Some of My Favorite Detailing Products I’ve Tested Are On Sale Now at Amazon and Chemical Guys

I’m not a detailing enthusiast, but I do use them for a living. So if I like them, you know they’re easy to use

byMichael Febbo|
Some of My Favorite Detailing Products I’ve Tested Are On Sale Now at Amazon and Chemical Guys


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I will take driving a car over detailing one any day of the week. To put it simply, my car isn't gracing the perfectly manicured grass at a golf course to have a judge run his white-gloved finger inside my wheel wells to see if I'm a competent owner. But, I've been testing every kind of car cleaning, polishing, shining, waxing, sealing, and buffing product you can imagine for years. Companies would literally send over every product they made by the pallet-full. I love the look of a beautifully detailed car, but over the years I've started prioritizing results vs time, and my favorite products help meet that goal. That's why I've rounded a collection of products that will give great results with minimal work with the bonus of currently being available at a discount.

To start, if you are new to detailing or have a cabinet full of old products, you can start with an entire kit like Meguiar's complete car care kit for $90, which saves you $23 off the normal price. This kit covers inside and out, you just need to add water. Speaking of, if you don't currently have that either, this Infixiso 75-foot kink-free flexible car wash hose is a pretty good option for $40.41, even if, like me, you remember when a garden hose was like 10 bucks. Besides Meguiar's, we also have deals from Chemical Guys, like the Mr. Pink Foam Party Express wash and detail bundle for $29.99. I've just tested this car wash along with a new foam cannon and if you like spray on, hose off, this is for you.

There a plenty more killer detailing products to save on. Check the list below. There's something for everyone down there.

From Amazon. Regular Price: $112.47

From Chemical Guys. Regular Price: $140.99