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Get The Most Out Of Your Garage Space With a Sweet Deal on a New Workbench

I'm in the market for a new garage workbench, and these two picks just might do the trick.

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For someone who uses his garage and spare bedroom for both hobbies and work, I am tragically unorganized. There’s a single car in a two-car garage with the rest of it looking more like a storage unit than a space for any sort of productivity. The spare bedroom isn’t much better, although the workbench in there, does get used for 3D printing and the occasional radio-controlled car/plane repair. But my wife is a little tired of the kitchen counter, which apparently was designed for cookie construction, getting called into service for various projects.

Clearly, I need a nice big workbench in the garage. If you’re in the same boat, you’ll be pleased to know that both Home Depot and Lowe’s just happen to have some awesome sales going on.

Husky 6 ft. Adjustable Height Solid Wood Top Workbench for $359.20

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This workbench from Home Depot is a leading contender in my search for a better work surface. It’s six feet long, two feet deep, and is adjustable in height from 28 to 42 inches—which at max height might still be a little lower than I would like, admittedly. Kitchen counters are usually right around 36 inches, for reference. I’m 6-foot-3, so 42 inches is about the minimum I’m considering. Usually $449, it’s marked down to $359.20 right now, with home delivery fees depending on your zip code.

The bench is rated to hold 3,000 pounds, but I’m not sure I would stand next to it with a Honda Civic parked on the “solid wood top.” I looked at one of these in the store before the holidays and it seems pretty stable for most projects. Employees may shoot some side-eye if you’re pushing and pulling on the floor sample, but they won’t say anything. The legs are formed out of 24 gauge steel, which isn’t super thick, but it’ll be plenty strong for what I’m doing. Husky also sells cabinets that will fit underneath for more storage, and that’s fine if you never intend to sit with your knees underneath it like a desk. If you need to spread out even more, there’s also an 8-foot version for $464.

Gladiator 8 Foot Hardwood Adjustable Height Workbench for $479.99

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This is a very similar bench to the Husky above, but is from Gladiator, which is Lowe’s equivalent. It’s eight feet long, two feet and one inch deep, and is height adjustable from 27.5 to 40.1 inches. It’s also rated at 3,000 pounds of load-bearing capacity, but it’s only available with the steel components in white powder coat. No matter: its $479.99 sale price is a solid 20% off the usual $599.99 sticker.

There is also a six foot version available here but it isn’t currently on sale. I like the white, and if it were going inside my house, I think that would be an option. Being two inches shorter than the Husky probably won’t matter for most, though it is sort of a deal breaker for me. I should point out, neither of benches give you the option of installing casters, if that matters to you. Pick it up in a local store, or at least in my zip code, home delivery is free.

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