Best SUV Covers: Keep Your Ride in Prime Condition

A quality SUV cover is a must-have way to prevent scratches, stains, and paint damage.

byCorrina Murdoch, Heather Fishel|
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BYCorrina Murdoch, Heather Fishel/ LAST UPDATED ON May 15, 2023

Everytime your SUV hits the road, it’s vulnerable to damage. In fact, even when it’s parked, there’s no shortage of opportunities to get dinged, scratched, or watermarked. The best SUV covers enable you to protect your ride against the elements. Instead of scratching the paint when woodworking in your garage, an SUV cover stops the damage. Parking outdoors? Going on vacation? Not only will SUV covers ensure that your ride’s paint and windshields aren’t vulnerable to hail, dust, and ultraviolet radiation, but they are also a deterrent against thieves.

The best SUV covers offer ample protection for the exterior of your ride. It’s no secret that SUV covers are critical for medium- to long-term parking, there is also no shortage of options. Coming in a host of colors, materials, and shapes, it can be tricky to find the right fit. To simplify the process, we’ve detailed the best SUV covers on the market, along with everything you need to know about picking the best option.

Best Overall
Kayme SUV Cover

Kayme SUV Cover

Featuring six layers of textile, this cover is meant to provide a snug fit. Made of cotton, it resists both moisture and UV radiation.
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain
  • Completely waterproof
  • Silver color repels sun’s rays
  • Vehicle-specific design (with many available options)
  • Aluminum is vulnerable to heat and cold fluctuations, speeding wear and tear
Best Value

Novashion Universal SUV Cover

Priced affordably, this SUV cover is meant to fit on any ride. It’s resistant to sunlight and rain while remaining breathable.
  • Cost accommodates tight budgets
  • Protects against scratches and sunlight
  • Not waterproof or water-resistant
  • Works better for outdoor parking in arid areas
Honorable Mention

Car Covers Platinum Shield SUV Cover

A premium option for those looking for serious SUV protection, this heavy-duty shield protects against all types of damage. Working in all weather conditions, it’s a top contender.
  • Guaranteed fit for any SUV
  • Supplied directly by the manufacturer
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • Comes at a higher price point
  • Needs a patch kit to accommodate the antenna on your SUV

Summary List

Types of SUV Covers

Outdoor Covers

When it comes to SUV covers, there are two key types. The most popular, due largely to  their resilience, are outdoor covers. These are made with multiple layers, built to weather environmental damage rather than dust. Used to protect against hail damage, water stains, and dings, these covers are usually made with polymer paired with a metal like aluminum. Look for 75D polyester paired with a reflective material. This optimizes UV resistance and thermal control. 

Indoor Covers

This type of cover is less common, simply because it is meant for indoor storage. In most situations, the garage provides the necessary protection. However, if you’re protecting a luxury ride, then it is certainly worth the investment. These come in a fine, gentle material that is meant to preserve a delicate top coat. By its own virtue, this means it isn’t resilient to as much as dense polymer. If you are storing your car indoors and the garage doubles as a workshop, these are worth a look. But, if you aren’t protecting a high-end car, then you could just as easily use an outdoor cover and pay the same amount. 

Best SUV Covers: Reviews & Recommendations

Protecting your SUV is supposed to save you from expensive body work, and the Novashion Universal SUV Cover lets you do exactly that. Not only does it come at an affordable price point, but the accommodating design also enables it to fit on just about any SUV. Whether your ride is classed as a standard or XXL model, this cover fits the bill. Bold silver in color, it reflects the sun’s rays. It not only adds to UV resistance, but it also offers a level of thermal control. The SUV cover is made out of 190T polyester, a hardy material that remains sturdy despite exposure to the elements. Infused with aluminum, it is meant to remain breathable while offering protection against scratches, dust, and smaller-scale hail. Lightweight and easy to set up, you can remove it in a jiffy, rolling it into a compact structure to store in between uses. 

It’s worth a note that, because of the material, it can be a bit tricky to wash and dry the cover. The best approach is to hose it off and leave it to hang-dry on a clothesline. A machine dryer will damage the cover quickly, so be sure to keep it old-school when doing upkeep. 

Parking outdoors while prepping for precipitation? Check out the Autsop SUV Car Cover for its lightweight design balanced with tough function. It is built to resist all types of damage, thanks to the six layers of textile. Complete with zippers to allow access to the hood and the windows, this cover is surely worth a look. Entirely waterproof, it is thick enough to prevent hail damage or debris from the wind. It is built to fit SUVs between 193 and 200 inches long, making it compatible with most common rides. The silver color reflects the sunlight, keeping the car cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. In fact, the rainproof fabric is also flame-resistant and features anti-freeze technology. Equally as easy to install and store, this waterproof cover is handy for both indoor and outdoor parking. 

It warrants a mention that, though the cover is purportedly universal, the placement of zippers and side view window protrusions relies on you picking the best-suited model. You can find a fit for any SUV size and design, but be sure to check the specs before you pull the trigger. 

If your priority in getting an SUV cover is to prevent excessive bodywork, the Day to Day Imports Executive SUV Cover is definitely worth checking out. Meant to fit SUVs as long as 225 inches, it offers potent security against everything from wind to rain. It is effective whether used indoors or outdoors, thanks largely to its ability to withstand extreme heat and cold. To foster further durability (since accidents happen), the set also comes with a repair patch. By including a storage bag and affixing cord, this set gives you everything necessary to protect the car. Not only is the waterproof cover easy to clean, but it also prevents wear and tear to the paint on your ride. Since it’s so lightweight, you can simply whip it off the ride, tuck it in the carry bag, and store it for next time. 

Of course, nothing is perfect. When it comes to the textile itself, the vulnerability to tears and rips leaves something to be desired. It would resist small-scale dings, but a branch could tear through the surface. If you’re fighting rougher elements, there are better options. But, if you want basic protection, this affordable cover is a good pick. 

Complete with a lifetime warranty, the Car Covers Platinum Shield SUV Cover is equipped to protect your ride against any potential damage. For starters, it comes with reinforced grommets to deter theft. The reflective silver design adds thermal regulation while the cable and lock prevents issues with wind. This cover is entirely waterproof and extremely sturdy. The tightly woven textile is entirely waterproof, preventing pesky stains and watermarks. Treated for UV protection, the cover itself is hardy against dirt and debris without being too heavy. Standing out for its ability to withstand both heat and cold, this SUV cover is a great pick for intense climates. Whether your area is prone to heat waves or hurricanes, this premium cover can offer the protection you need. 

Bear in mind that, though this is one of the best-reputed and most durable options, it is also one of the more expensive models. However, the durability means you can use it for longer, so the value does equivocate.

With an impressive 10-year warranty, the Car Covers Satin Shield SUV Cover is a great way to go. It stands out for the soft satin material. Meant to be gentle on even the most vulnerable paint jobs, this cover keeps your SUV looking its best. The main idea is to prevent the buildup of dust, a material that can cause damage to the clear coat finishing on your SUV. In terms of the design, it provides full coverage that fits snugly onto the body of your ride. Thanks to the elastic hems at the front and rear, it holds firmly in place. The satin is flexible enough to get a proper fit on the ride while remaining durable against snags. Thanks to the double stitching on the seams, this SUV cover is a fantastic way to protect your ride long-term. 

There is a clear downside to this SUV cover: It isn’t meant for outdoor use. It protects against the bumps and bruises of garage storage. The cover won’t let dust build up while you’re on vacation. However, it won’t protect against outdoor elements. Pick this option when your precious vehicle is going into cold storage for the season.

Final Verdict on the Best SUV Covers

After careful review of all the top contenders, we’ve settled on the Kayme SUV Cover as the best SUV cover around. It balances strength with price, protecting against all types of potential damage. Need something on a budget? The Novashion Universal SUV Cover is a great way to go. It protects your pocketbook and saves you down the line on bodywork. 

The best SUV cover is meant to fit like a glove and protect your SUV long-term. Has your cover ever saved you from disaster? Tell us your near-misses or coverless SUV horror stories in the comments below — we’ve got you covered.

Benefits of SUV Covers

  • Prevents scratches and dings. The main value of an SUV cover is that it protects your car’s exterior from damage. When your car is parked, it’s vulnerable to the elements. Falling leaves, bird droppings, branches, hail — the list goes on ad (almost) infinitum. As SUV cover keeps that damage away, saving you on the cost of dent repair and airbrushing. 
  • Deters theft by blocking visibility. Adding a barrier of protection from natural elements is one thing, but there are more advantages to reap. Should a potential thief or set of peering eyes pass your SUV, you literally block their view. If anyone was thinking about breaking in, the time-consuming part of removing your cover is a pretty good deterrent.
  • Keeps your SUV clean when outdoors. Hiking? Camping? Heading to a rural area? Parking on the street in an industrial area? All these situations leave your topcoat vulnerable to dust. Even if it isn’t a matter of dents, there is still the aesthetic aspect. A clean SUV lends a good image (a dust-caked one, not so much). 
  • Prevents your SUV’s paint from fading. Ever seen paint fade in the sunlight? The heat and ultraviolet radiation wear down the material on a chemical level. It literally weakens the bonds and what was once vibrant becomes painfully dull. Think of an SUV cover as sunscreen for your vehicle. 
  • Lets you use the garage as a workspace. Ever proudly finished a reno or woodworking project only to realize your SUV is caked in the evidence? Just like you lay tarp and paint tape, the cover prevents that dust from getting on the vehicle.
  • Additional protection for long-term storage. Taking a vacation? Looking to store your SUV for the season? Maybe you’re simply thinking about selling the ride. Whatever the situation, you can easily shore up your investment by protecting it with an SUV cover. 

Top Brands


A trademark of Hangzhou Langxun Auto Parts, this company produces a wide range of vehicular supplies. Focusing largely on niche products, it retails things like windshield wipers, head rests, and fitted covers. Opening its doors in 2019, this brand retails on the international market, growing popular for affordable price points. The Autsop SUV Car Cover is a fantastic example of quality balanced with cost. 

Car Covers

Opening its doors in 2008, this California-based company has built a reputation for quality and affordability. Focused exclusively on protecting vehicles from the elements, it offers defense against all types of damage. Backed by reasonable warranties, this brand provides high-quality gear for any ride. A great example of its merit-worthy covers is the Car Covers Platinum Shield SUV Cover

SUV Cover Pricing

  • Under $50: You can find some light-duty covers in this range, with many being waterproof. These tend to be less durable, but still offer decent protection. 
  • Between $50 and $100: In this range, you’ll find the bulk of mass-produced covers. You can expect UV resistance, waterproof fabric, a quality fit, and lightweight design. 
  • Over $100: The highest quality options fall in this category. Expect warranty protection and a design specific to your SUV. 

Key Features

Cover Design

Among the important features is the actual structure of the cover. Does it protect the tires? How do you affix it to the vehicle? Most rely on elastic straps at the front and back, but some feature grommets to secure it in place. Look for access to the hood, trunk, and the door, unless you plan to remove it every time you need to get into the vehicle. 

Cover Material

The standard material is 75D polymer. Because of the water-repellent nature of plastics, if the threads are woven tightly enough, the fabric is waterproof. The 75 refers to the thread count, meaning the threads are inherently thinner. When woven together with a metallic component, particularly aluminum, you can get added benefits of UV resistance. Check the quality of the weave and the seams to ensure best results. 

Protective Features

Be sure that whatever elements you’re battling, the cover can keep up. Whether that’s hail, snow, sawdust, or wildfire smoke, it needs to perform properly. The must-have features include thermal resistance (hot and cold), UV protection (to prevent fading), and waterproof abilities. As long as all these boxes are ticked, the SUV cover meets the essentials for outdoor parking. If you’re picking an indoor cover, focus more on the gentleness of the fabric protecting the top coat. 

Other Considerations

  • Proper sizing: It’s worth reinforcing that, even when one-size-fits-all is a purported benefit, check the specs anyways. Know the measurements of your SUV and find something that is sure to fit. 
  • Maintenance: Ensure that you can easily clean off the cover without damaging it. Most are meant for you to hose them down or wash off the debris with soap and water. The more resilient the material (i.e., the more layers), the less frequent the maintenance needs.
  • Storage: Your SUV is for driving, so find something that lets you use the vehicle. To foster durability, look for a cover that comes with a carrying bag for ease of use. The lighter the weight of the cover, the easier it will be to store in general. Heaviness lends to durability, but balance it against the storage needs for optimal convenience. 


  • Break it in just like you would a pair of shoes. SUV and car covers are made of fabrics that need to adjust to the surroundings. Take a few minutes to handle the material before you set it up. 
  • Clean it regularly to prevent premature damage. In theory, your SUV cover should last for a long time, but that’s true only if you keep it in good condition. Either use a bucket of soap and water or a hose, letting it air dry. 
  • Covers are not invulnerable, so try not to tempt fate. Sure, they make it easier to use power tools in the garage, but you can still tear the fabric with a miter saw blade. Take care of the cover by keeping sharp items away from it. 
  • Water-resistant is not waterproof. If you see a cover that says it is water-resistant, it is because the IP rating cannot meet waterproof criteria. That opens you up to a world of damage if you park outside. In short, if you park outdoors, waterproof is a must. 
  • Always give yourself some wiggle room when looking at size. Unless you are getting a model-specific cover, an extra inch never hurts (especially if the material isn’t elastic by nature). It’s better to have a cover that’s too big than too small — so err on the side of caution. 
  • Aim for a textile that stays cool to the touch. If you’re parking outdoors, being able to touch the surface of the cover is helpful. Reflective materials sound great, but be sure the material is aluminum (lest it burn you when you go to remove the cover).  


Q: Does Walmart carry car covers?

A: Yes, Walmart has a decent selection of car covers, especially on a budget. Take the Novashion Universal SUV Cover, an affordable, snug-fitting model that gives excellent protection.

Q: Are car covers worth it?

A: SUV and car covers protect the exterior of your ride from all sorts of damage. It’s literally a barrier between your car and the world. From windshield damage to paint issues, covers are a low-cost way to prevent likely damage that’s far costlier to fix. 

Q: What's the best car cover?

A: The best car cover fits properly and resists sun, water, and debris. If in doubt about the size or quality, check out the Car Covers Platinum Shield SUV Cover. Straight from manufacturer to your SUV, it’s hard to go wrong with these warrantied covers.  

Q: How do I choose a car cover?

A: First, make sure it fits. Next, check that it is secured properly. Check that the material is waterproof, ultraviolet-resistant, and durable. Reinforced seams and breathability are both important traits. Lastly, be sure that it is suited for the parking location (indoor versus outdoors). As long as it checks those boxes, you should be all set. 

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