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You Can Score Free Power Tools From Ryobi, DeWalt, Makita, and More at Home Depot

This is not a drill. Home Depot is running some excellent free power tool deals from Ryobi, Dewalt, Ridgid, Makita, and Milwaukee.

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While some retailers might try and entice you with free t-shirts or sticker packs, Home Depot is giving you what you want: free tools! Seriously, I was skeptical too. I figured someone better look into this, and then I figured, that someone should be me.

Right now, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Ridgid, and Ryobi all have deals going where you buy a tool combo, which are normally decent deals to begin with, and you get two bonus free tools to sweeten the offer. And we’re not just talking about crap freebies—there are some truly good and useful tools being dangled here. Let’s take a look at each brand’s deal.

Ryobi ONE+ HP 18V 1/2u0022 Drill and Impact Driver Kit + Free Tools for $199

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All of the free tools offered in this deal are from Ryobi’s One+ HP Series, so they are the good stuff and all work on the batteries you will get with the combo.

At the low-end—by normal retail price—you have a $59 random orbital sander. At $79 there’s a fixed base router and an LED work light, which I own and I’m impressed with. For a retail price of $129 there’s an angle grinder, 6.5” circular saw, a jigsaw, a multitool, a 350 CFM blower, or a freakin 6” mini chainsaw. Remember you get to pick two of these tools. Buying the Drill/Driver and the Impact Driver with batteries, separately would cost you over $200, so I am rating this as a good deal.

DeWalt Powerstack 20V Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah and 1.7Ah Batteries, Charger + Free Tools for $349

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The Powerstack line of batteries is DeWalt’s premium choice offering a little more power and a little longer run time, so these are the ones you want. But the question is, how good of deal is this when we’re talking about a nearly $350 purchase? Are my tool choices any good? Well, these aren’t your average cheap freebies.

The low end starts at $149 for a 1/4-inch compact impact driver. Then it’s $159 for a 450CFM blower. Then we jump to $199 tools where your choices are, a 6.5” circular saw, an angle grinder, a compact router, jigsaw, reciprocating saw, 1/4” hammer drill, or a Flexvolt 6Ah battery. The most expensive choice of free tools is a $219 ½” impact wrench.

A 5Ah Powerstack battery pack on its own is normally $229 and the 1.7Ah, if you can find them, are right around $100 and a charger is around $30. All in all, this seems like a pretty sweet deal at $349.

Ridgid 18V 1/2u0022 Hammer Drill and 1/4u0022 Impact Driver Kit, Batteries, Charger + Free Tools for $379

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The deal is available for $379 for a 1/2” hammer drill, a 1/4” impact driver, a 6Ah and 4Ah MAX batteries, charger and a hard case. What can we choose for free? Starting at the low end of $49 is a portable inflator, but really, don’t choose this. You have bigger fish to fry. We then take a big jump to $129 with an oscillating multitool. A smaller jump to $139 for an angle grinder, and ten bucks to $149 and you can choose a second 1/2” hammer drill if you wanna go gunslinger with one on each hip, or for the same price an 8Ah MAX battery pack.

The 7.25” circular saw or reciprocating saw are valued at $169. The $179 value is a ½” impact wrench, compact router, or jigsaw. The $189 highest-value tools for free may not be the most desirable as I’m not getting excited over a 510CFM blower, a grease gun, or a string trimmer (weed whacker).

Looking at the kit itself, the hammer drill is right around $150 bare, the impact driver is about $130 with battery and charger, and the 6Ah battery itself is over a hundred bucks, so this may not be as good of a deal as the others. But if you’re already bought into the Ridgid ecosystem, this is a convenient way to build your tool collection at a great price.

Makita 18V LXT 1/2u0022 Impact Driver and Hammer Drill-Driver Kit, Batteries, Charger + Free Tools for $399

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This deal is going for $399 and includes a 2-speed 1/2” hammer drill, an impact driver, two 5Ah batteries, charger, and a tool bag, The least valuable tools start at $159 and you can choose from a 6.5” circular saw or a reciprocating saw.

At $169 there is a 459CFM blower, or a multi-tool. In the $179 tier is an angle grinder, or another 5Ah battery. At $199 you can get yourself a free cordless ratchet, which seems like a good choice, while the most valuable freebie is a $219 jigsaw. The hammer drill is normally $189, the impact driver is $149, a pair of 5Ah batteries is $279, and a charger—assuming anyone would actually buy one separately since there are plenty of ways to get one for free—would be $108. This is the only deal that offers a ratchet and it seems like a good deal, so if you like Makita, pull that trigger.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18V Four-Tool Combo Kit, High-Output Batteries, Charger + Free Tools for $599

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This is the most expensive deal here by a good margin at $599 since you are buying 4 tools to get 2 free, so right off the bat you might wonder how good of a value it is. The kit includes the M18 FUEL 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver, 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver, Oscillating Multi-Tool, LED Work Light, XC6.0 battery, CP3.0 Battery, M18/M12 multi-voltage charger, a side handle, 2 belt clip, 2 bit holders, 1 carrying case. Phew. Does adding two free tools make it any more enticing?

The $129 level of free Milwaukee tools includes a dual battery charger and a 6.5” circular saw. The $139 value is a multi-tool, for $149 the LED flood light, and at $169 is ¼” impact driver, or hackzall saw. The $179 portable inflator is something I would expect to be offered for free, and while the Bluetooth speaker seems cool it seems like I could pick one up for half that price on Amazon.

Moving up, you can select a number of tools Milwaukee normally wants $199 for including an angle grinder, a router, or a jigsaw. This is a $600 kit and you’re getting a Hammer drill worth $199 with a battery, an impact driver currently on sale for $99 with a battery, a multitool that sells for $229 and a worklight that’s normally $49. The batteries in this kit by themselves would be about $300 and the charger another $100, but two of the tools listed above include them. The kit by itself isn’t a great deal, but stack a couple of $199 tools on there and it suddenly seems a bit better.

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