Best Steering Wheel Knobs: Our Top Picks for Relaxed Driving

The best steering wheel knobs for your car, truck, SUV, boat, or tractor.

byAustin Fracchia, Noelle Talmon| UPDATED Sep 3, 2020 2:25 PM
Best Steering Wheel Knobs: Our Top Picks for Relaxed Driving

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BYAustin Fracchia, Noelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ON September 3, 2020

Known as a Brodie knob, suicide spinner, knuckle buster, or wheel spinner, a universal steering wheel knob is a great add-on that offers an easy way to drive with a single hand safely. Common on machines like John Deere tractors, this device is a useful driving aid if you make a lot of turns in a vehicle, even one with modern-day power steering. Read on to learn about the best steering wheel knobs on the market.

Best Overall
AutoMuko Silicone Power Handle

AutoMuko Silicone Power Handle

This steering wheel knob is compatible with most vehicles and has a low profile, requiring you to use it with your palm.
It takes just seconds to install the knob, and no tools or screws are required. It's less likely to leave a mark on the steering wheel as well.
The knob may not be compatible with older models or padded steering wheels. The spinner head may pop off over time and can be hard to hold on rough terrain.
Best Value

BL-G Silicon Black Power Handle

This knob is made of silicon and metal and fits onto most standard steering wheels. Pads and rubber inserts are included for a better fit.
The device is comfortable and has a sturdy grip. It offers a smooth operation and has several washers for the attachment clamp to fit various vehicles.
Installation can be tricky, particularly using the Phillips screws. The logo and color may fade or peel off. Occasional adjustments may be required.
Honorable Mention

United Pacific 70108 Wheel Spinner

An aluminum knob with zinc-plated brackets that is meant for heavy-duty vehicles and features a tall shaft for better steering control.
The knob attaches to the center of the wheel and rotates smoothly, offering a full range of movement in tight spots.
Longer attachment bolts may be required for installation on a large steering wheel. The mounting clamp may also need to be modified.

Why Buy a Steering Wheel Knob? 

  • Use only one arm. It is very challenging to maneuver a vehicle with a single arm using a car steering wheel. A steering knob is a tool that enables you to keep a hold of the wheel and move in a smooth motion with less stress with the right or left hand. The large, gear shift like knob offers plenty of surface space.
  • Drive with a physical disability or health issue. Some health problems, such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, tendonitis, or nerve damage, may make seemingly simple tasks difficult to perform. Steering wheel knobs can improve your hand control and quality of life by making driving easier since you can move the wheel with less strength.
  • Maneuver a vehicle in small spaces. One of the only times where driving gets problematic, it's challenging to move a car or truck around a parking lot or other areas with limited space. A steering wheel assist knob makes the job less difficult by turning the wheel more quickly with a single hand than with two.
  • Drive on narrow, unpaved roads. Steering knobs make it simpler to make U-turns on single-lane or gravel roads. They're also a great aid on country roads where steering may be strenuous.
  • Back up larger vehicles. Sticking your fingers through the spokes of a steering wheel can be uncomfortable, especially if you routinely drive a large truck. A steering wheel knob can help you avoid sore digits by keeping your hand in front of the wheel at all times.

Types of Steering Wheel Knobs

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Traditional Steering Wheel Knobs

These knobs are generally round or oval in shape and are meant to be gripped by the hand as if holding a ball. Some are even rectangular in shape and are easy to grip like a joystick.

Low-Profile, Flat Knobs

This type of steering wheel knob lies flat against the wheel and moves using the palm of the hand. These knobs don’t jut out as much as others and are maneuvered in a slightly different way than traditional knobs due to their size and shape.

Top Brands

United Pacific Industries

United Pacific has been in operation for over 30 years and designs, manufactures, and supplies automotive products to owners of heavy-duty trucks and classic cars. Its aim is to provide customers with excellent performance and good value. One of their novelty knobs is the Hot Rod Chrome Billet Gun Barrel Steering Wheel Spinner.


RoadPro has nearly 50 years of experience creating products, including truck and auto supplies, that are meant to keep consumers safe and comfortable while on the road. RoadPro Brands is a division of DAS Companies, Inc. and got its start by designing quality CB accessories. One of its most popular products is the RoadPro RP-70100 Chrome Steering Wheel Spinner Knob.


  • Under $10: Steering wheel knobs that fall into this price range are often low-quality and less durable than those that cost just a few dollars more.
  • $11 to $20: You can find a variety of knobs on the market in this price range for sedans, SUVs, trucks, tractors, and boats.
  • Over $20: A select few knobs are pricier, often because they have better materials or special designs that make them more visually appealing.

Key Features

Installation Mount

Depending on the type of knob you choose, installation can take seconds or several minutes. Some require some adjustment to ensure that they don’t slip on the steering wheel, which can be dangerous if you’re driving when it happens. Other knobs have a snap-on design and/or adhesive tape that doesn’t require screws or tools for easy installation.

Other Considerations

  • Finish: Knob spinners are made of a variety of high-quality materials, including stainless steel, plastic, and glass. It’s important you choose one that is appropriate for your vehicle and comfortable in your hand. Metal, for example, may get hot in the sun. Plastic may not be as comfortable as other materials. Spinner wheel knobs with logos may also wear over time.  
  • Fit: Make sure the knob fits onto the wheel. Some knobs work better with softer wheel surfaces. There are also knobs that are geared towards steering wheels with a thicker- and wider-than-average build. These feature bigger clamps. Not all knobs are one size fits all. Importantly, the fit shouldn't interfere with the airbag in the car steering wheel.

Best Steering Wheel Knobs Reviews & Recommendations 2020

The AutoMuko Silicone Power Handle is compatible with most sedans, trucks, sport-utility vehicles, and vans. The knob is made of sturdy, durable ABS plastic and silicone for prolonged use. It takes just seconds to set up, and no tools are required for its three-step installation process.

The snap-on design makes installation very simple with no screws required. The knob itself has a low profile that’s flatter than some other products on the market, so you're less likely to hit your wrist on the knob when turning the wheel. The surface feels more like leather than hard plastic. Since it takes seconds to change its position, it's less likely to leave a permanent mark on modern steering wheels.

It may be difficult using the knob on an older vehicle without a padded steering wheel. The spinner head can also pop off the handle after several months of use or during bumpy driving conditions. Because it has a low profile, it sometimes may be hard to hold, and the fingers may become entangled in the steering wheel.

The BL-G Silicon Power Handle, made of silicon and metal, is simple to install and can fit on most standard steering wheels. The knob includes pads, to prevent an indentation from forming on the steering wheel, and two rubber inserts of different thicknesses for tight mounting.

The knob is sturdy, has a really nice grip, and is comfortable to use. The bearings inside move smoothly, making operation effortless. The product includes several washers to make the attachment clamp compatible with steering wheels in various types of vehicles.

One downside is the knob can be difficult to mount tightly onto the wheel. The locking mechanism uses a Phillips screw, which may not get the mount tight enough to secure the knob to the wheel. The logo and color may eventually fade or peel off as well. Finally, the instructions are in a foreign language, but they include graphics that demonstrate how to install the device. 

If you're looking for a chrome steering wheel spinner knob, this one from RoadPro is a great option. The knob is designed to spin smoothly and makes it much easier to turn your steering wheel in your truck or RV. It's heavy-duty, feels comfortable, and is designed with a 3/8-inch post.

The knob comes with two brackets and is designed to fit most steering wheels. It’s also easy to mount. Users praise its solid and rugged craftsmanship as well as its smooth action. The well-made product makes parking, maneuvering a big rig, and taking tight turns much easier. Essentially, it takes you where you need to go without issues.

However, some users have needed to make modifications to the knob to get it to fit correctly. Also, it's not designed for large, padded steering wheels, so most users install them on smaller-diameter wheels.

The Type S steering wheel spinner knob by Winplus is designed to make driving easier. Simply mount it to the steering wheel, and turn and maneuver the vehicle as required. The device is easy to install and comes with a heavy-duty clamp as well as a cushion insert to protect the steering wheel. Installation instructions are included.

The knob features a universal design, so it's compatible with most vehicles, and the mounting hardware fits the steering wheel tightly. The product is very popular with users who have shoulder issues because making large movements can be painful with that type of injury. It's well-made and quiet. There's also space for your fingertips to spin the knob without them getting caught on the clamp as you steer.

Unfortunately, part of the spinner, including the logo cap, may start to fall apart after a short period of use. There have also been some complaints that it squeaks and has a tendency to wobble.

This steering wheel spinner is available in three colors: black, bright, and dark wine. Made in Korea, it features a luxurious design that makes it stand out compared to a lot of competing products. The knob features soft and quiet built-in bearings, feels comfortable in your hand, and is simple to mount.

This wooden-style spinner is heavy, well-built, and attractive-looking. It fits tightly, doesn't rattle, and turns smoothly. The knob is a great option if you want to easily get in and out of tight spaces or back up a trailer. Users also compliment its shape because you can use a variety of grips instead of just the palm or fingers.

One downside is that it may not fit using the rubber insert that’s supplied with it. There have been some complaints that the spinner is made of acrylic, not actual wood. It's also a little pricey compared to some rival products.

This steering wheel spinner knob has a universal fit, so it works on a variety of cars, trucks, farm equipment, boats, golf carts, and more. The knob is very durable and made of metal alloy, ABS, and rubber material, and it resembles wood grain. It's quick and easy to install and is designed for truck drivers, elderly drivers, disabled drivers, and those with wrist pain.

It's much easier to turn and control your vehicle with this product. Even though it's smooth plastic and not actually wood, it looks nice. The installation instructions are very clear and straightforward, and overall it's a very good product for the price. The materials are also good-quality, and it works as advertised.

However, you may need an extra piece of rubber or an additional washer to make it fit better on your steering wheel. The mounting bracket may not be the right size for certain vehicles, and some users scrape their knuckles on the bracket while turning.

This silver-colored steering wheel spinner knob is designed for wheels that are one inch wide or less with a depth of 1.4 inches or less. It will not fit over a steering wheel cover but is designed for a variety of vehicles, boats, tractors, and lawn mowers. The knob is comfortable and designed to minimize pain and fatigue.

When you put your hand on this knob, there is little to no gap between your palm and the handle. The device is quick and easy to install, and all tools are included. It feels smooth, spins well, and holds up well over time. It also sits directly on top of the steering wheel, so the leverage is just right. Overall, making quick, tight turns is easy.

However, this knob is better suited to vehicles with smaller steering wheels, so make sure to measure your wheel in advance for a proper fit. It may also be too low-profile for some users.

The Polar Snow Products deluxe steering wheel knob fits a variety of different vehicles, including cars, trucks, tractors, and forklifts. It comes with three different-sized screws, so installation is a cinch. It's designed for steering wheels that are 0.5 to 1.75 inches in diameter, and all hardware and tools are included for assembly.

The company backs up its knob with a satisfaction guarantee if you're unhappy with its product. The knob operates smoothly and grips the steering wheel well. It fits and feels nice in your hand and isn't too small. Overall, it's very sturdy and makes tight turns easy to execute.  It's also very solid and doesn't wobble.

There are very few downsides reported with this product. However, the threads may strip if you're not careful, and you may want to use it at slower speeds, especially when docking.

Tips & Advice for Steering Wheel Knobs

  • Carefully select the spot where you mount the knob onto the steering wheel. If you put it on the top, it may bump into your wrist when you turn the wheel. The sides are better, but the bottom may be best if you have a severe handicap. 
  • Test drive your vehicle with the knob after installation to make sure it's tight enough so it won’t slip on the wheel while you’re driving in traffic.
  • Practice using the knob in a parking lot or secluded area so you can get comfortable using it on the wheel. 
  • Adjust your seat to a practical length from the steering wheel so you can complete a 360-degree turn without elbowing yourself in the stomach.


Q: Are they hard to remove or reposition?

A: Installation varies depending on the type of knob you purchase. Some manufacturers require screws for their products, while others use a simpler snap-on attachment.

Q: Can I use a knob on a leather steering wheel?

A: Some spinner knobs are better for leather steering wheels than others. Some include protective pads that prevent the steering wheel from getting scratched or dented.

Q: Are they illegal in certain states? 

A: The name “suicide knob” might make it sound like it’s against the law to use steering wheel knobs. None of the 50 states, however, have statutes that ban their use. A few states even require handicapped individuals to use a steering aid of some type. Some vehicles that transport particular materials, however, are not allowed to use steering wheel knobs.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best steering wheel knob is the AutoMuko Silicone Power Handle. It can be used in most cars, trucks, and other vehicles. The knob is comfortable for extended periods of time and easy to install.

If you're looking for something less pricey, consider the BL-G Silicon Power Handle instead.