The Best Garage Storage Systems: Get Your Workspace Organized

Unclutter your workspace.

Best Overall

NewAge 14-piece pro series cabinet set review

NewAge Products 10-Cabinet Garage Storage System

Best Budget

Husky 5-Tier Industrial Duty Steel Shelving

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Working in a righteous mess of a garage sucks. Straight up, it can make any project seem like it’s Homer’s Odyssey—never-ending. But your working space doesn’t need to be an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive if you get yourself right with a garage storage system. These vary in price and scale, but all do the same thing. Clean up your mess and make your garage the envy of your neighborhood. That will make every project you get into far more enjoyable, and it might even inspire you to clean up those other spaces you’ve been neglecting—we’re all guilty of it.

But with so many available, how do you decide which is right for you? How do you find the best system for your garage and your projects? Easy, you start with The Drive’s editors and our selection of the best garage systems on the market. Let’s dive in. 

Summary List

Our Methodology 

I’ve used both industrial and commercial-grade garage storage systems throughout my life, including when I worked for a local Parks Department in my hometown. It was way less Parks & Rec than I would’ve liked. 

But during those years, I’ve built and used countless systems, and I’ve developed a knack for figuring out what works, what doesn’t, and what you should avoid like the plague. My recommendations here are based on hands-on testing, years of experience, and more. What’s the more? GUT, that’s what. 

But really, the more is hands-on testing from trusted colleagues. Time to show you what I’ve picked. 

Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall: NewAge Products 10-Cabinet Garage Storage System

Our man Hank has been putting the NewAge Products garage storage system through its paces, and has a lot to say about it so far. But the main point is that it’s likely the best garage storage system for the average consumer. 

“I am a sucker for the thick industrial paint and soft close hinges and drawers, as those two elements work together to create the feeling that you’re working with a quality piece of equipment,” says Hank, adding, “Pair that with the red and black color combo, and the bamboo bench top I selected, and it totally transforms the vibes of my workshop. Rather than feeling like a mechanic making due with the run-of-the-mill home garage, I actually have a space dedicated to my craft and the working process is much more enjoyable. 

As for that bamboo workbench, it’s where the vast majority of my experience with the system has been and I’m overall pretty happy with it. My only gripes have to do with the gap between the wall and the bench itself, which has more to do with my garage and not this system. It’s not a major issue, though, as I can eventually add in a slat wall to tidy everything up while covering the gap. Everything’s sturdy and easily accessible, and I can work much more fluidly than I did with the old rickety bench.

The sheer size of the workbench is a major upgrade too, as it measures 112 inches in length. It’s awesome. The only thing I want to add is some lighting, which won’t be a problem thanks to predrilled holes along the bottoms of the overhead cabinets for that very purpose.”

It isn’t the priciest, but nor is it something that most can use pocket change to splurge on. At the time of writing, Hank’s system costs $2,099, which is quite a bit, but again, you’re getting versatility and capability that spans your entire back wall. 

Best Value: Husky 5-Tier Industrial Duty Steel Shelving

I actually put together this shelving system for my brother-in-law, and that experience, plus my experience with the system when I used to work for Home Depot back in the day, is why it’s on this list. 

It took me all of 20 minutes to set up this Husky system and only required a single tool: a dead-blow hammer. It’s literally that easy. But what sets this system apart isn’t just its ease of setup, but also its stunning payload capacity—9,000 pounds—as well as its adjustability, different size options, and solid price-point—just $429 at the time of writing. That’s a set of features that you just can’t beat in terms of getting organized on a budget. There are also two different colors.

What I will say is that these shelves, though you can get different sizes, are pretty one-size-fits-all, as there aren’t as many options or variations as you’ll find in the other brands on this list. That said, to just get your garage looking better and better organized, this budget option is the best around.

Honorable Mention: Levrack

If you haven’t checked out my Initial Impressions, do so, I’m way more eloquent there. But for those that fail to click the link, here’s the basis of why this Levrack system is so damn awesome. 

“Levrack’s options are incredibly varied and there are a host of variations in the design which help you custom-fit the company’s systems to your specific garage. There are different crossbeam lengths, different upright heights, and even different configurations. So many so that I got onto the phone with Levrack’s Ryan Stauffer who walked through what could be done, and asked me what I wanted out of the space and for the system to do. He then had me measure my space, both in terms of height, length, and width, and we put together a basic plan that Levrack would then build out using the brand’s 3-D modeling software. Levrack then sent over both a 3D model, as well as a CAD design of my custom system—an offering available to all of Levrack’s customers—after our talk and showed me what would be built specifically for me.”

The whole system slides to and fro via a rail system mounted in the crossbeams, each of which holds a cabinet that’s perfect for whatever you want. There are drawer accessories, and slat walls, baskets, hangers, and more. It’s customizable in terms of length, width, and height. And you can get 4-foot or 8-foot workbenches, along with lights and more. It’s the end-all, be-all garage storage system. 

It is, however, the most expensive on this list. However, as I stated in my initial impressions, you won’t find anything else that even comes close to being able to beat it in terms of sheer durability, capability, or adaptability. If you want an ultimate garage, you get the ultimate garage storage system, i.e. Levrack’s.

Best Tool Chest: Icon Professional 73-Inch x 25-Inch Professional Roll Cab

While full storage systems with cabinets or rolling cabinets or ceiling-mounted shelves are great, not everyone needs a full storage system to get their garage looking great. Sometimes, you just need a rolling tool chest. And in that space, what you want is Harbor Freight’s Icon Professional rolling tool chest.

Yes, there are others available. Snap-On and even Husky both come to mind. But that Snap-On chest that you’ll spend the same amount of money as the Levrack system is also likely built on the same line as the Husky, i.e. not worth its weight in gold. What you want is something more in line with the Icon, so it doesn’t break the bank, but still has the durability and quality that you’d expect from a professional tool chest. And that’s what it offers.

The 73-inch chest here comes in four colors, an 8,000-pound capacity, 20 drawers, a couple of different workspaces, electrical outlets, and a suspension system that lifts the entire system up a few inches for better access. It also has a lifetime warranty, which is pretty stellar in this space. The Icon Pro Series isn’t inexpensive, as at the time of writing, it costs $3,000. But for what you’re getting, it’s solid. 

Best Overhead Storage: Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage

I could go into the many great aspects of having your storage off the floor, but you should already be aware of those. No mice, no water, no taking up valuable garage floor real estate. It’s the go-to for anyone with mechanical toys like motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, or kids’ bikes. And Fleximounts is one of the best. 

Able to hang from your ceiling, the system easily mounts to your roof’s crossbeams for better load distribution and support. It’s also the cheapest storage system on this list, as at the time of writing it’ll only set you back a measly $189 for the 4×8 version, though others, including 2-packs, are also available. 

What more could you ask for? Well, if I were in charge of the design, I’d include some type of fold-up ladder in a similar vein as most rooftop tents. But that’s really my only gripe with this type of system.  

Our Verdict

Whichever you pick, you’ll be happy with your purchase. But if you’re looking to get a full storage system, any of the top three—NewAge Products, Husky, or Levrack’s options—will serve your garage, and you, faithfully. 

What to Look For

Here’s what you need to know. 


How much storage space do you need, and do you need extra weight capacity to hold larger, heavier items? Those are questions you’ll have to ask yourself, as they’ll lead you from one type of storage system to another. Speaking of…


The style of storage system will vary depending on your garage, needs, and budget. You can go for ceiling-mounted storage to a system like Levrack’s or even just a really nice rolling tool chest. Pick whichever is best for you. 


You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to garage storage. Simple shelving or overhead ceiling storage will cost under $500, but if you go for a full system, that’ll set you back up to $10,000. 


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers. 

What chemicals should not be stored in the garage?

So long as you take the necessary precautions, you can store whatever you want in your garage. Obviously, gasoline, propane, and other combustible materials make it more dangerous to store improperly, but other chemicals can lead to premature rust of your shelving if you don’t store them properly either. 

Whatever you want to store, look up how to store it properly first. 

Do steel garage cabinets rust?

They can if they’re not treated correctly or cleaned when solvents or water spill onto them. It’ll also depend on how thick your shelving’s paint and protection is from the factory. 

How deep should garage shelves be?

That depends on the brand and depends on what you select, as you can get deep or shallow shelves to better fit whatever space you need them to go into.


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