The Jump Starters That’ve Saved My Car Several Times Are on Sale on Amazon

These jump starters have rescued me

byHank O'Hop|
Amazon Jump Starter Deals

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The cold weather is here and ready to suck the life right out of your batteries. Well. More like, it's going to let you know if there's a problem you need to address. Either way, there's a better-than-average chance of you needing of a jump when you least expect it right now. And since it's 2024 and humans don't know how to interact with each other anymore, you can't count on the kindness of strangers.

Luckily, Amazon's got some stellar deals on portable jump starter packs to combat the issue, including two that I've personally used and would recommend to anybody in the market. Which is you, remember?

Comes with jumper cables, device charging cable, and carrying bag.

Let's start with the NOCO GB40. At $99.95—a 20% discount from the usual $124.95 price—it's hard to beat what this thing brings to the table. I've used it to crank my Charger's dead 440 to life on multiple occasions and even seen it help bump a John Deere 310B back into duty on one occasion. Granted, we might have nearly toasted it on the last one, but I'm more than confident in saying it'll do the trick for most cars on the road today. 

Comes with jumper cable, air nozzle, pump tube, wall charger, and carrying bag.

I've been relying on this VTOMAN X7 jump pack for a while now, and overall, it's a very solid buy for $120. I've used it to fill tires after airing down to roll around on the sand. It's helped me combat slow-cranking Charger engines while I mess with ignition points, and I even called on it to jump a neighbor's car during a recent snowstorm. 

Neither of those fit the bill for you? Check the list below for even more jump starter savings.