Best Steering Wheel Knobs: Our Top Picks for Relaxed Driving

Summon your inner ’80s private detective.

byJonathon Klein|
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BYJonathon Klein/ LAST UPDATED ON May 18, 2023

Known as a Brodie knob, suicide spinner, knuckle buster, or wheel spinner, a universal steering wheel knob is one of those super fun add-ons that make driving easier. While these are more common on John Deere tractors, semis, and 1970s Cadillacs in '80s cop shows, a steering wheel knob can be a useful driving aid, even one with modern-day power steering. But in a sea of drop-ship crap across Amazon, how do you pick one that isn't going to fall off into your hands and see you careen into the ahead light pole?

Easy, you stick with The Drive's expert staff and listen to our picks. So let's get to giving you the tools to make a sick J-turn, err, regular old turn... Yep, that's it.

Our Methodology

I could've thrown a ton of different knobs into this list, as the internet is littered with them. I didn't. Why, because most of the steering wheel knobs on sale today are utter trash. They're cheap plastic, fake chrome, and have even worse hardware that all but ensures you'll be driving down the road one day, grab the knob to make an easy turn, and it falls off the wheel sending you into whatever is in front of you.

This is why I went for just two steering wheel knob picks from the hundreds available online. Let me explain why.

Best Steering Wheel Knobs Reviews & Recommendations

Of all the options available, the AproFamily steering wheel knob is the best available. It mimics the classic Brodie knob design, with a wood handle, and quality hardware, but doesn't break the bank. Made in South Korea, the wood handle won't get hot sitting out in the sun like some of the chrome metal or black knobs will, and gives the whole design a classic look that's undeniably cool. A rubber insert keeps your steering wheel from getting scratched up, while built in bearings keep the knob spinning freely. It also comes in three different designs, including the Bright colorway above, as well as Dark Wine and Black, letting you customize your interior to your liking. At the time of writing, it's just $18.90 which isn't the least expensive Brodie knob available. However, for what you're getting, including the quality of the knob, it's not a bad price. That said, a few folks have said the knob itself is on the small side for them, while others have mentioned that you may need to remove that rubber insert in order to install it on steering wheels that are thicker than others. Still, it's the best available.



Good hardware



May have to remove the rubber insert for fitment

Knob might be a bit small for some

If for whatever reason the AproFamily steering wheel knob is unavailable or you just want a classic design, then RoadPro's 8-Ball steering wheel knob will be a great addition to your steering wheel. Clearly, the makers of this Brodie knob were looking to the past with its 8-Ball design that used to be so prevalent. But don't mistake this to be all looks, no substance, as the RoadPro has quality materials throughout. A metal housing with rubber insert keeps everything secure, while metal hardware locks the steering wheel knob in place no matter the wheel. The ball itself is painted, so it shouldn't get hot while sitting on your wheel directly in the sun, too. And the whole unit weighs just 7.2 ounces, which should mean it won't sag as many other heavier offerings tend to do when they're used consistently. And at the time of writing, it costs just $15.75, thanks to a healthy discount. What's not to love? Well, there are a few things you should be aware of, as a few folks have reported that it can squeak. And like the knob above, you may need to remove the inner rubber insert to fit around thicker steering wheels.


Classic design

Large knob

Quality hardware


Reported squeaks

May have to remove rubber insert to fit

What Features to Look For With a Steering Wheel Knob

Installation Mount

Depending on the type of knob you choose, installation can take seconds or several minutes. Some require some adjustment to ensure that they don’t slip on the steering wheel, which can be dangerous if you’re driving when it happens. Other knobs have a snap-on design and/or adhesive tape that doesn’t require screws or tools for easy installation.


While you can get one for under $10, don't. They're cheap plastic and absolutely will break on you, especially if you use them on larger vehicles. But don't worry, you won't have to spend more than $20 on a good one.


You've got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q: Are they hard to remove or reposition?

A: Installation varies depending on the type of knob you purchase. Some manufacturers require screws for their products, while others use a simpler snap-on attachment.

Q: Can I use a knob on a leather steering wheel?

A: Some spinner knobs are better for leather steering wheels than others. Some include protective pads that prevent the steering wheel from getting scratched or dented.

Q: Are they illegal in certain states? 

A: The name “suicide knob” might make it sound like it’s against the law to use steering wheel knobs. None of the 50 states, however, have statutes that ban their use. A few states even require handicapped individuals to use a steering aid of some type. Some vehicles that transport particular materials, however, are not allowed to use steering wheel knobs.

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