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Cheap car covers do work. I can't say they don't. But they don't hold up as you well as you may need one to. For years, I stored my 1969 Dodge Charger outdoors, and I never had one last more than a few months before the elements chewed it up. That, or they're so flimsy they tear easily during removal or installation. In the long run, I'd have been far better off just springing for a custom car cover intended for the circumstances. Even now that the car has a nice, dry garage to call home, it's still an investment I'm considering. And with offering free shipping on all orders, you should, too. offers protection for anything you own. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, UTVs, you name it, it's got a custom cover for it. Heck. It even offers different series of covers for all types of storage situations, including outdoor and trailering. So, whether you are storing your snowmobile for the season, want to cover your show car or RV between outings, or just want to protect the paint of something special, you ought to hop on this sale—especially since it's only on for a few more hours. 

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