Best Driving Gloves: Increase Your Driving Style and Performance

Improve your driving and style with these amazing driving gloves.

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BY Noelle Talmon / LAST UPDATED ON April 16, 2021

A good pair of driving gloves can make a big difference when it comes to steering control. That's why you see professional race car drivers wearing them. If you drive for long periods of time, driving gloves can reduce vibrations and prevent blisters from forming. They also protect the steering wheel from breaking down and keep your hands warm in colder weather. 

There are many reasons why a high-quality pair of driving gloves will change your driving experience for the better. Check out some of the top options in our guide below.

Best Overall
ELMA Luxury Italian Nappa Leather Driving Gloves

Definitely the best driving gloves in the world, with amazing quality and a great design without an outrageous price tag.

  • Made from premium Italian leather
  • Come with multiple lining choices including cashmere
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Excellent grip
  • Very warm leather driving gloves, but bad for warm weather
  • Not all linings are available with every color option
Best Overall
ELMA Luxury Italian Nappa Leather Driving Gloves
Best Value
VBG VBIGER Winter Touch Screen Driving Gloves

One of the best driving gloves for winter, these anti-slip polyester gloves are a great option at a very affordable price.

  • Made with premium materials
  • Great for cold weather
  • Compatible with touchscreens
  • Much less expensive than competitors.
  • These aren’t traditional driving gloves
  • Lining makes it bad for warm weather areas
Best Value
VBG VBIGER Winter Touch Screen Driving Gloves
Honorable Mention
Riparo Motorsports Men's Fingerless Leather Gloves

The best thin driving gloves, you will be pleased with the grip without having to deal with the overly warm lining that other options use.

  • Ideal summer driving gloves
  • Made from premium leather
  • Giant range of color and style options
  • Best option for fingerless gloves
  • These cool driving gloves aren’t good for cold weather
  • Fingerless design isn’t as elegant as other driving glove options
Honorable Mention
Riparo Motorsports Men's Fingerless Leather Gloves

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Benefits of Driving Gloves

  • Grip. When you drive, it's critical that you have control over your steering wheel. Driving gloves were initially designed to provide superior grip, and they can increase performance when you're on the road.
  • Warmth. It can be uncomfortable to drive in a cold vehicle on your way to work or to run errands. A high-quality pair of driving gloves are lined to keep the heat in, so your hands stay warm.
  • Airflow. If you live in a warmer climate, you can opt for traditional driving gloves that are perforated and breathable, so your hands are less likely to sweat.
  • Style. If you want to make a statement in your sports car, a nice pair of driving gloves will help you do so. Many are classy and elegantly designed, depending on which style you choose.
  • Cleanliness. A sticky steering wheel is no fun, and it can also be a magnet for germs. You can protect it by wearing driving gloves and keeping your hands from making contact with the surface.

Types of Driving Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

Often associated with motorcycles, fingerless gloves are one of the most popular types of driving gloves. They are typically made of leather, which covers from above your knuckles to the top of your wrist. These are popular because they offer full dexterity while still giving grip and protection for the palms of your hands.

Cold-Weather Gloves

Perhaps more similar to what you'd expect from conventional gloves, winter driving gloves cover your whole hand. They are typically made out of genuine leather and come in a selection of different colors. The feature that makes them most suitable for winter is the lining. The interior of the gloves is lined with materials such as wool or cashmere to keep your hands warm during the harshest of winters.

Traditional Driving Gloves

As far as style and materials, traditional driving gloves land in between fingerless gloves and cold weather gloves. Traditional gloves are also made with genuine leather, however, they do not have any kind of lining (making them more suitable for warm weather). They are full-fingered and sometimes feature perforated leather or knuckle holes. 

Top Brands

Pratt and Hart

Pratt and Hart is a glove manufacturer that is synonymous with high quality and exceptional value. It is headquartered in California and utilizes online retailers to distribute their products. Some of its bestsellers are the Pratt and Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves and Pratt and Hart Men's Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves.

Fantastic Zone

Known for making sporting equipment, this company has grown into a worldwide manufacturer in its two decades of production. It sells a very popular Winter Driving Glove that is both non-slip and touchscreen compatible. 

Riparo Motorsports

Riparo Motorsports is a family-owned business based in the Pacific Northwest. It produces a multitude of leather products like driving gloves, motorcycle gloves, and other riding gear. It offers a wide range of premium Warm Weather Gloves and Winter Driving Gloves.


A relatively newer company, this California startup has made a name for itself in the past few years. As one of the most popular driving gloves that consistently get great driving gloves reviews, the Harrms Genuine Leather Gloves for Driving is also more affordable than other premium options.


Since 1950, Reed has been designing sportswear, outerwear, motorcycle gear, and more, including driving gloves. The company has also been recognized with the "American Designer Award" by the Leather Industries of America. We recommend the Reed Men's Genuine Leather Warm Lined Driving Gloves.

Driving Gloves Pricing

  • Under $20: Driving gloves in this price range are often made of polyester. You can wear some brands in the winter, and they're usually stretchy to accommodate different sizes. However, they are not as high quality as some more premium options, so they may not last as long
  • $20 to $60: If you want a pair of high-quality leather gloves, expect to pay a bit more money. Those on the higher end of the spectrum are often insulated for colder temps or include ventilation for warm-weather wear. 

Key Features


When you think of traditional driving gloves, you probably picture perforated gloves with cutouts in the knuckle area. Many of these gloves are made of leather, which is supple, comfortable, and forms to your hands after breaking in. However, you can also get driving gloves made of other materials, such as acrylic or cotton.


The lining of your gloves is incredibly important, and the best choice is entirely dependent on your personal preference. A large selection of gloves come unlined, and if you're a driver who spends most of your time in warm weather areas, this is probably a good option for you since unlined is the coolest form of a driving glove. Winter driving gloves come with lining materials like polyester, wool, or cashmere, each offering their own level of comfort and warmth.


If you want your driving gloves to be as much of a fashion statement as a functional accessory, then the overall design of the glove is going to be an essential feature. Exterior materials, such as leather or polyester, have distinct styles associated with them. Certain optional features like fingerless gloves, knuckle holes, and wrist straps may add or take away from the look you're going for. 

Touchscreen Compatibility

Today, basically everyone has some sort of touchscreen they need to use while driving. From GPS navigation to touchscreen radios, or even just using your phone at a rest stop, it can be a pain to have to take your gloves off to use them. Thankfully, a lot of driving gloves will work with touchscreens without compromising on their overall design. If you're someone that needs to utilize this type of technology, then this feature will be key.

Other Considerations

  • Color. Most leather gloves give you options between black and brown shades, and some of the best leather driving gloves will offer a wide range of stitching colors as well. 
  • Sizing. Some brands offer over ten different glove sizes, while others only have one. Knowing what you need and whether or not a certain type of glove can accommodate you is important to know before buying.
  • Wrist Strap. There are several different types of wrist straps. This one piece could be a deal breaker when it comes to your comfort, so keep an eye out for elasticity or measurements.

Best Driving Gloves Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
ELMA Winter Leather Gloves for Men

Superior style and quality come together with ELMA's luxurious gloves. Aside from being one of the most premium options available, these gloves are available in several different color options, all made from leather. 

A great feature that sets these gloves apart from the competition is the different lining options. Users have the choice of regular fleece made from 100-percent polyester, a wool blend perfect for cold climate areas, or a luxurious cashmere lining. The premium leather exterior provides an impressive grip that makes these excellent performance gloves. 

As far as their drawbacks, most are due to personal preference. While the different lining options are great, if you drive in hotter temperatures, you might find them too insulated. Also, not every color is available with every lining, so the inability to mix and match options could be frustrating.

Best Value
VBG VBIGER Winter Gloves

When it comes to affordability and functionality, the VBG gloves provide an unbeatable value. The key feature that sets these gloves apart is the materials used throughout the design. The outer layer is comprised of soft and stretchy jacquard fabric with an anti-slip, silicon-infused palm for maximum grip. The inside of the gloves is lined with fleece, making these warm driving gloves ideal for colder climates, which can be a pro or con depending on your preference.

They're also designed to be used with touchscreens. Now, we don't want anybody reading this to take that as an endorsement for texting and driving. Instead, this is an excellent feature due the technological advances in the automotive industry. As more vehicles are coming with touchscreen infotainment screens and climate controls, we need more versatility from our driving gloves.

As previously stated, some of the features of these gloves can be good or bad, depending on what you're looking for. Simply put, if you live in a warm climate or are looking for casual summer gloves, these winter gloves probably aren't the best choice. Additionally, if you want the aesthetically pleasing look that comes with leather driving gloves, you may not be a fan of their appearance.

Best Fingerless
Riparo Motorsports Men's Fingerless Leather Gloves

The Riparo gloves are another excellent option. These driving gloves are made from premium materials and have a stylish exterior. These fingerless gloves are advertised for motorcycle owners as well as drivers. If you don't want really warm gloves but still want good grip for steering, these are a great option. The knuckle hole and perforated leather make them an excellent summer driving glove.

These gloves are made from genuine leather. They come with numerous color variations, each uniquely stylish. This versatility allows you to match your gloves with other clothing or even your vehicle. 

These gloves are breathable, which makes them less than desirable for cold-weather areas. The wrist strap, which is just a leather band with a snap button, also isn't ideal for a firm hold. In contrast, some competing brands have a stretchy cuff that creates a secure hold.

Easiest To Break In
Pratt and Hart Leather Driving Gloves

The pitch for these Pratt and Hart gloves relies heavily on craftsmanship. These driving gloves don’t just look good, but they also hold up to pressure. They feature materials that break in easily to provide that all-important fit but don’t break down for years afterward.

The gloves include knuckle holes for a better grip and an elastic wrist to keep them in place. Once you put them on, the wrist seals with a snap. It’s a simple design that puts emphasis on the quality of the leather. 

The biggest downside of these driving gloves is that the leather smell takes a few weeks to fade. They also aren’t the friendliest gloves for people with an unusual hand shape. If one of your fingers is unusually long or short, you might not be able to find a perfect fit.

Honorable Mention
Reed Men's Genuine Leather Warm Lined Driving Gloves

The Reed Men's Genuine Leather Warm Lined Driving Gloves are made with 100-percent sheepskin leather and have Thinsulate insulation, so they're great for cold weather. Designed for everyday use as well as driving, these gloves are made by a brand that's been in business since 1950. 

The gloves have touchscreen capability so that you can use them with a smartphone and other digital devices. They are available in black or brown and sizes medium through XX-large. Users report that they're lightweight and not too thick but keep your hands warm. The leather feels supple, and they're comfortable, pliable, and well made. It's easy to grasp a steering wheel when you're wearing them without interfering with steering performance. 

However, they tend to run small, so you may need to order one size up for a proper fit. Also, the thumb may be slightly oversized for some people.

Honorable Mention
Pierre Cardin Men’s Leather Gloves - Luxury Driving Gloves

The Pierre Cardin Men's Leather Gloves can be used as driving gloves or for warmth in the winter. They are available in black or brown sheepskin leather and have 3M Thinsulate in the lining, so they keep your hands from getting cold. 

The gloves are designed to provide UV protection and feature durable, detailed stitches that are less likely to fray. The wrist areas are also cinched, so they stay in place and keep the heat in. They are soft, thin, and pliable and are great for winter driving. The gloves have a good grip, which makes them great for use with a steering wheel. 

One downside is that there is a large Thinsulate tag sewn into one of the gloves, which can be irritating. The sizing may also be a little off, and the company notes that they tend to be a little snug.

Honorable Mention
Riparo Men's Genuine Leather Driving Motorcycle Riding Gloves

The Riparo Men's Genuine Leather Full-Finger Driving Motorcycle Riding Gloves feature reverse stitching and are designed for both driving and riding a motorcycle. These handmade gloves are made of soft, supple leather and feature knuckle holes, perforation for ventilation, and a snap closure on the wrist. 

They are unlined, so they're good in warmer weather, but they provide excellent grip in both the heat and the cold. Users report that they prevent your hands from fatiguing during long-distance drives, and they're comfortable to wear. Over time, the leather softens and molds to your hands. They're excellent quality overall and provide sufficient friction for your steering wheel. 

Unfortunately, they are not touchscreen compatible. Also, the dye from the leather may stain your hands when you first start wearing them. 

Honorable Mention
MGGM Men’s Touchscreen Unlined Leather Driving Gloves

The MGGM Men's Touchscreen Unlined Leather Driving Gloves are available in several color combinations and are made of 100 percent lambskin leather. They are soft, supple, and comfortable to wear. 

The gloves are perforated for airflow and have a snap-button fastener and touchscreen capability. They also have circular holes on the knuckle area and look like classic, stylish driving gloves. Users report that they are high quality, have nice stitching, and feel good on the steering wheel. They are also very thin and fit well as long as you order the correct size. 

Overall, they provide more leverage and control when driving. However, the fingertips may be too long for some individuals. Also, there have been some complaints that they easily tear.

Honorable Mention
Alepo Genuine Sheepskin Leather Gloves For Men

The Alepo Genuine Sheepskin Leather Gloves For Men are made of sheepskin leather that is supple, strong, and comfortable. They feature an Italian cashmere lining, a pull-on closure, and 360-degree touchscreen capability, so you can use any part of them to operate a smartphone, tablet, etc. 

They are great for driving, riding a motorcycle, and other activities in which you need a firm grip. Flexible and designed to accommodate most people, the gloves are available in several sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits. Users like the look of these gloves as well as their quality in relation to their price. 

However, they're not warm enough on frigid winter days. They may also feel a little tight at first but stretch a little bit over time.

Honorable Mention
Trendoux Winter Gloves

Available in 11 different colors and two thicknesses, Trendoux’s winter gloves are an economical and comfortable way to keep your fingers warm during cold drives. While the woolen inner lining helps you maintain all-important fine motor control, the outer acrylic-spandex layer flexes to easily accommodate your hands.

Trendoux takes a unique approach when using a touchscreen device without taking the gloves off: front-loading conductive material is integrated onto the fingertips of each glove. It’s a solution that works wonderfully. We also like the silicone triangles on the palms for strengthening the glove’s grip.

Unfortunately, these gloves aren’t ideal in all temperatures. They’re better once your car’s heat has been running for a little while and are not intended for heavy outdoor use. We also aren’t impressed with the wrist cuffs, which feel a bit restrictive.

Honorable Mention
Maxdot Sunblock Fingerless Summer Driving Gloves

Let’s get one thing out of the way: the company claims these gloves are for women, but there’s no reason why men can’t use them as well. When a glove is this comfortable and provides this level of steering control, we’d hate to discourage anyone from giving them a shot.

Maxdot’s Sunblock driving gloves are some of our favorite aids for warm-weather driving. Their elastic fit makes them versatile, and they fit almost any hand, while the air holes provide ventilation. The non-skid surfaces grip firmly. They’re also really lightweight. In fact, they’re comfortable enough to wear for tasks other than driving.

We only wish they weren’t made of cotton. The lining retains moisture, which can harm your steering wheel over the long term. They may also shrink in the washing machine. Finally, while they claim to protect against UV rays, they aren’t actually rated for that purpose.

Red leather driving gloves placed on a steering wheel.

Live luxuriously by adding some driving gloves to your wardrobe. 


  • Always refer to the company’s provided measurement guide. Sizes vary by manufacturer, but the overall method of measuring your hand is uniform. 
  • Gloves made of genuine leather are not weatherproof. While getting them wet in the rain for a short walk from your car to your front door isn’t the end of the world, they certainly aren’t made for outdoor use.
  • Never put your driving gloves in the washing machine. If you need to get them cleaned, then taking them to a professional dry cleaner is the best option. 
  • If you’re buying gloves with knuckle holes, be aware that they don’t always line up correctly. Everyone’s hands are different. 
  • If you buy a pair of gloves that are dyed a certain color, be aware that if they get wet, it’s possible to have the color bleed through and stain your hands.


Q: How do I measure my hands?

You have to use a soft tape measure, wrap it around your hand from the upper part of your palm and across your knuckles. This size in inches corresponds with each brand’s sizing chart.

Q: What is the warmest lining?

Most driving gloves with lined interiors are relatively thin, which is done on purpose with the steering wheel control in mind. So of the materials offered, the cashmere lining is the warmest overall. 

Q: What size should I get if I’m in between two sizes?

Generally speaking, going a size down would be your best bet. Every glove will stretch slightly (some more than slightly), so if they’re a bit tight at first, they won’t be for too long.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best driving gloves are the ELMA Luxury Italian Nappa Leather Driving Gloves. If you prefer a more budget-friendly option, the VBG VBIGER Winter Touch Screen Driving Gloves are also an excellent choice.