Save Big On Suspension Parts To Get The Most From Driving Season

Get discounts on some of my favorite brands of suspension components to improve performance.

byMichael Febbo|
Save Big On Suspension Parts To Get The Most From Driving Season


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In my three decades of car ownership, my current VW Tiguan is the only car I've ever owned without suspension modifications. That's probably about to change, because I've been looking around and found some deals on parts that are worth pulling the trigger on. But, like everyone should do before buying anything, I have to decide on goals and what I want and exactly what the final outcome should be.

I've modified cars for a lot of different purposes, both personally and in my professional life. I owned a 911 for many years, and it was slowly transformed from my daily driver into a track day car with a full cage. My MK7 GTI started life as a project car for my magazine, but turned into a daily driver for my wife that was still faster around a race track than an e90 M3. The Bilstein PSS10 coilver kit I used on that car is on sale right now at Tire Rack and includes free shipping. That last bit makes it a steal, as lightweight coilovers are surprisingly heavy. Tire Rack is also running deals on KYB products, which I had on an MK4 GTI I built to enjoy days in Southern California's canyons. You can also land some savings on the Koni dampers, like the Special Active Shocks I used on an e46 M3 project, which made it a little more comfortable for daily driving without sacrificing handling.

When I bought my Tiguan, I told myself I would leave it stock and just use it as a vehicle I didn't care about. I'm almost five years into ownership, and I'm losing the ability to ignore my loathing of driving a crossover. I have two options for goals: lean into the fact that it's a lifted plastic-clad station wagon and lower the thing, or since I am off the pavement a few times a month, make it a little more off-road capable. My only options for lifting my over-inflated Golf are either lifting springs or spacers. But in my search for off-road suspension upgrades, I stumbled across a $200 rebate on Superlift products from Real Truck, which you four-wheeling nuts should know about—Yeah, the reason for not having parts for my Tiguan is right there in the name.

Lower your car 1.0-1.17 inches with adjustable damping.
This won't fit my CUV, but take advantage of the rebate at Real Truck