Daily Deal: Last Chance at 50% Off a Custom-Fit Car Cover If You’re Storing Something This Winter

Don’t spill paint all over your summer car in your tight two-bay garage. Just get a cover while they’re on sale.

byHank O'Hop|
CarCovers.com Sale


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Winter is hard on everything. And though whatever you're driving is on the front of your mind and being treated properly, anything on the sidelines—be it your summer ride sitting in the garage, or a project-turned-lawn-ornament—is often left to accumulate dust, snow, moisture, and whatever else. Why? Because car covers are expensive, and feel like one of those things you can just live without.

You shouldn't, though. Not when you can get one for a lot cheaper, at least! That's why I wanted to share that today is the last day of a big winter sale at carcovers.com, and you can nab high-quality, custom-fit covers for indoor or outdoor storage at up to 50% off.

I know some of you are shouting at the screen right now about how car covers are actually bad because they can trap grit against a car's body and damage the paint. That's certainly a risk if you live in a dustier environment, the car is parked outside, and/or you're constantly taking the cover on and off. But for longer-term storage, a cover, especially one designed to fit the specific model, is absolutely worth it. Just make sure you fully wash and dry your car before throwing one on.