs so quickly, that you might even just slip it on the seat when you have to park in the sun and take it off when you get back in to drive.

Best For Pets: 4Knines Seat Covers


Easy to install when headed to the park for folds up for easy storage

Water, and other liquid, proof as well as keeping pet hair and dirt off the seats

Protects the seats and interior panels from getting scratched up by nails and collars


It won't completely stop pet hair from blowing around in the cabin

Still requires your animals to be secured inside the vehicle for everyone's safety in an accident

We all love our pets, but let's be honest, they make a mess of our cars' interiors. Whether it's drooling, dirt and mud from the dog park, or even scratches from their nails, you need a barrier between them and your car. The 4Knines seat cover is the best option for keeping your dog in the back seat. It's like a thick polyester blanket that's shaped for your interior and has zippers and other built-in allowances that keep the functionality of fold-down bench seats.

It attaches to the headrests and seat bottoms and then also uses what the company calls the hammock section to protect the rear seat floor as well as the backs of the drive and front passenger seats. There are even slots so you can access the seatbelts, and Latch Anchors, just in case someone wants to ride in back with them.

Honorable Mention: Pariitadin Baja Blanket Seat Covers Full Set


These will turn a boring car interior into a party

Inexpensive enough to replace on a regular basis

Keeps harmful UV rays off your seats and still breathable


They aren't going to fit great on deeply bolstered sport seats

Apparently a favorite of prius owners, but trying to not hold that against them

Protecting your car's interior doesn't have to be boring. Bring a little fun from south of the border to your morning trudge to the office by adding a little slice of that spring break Baja surfing spring adventure you took during your third junior year of business school. This full set of seat covers is made from woven polyester and is held on with elastic straps. The top layer is polyester over high-density foam for comfort, and then a layer of mesh cloth that sits against your seats.

The best part is; they are very affordable. Priced well under 40 bucks at the time of writing this. They come in four different patterns, so you can get a couple and change them up as the mood strikes you. These will either seriously class up your kid's old hand-me-down Camry, or put them in your new Mercedes ironically. Either way, it's a win.

Our Verdict on the Best Car Seat Covers

The choice for Best Overall seat covers was easy and clear cut. The Wet Okole covers fit great, offer the highest levels of protection as well as being more comfortable than leather in hot and cold weather. If you're looking for something that's easy to put on and take for a more as-needed solution, a cover from VShield makes a lot more sense and picked up our Best Value Award.


You've got questions. The Drive has answers

What is the best material for car seat cover?

In our experience, neoprene is the best material in terms of comfort and protection.

What are the different types of car seat covers?

More expensive custom-made seat covers are intended for long-term everyday use. Some less expensive options are intended for putting them on just when you need them. Other cheap options are advertised as everyday use, but fit so poorly, you won't want to.

Do car seat covers affect airbags?

It depends on the seat cover and the type of car you have. If you have side impact or seat-mounted airbags, you definitely want to check the seat cover manufacturer to see whether or not it'll interfere with the airbag's function. As if you don't, it can lead to a very unsafe and explosive situation.

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