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Big Discounts On My Favorite MOMO Steering Wheels And Shift Knobs at Amazon

Whether I’m on track or driving to the store, I want a car that talks to me. Touch points improve the conversation.

byMichael Febbo|
Big Discounts On My Favorite MOMO Steering Wheels And Shift Knobs at Amazon


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Putting this deals post together was a walk down memory lane for me. I've been using MOMO steering wheels and shift knobs almost as long as I've been driving. It was a little bit painful to think about cars I wish I hadn't sold. What really twists the knife realizing that I should have at least removed the wheel and shift knob before selling. My first MOMO Race Airleather Shift Knob was in my 911. It had a Cavallino steering wheel and Daytona seats. A driver's interface with the car is incredibly undervalued in the tuning world. Anyway, those all went with the car. And, from what I've heard, the guy that bought it took out the cage, all the Momo stuff and restored it back to a factory correct 911SC.

MOMO Millenium - A great wheel for driving. I always intended to do something about the chrome. This photo was taken before I had removed the dash mat and the adhesive holding it down.

When I was working on my MK4 GTI project, I first put in this ridiculous solid aluminum shift knob. It was way too heavy and bigger around than a baseball; looked cool, but sucked to use. When I received an airbag recall notice on the car, and found out it was on indefinite backorder, I took that as a sign from the Universe. Not only did I install a Momo Millenium Evo wheel, it seemed cool at the time, but I took the opportunity to get another Race Airleather. Both of them elevated the driving experience in ways that many of the other more expensive modifications I did to the car couldn't compare. Again, I left both in the car when I sold it. I'm not as broken up about the wheel as I am about he shift knob.

I've used MOMOs in almost all of my cars that either predated airbags or were used on track. The MOMO Prototipo Heritage Steering Wheel is another of my favorites. This particular model uses distressed leather; I have mixed feelings. The patina look is way overused at this point. But if you have a car with legitimate decades-worn leather, this will match a lot better than a wheel with a covering that looks like it came off the cow yesterday. I had the original, and while it doesn't have all the ergonomic shaping of other wheels, it's still immensely comfortable for hours of hard driving.

All of the wheels posted here are 350mm diameter, which is the size I'd choose for most cars. I've used much smaller wheels. They're great for race cars, especially if you're in something that literally only has the space for a 320 or even a 300mm. These also have varying dish, kind of like wheel offset. It's the distance from the mounting face of the wheel behind the rim, so a higher dish wheel will be closer to you. The MOMO MOD 07 wheel has a lot of dish, 72mm. Make sure you want that before ordering. If you buy a wheel without enough dish, you can use spacers to move it closer to you. It's nearly impossible to more the wheel further away. Also, suede and alcantara are both great, for race cars, when you will be wearing gloves. They aren't great for a daily driver.

If you take care of a MOMO, it'll probably outlast your car. There are many aftermarket steering wheels I would never consider using, MOMO is one of the few I would recommend.

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