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The Free Tools That Come With This DeWalt Drill Kit at Lowe’s Are Better Than the Kit Itself

Usually free tool add-ons are just a nice bonus. This time, they’re the highlight.
DeWalt Free Tool With Select Kits at Lowes

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I love the free tool deals manufacturers are running this time of year. When you purchase select kits, they toss in a freebie to sweeten the pot. They usually don’t give you anything crazy to work with, a free battery usually being the best option, but DeWalt’s breaking the mold with its bonus offerings on top of the Xtreme 2-Tool 12V MAX XR drilI and impact driver kit at Lowe’s.

The base kit includes a drill and impact driver from DeWalt’s Xtreme Sub-Compact Series for $199.00. It’s got some appeal to any handy person off the bat, but it becomes downright irresistible when you look at the free tools you get to pick from, which are honestly more exciting than the kit itself and make this deal far better suited for gearheads. Among them are the 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch Xtreme sub-compact impact wrenches and a 3/8-inch cordless ratchet. 

DeWalt Xtreme 2-Tool 12V MAX XR DrilI and Impact Driver Kit

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I’ve also rounded up the other DeWalt ‘free tool’ bundles for you to check out as well. I definitely think one is better than the rest, but I have no clue what kind of winter project you’re getting into. I just know that snagging a free tool with a kit you’re going to buy anyway will make it hurt a little less.

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