Milkcrates Aren’t Working, So Score a Deal on New Garage Storage

You don’t need more tools. You just need to be able to find the ones you already have.

byAaron Cole|
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The two ways of guaranteeing I’ll never find anything again are: firing something into a black hole; or, putting it in my garage. Stacked shelves, taller than I am, have tools and equipment I’ve never seen or needed; the 10 mm socket or leaf blower I do need might as well be in the Bermuda Triangle. My organization skills range from “poor” to “Detroit Lions,” but there’s help. NewAge Products’ range of cabinets, shelves, wall mounts, and overhead storage racks are a good place to turn and—lucky for us—are on sale now. Before I condemn another set of pliers to a lifetime of getting used only once, here’s some stuff I actually need first. 

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