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The Best Sim Rigs: Rip Laps in Total Comfort and Support

These rigs are great for ripping laps virtually. In fact, they might help set a new personal best laptime.
These are the best sim rigs
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Whether you’re looking to just race exclusively from the comfort of your home, or for a tool to become better at motorsports in the empirical world, sim racing is a lot of fun and incredibly useful. With sim racing and other esports absolutely exploding in recent years, there’s more choice than ever for setting up your very own method of ripping laps, virtually: with a sim rig. While selecting the right wheel, pedals, gaming console or computer, and even manual shifter is important, how it’s bolted all up to the right rig is crucial.

The more adjustability it possesses, the more comfortable of a gaming experience it’ll be. The more versatility, the easier it’ll be to outfit. Let’s also not forget stow-ability if that’s a concern in your home. While the market is absolutely inundated with options, competition has created a lot of intuitive products for anyone’s budget.

Here are a handful of well-rated options that are sure to fit anyone’s budget, and allow you to make the most out of electronic gaming G force.

Summary List

Our Methodology

Here’s the thing, folks: We didn’t set our behinds in racing seats and put each of these rigs to the test. Man, that would be quite sick, though. But I’m quite familiar with the sim racing industry—heck, I used to report on it at previous publications. Plus, a lot of us at The Drive have thorough knowledge of proper performance vehicle fit, which is quite applicable to sim racing. Fun fact: I used to assist racers with outfitting their race cars’ interiors.

Then, we took into consideration how adjustable the sim rig is, and how much is included for the price. Based on our thorough research, we came up with this list that covers every slice of the financial spectrum. For more on how we select products, check this out.

The Best Sim Rig Reviews and Recommendations

The Best Overall: Marada Simulation Cockpit Advanced Driving Rig

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Marada might not be a name with big cred, but all signs point to its sim rig having big value. First and foremost, a comfortable seat (or, chair, if you will) is included, which could cut out a lot of expense while gathering other bits of your sim setup. It’s easy to adjust and quite durable, too. This makes getting comfortable easy, and then once it’s set it won’t rattle, shake, and flex too much. There’s a lot to like for being less than $400.

There isn’t a whole lot to argue over with this one, though it does seem a little difficult to assemble as it doesn’t come with the best directions. Then, a trip to the hardware store might be required as its included nuts and bolts aren’t of the best quality, nor are they always included.

The Best High-End: Next Level Racing GTTrack Simulator Cockpit

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Next Level Racing’s a top name in the sim rig game, and the GTTrack Simulator Cockpit is one of their topmost-level units. But it’s not for nothing.

Firstly, it’s constructed of high-quality materials, and included high-quality hardware to put it all together. It’s also quite versatile due to being very equipment-friendly and easy to configure. Then, it’s versatilty goes further in the way it breaks down and rolls on wheels—this is especially useful when you don’t have enough space in your living quarters. It also includes so much, including a nice and comfortable seat with a harness. Not that a harness is the most useful piece of kit, but huzzah for realism!

As far as downsides go, there’s nothing really worth point out besides its high price; it’s nearly three-times the price of the Marada unit above. Some consumers pointed out some nit-picky details about seat construction, but on the whole that’s a drop in the bucket.

The Best Value: Dardoo G920 Racing Sim Cockpit Racing Wheel Stand Mount with Shifter Lever

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This rig by Dardoo is chock-full of value. First and foremost, its easy to assemble, which can’t be said for every rig on this list. Then, it’s easy to adjust and once tightened down, it stays plenty solid and won’t flex or creak. It’s easy to outfit with gear, and even stows away pretty easily.

There’s not much to complain about, though some folks mentioned long-term comfort, that could be rooted in how they’ve got it set up. There’s no seat included, but for the very low price, that’s hardly an issue. Especially if you’re new to the sim life.

Honorable Mention: Next Level Racing F-GT Lite Formula and GT Foldable Simulator Cockpit

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This more inexpensive option by Next Level Racing has a very significant high-card: Portability. It’s really easy to set up and stow away, in fact it’d be easy to set it up with your best sim racing chums and have a wild Tuesday night. For the price, you can’t beat this, nor can you beat its overall comfort and adjustability. The included seat doesn’t look like much, but consumers admit its very comfortable all things considered.

On the other hand … well, it’s got slightly more flex than more sturdy rigs, but that’s to be expected. If you dig the look, adjustability, and price, it’s great. Especially if you’re a newb.

Our Verdict

For the best overall unit, it’s hard to beat Marada’s Simulation Cockpit Advanced Driving Rig. If money’s no object, going with the Next Level Racing GTTrack Simulator Cockpit is a sure bet. Finally, if you’re looking to save a nice piece of coin, the Dardoo G920 Racing Sim Cockpit Racing Wheel Stand Mount with Shifter Lever offers a lot for very little.


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q: Where can I source a seat if it’s not included?

A: There are plenty of sources to find a genuine, FIA-rated racing seat that’ll up the realism. But that’s not always needed—heck, you can peruse Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for used options and save a lot of coin. Regardless, your best bet is selecting either a side mount or bottom mount performance seat, and it doesn’t have to be FIA-rated since the on-track action is virtual. Save some scratch!

Q: Why can’t I just attach a wheel and pedals to my desk and go nuts?

A: That certainly works, too. But that’s not always the best for longterm comfort or your back. Putting together all necessary components on a rig ensures optimal comfort and control over longer stints in the saddle.

Q: How will I know if my wheel and pedals will bolt up to a sim rig?

A: Read over the specifications of each product, carefully. Usually there will be a list of which wheels work, but keep in mind that there might be some butting of equipment heads.

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