Best Off-Road Jacks: Get Unstuck Fast

It’s always good to be prepared when driving off-road, so keep one of these top jacks in your vehicle

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BY Deborah Wright / LAST UPDATED ON November 21, 2019

There is nothing better than heading out on an off-road adventure. Driving on unpaved roads can be a lot of fun, as long as you don’t get stuck. If you get stuck, the last thing you want to do is wait for help to arrive. Save yourself time and money by taking along one of these top off-road jacks.

Best Overall
Hi-Lift Jack

This jack measures 49 x 5 x 10 inches. It can lift up to 3.5 tons and it weighs 28 pounds.

  • With the slim shape, this jack can be used in tight spaces
  • Works well with larger tires 
  • Works with the two-piece handle and socket
  • Solid base stand is sold separately
  • Paint may chip over time with use
  • Loose parts make it noisy while driving
Best Overall
Hi-Lift Jack
Best Value
 Pro-Lift B-004D Hydraulic Bottle Jack

The jack measures 7 ⅝ inches tall. Works best on vehicles with a lower clearance. Has a 4-ton capacity. Weighs 8 pounds.

  • This jack is easy and simple to use. It is compact and low maintenance
  • Extension screws adjust and will accommodate your desired work height
  • Base is small
  • Jack may lose pressure if you leave the car on the jack overnight
  • May not go as high as you need
Best Value
 Pro-Lift B-004D Hydraulic Bottle Jack
Honorable Mention
Torin Big Red Steel Scissor Jack

This scissor jack measures 26.4 x 19.1 x 9.4 inches. The oversized base provides for maximum stability. This jack has a 1.5-ton capacity and weighs 7.7 pounds.

  • Big base plate makes this jack stable
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Comes with a long handle for cranking
  • Constructed with alloyed steel
  • Handle may be difficult to turn when raising the car 
  • Base length of 15 inches may not fit into the tire wall space that held the original jack that comes with your car
Honorable Mention
Torin Big Red Steel Scissor Jack

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Benefits of Off-Road Jacks

  • Vehicle recovery. If you're an off-road enthusiast and get stuck on the trail, the best jack for off-roading will help you get back on your way in no time. Many have the ability to operate as a winch to help you get unstuck.
  • Upgrade to factory jack. If you install larger tires on your Jeep and you get a puncture, odds are the factory jack won't lift high enough for you to repair that flat tire. The best off-road jack will help you in situations where your stock jack can’t. Some brands also work as well in the garage as they do on the trail.
  • Accessories. Many off-road jacks are compatible with a wide range of accessories that make your work more efficient. Some can be paired with off-road bases, covers, and mounts to affix them to your truck or Jeep.

Types of Off-Road Jacks


Hi-Lift jacks are the most versatile and work on various types of road surfaces. These jacks are fairly basic and are typically designed with a wide, flat base. One of the advantages of these jacks is they easily find leverage in a mix of situations, including gravel, sand, mud, and snow. They are not meant for tire changes and other vehicle maintenance.


If you want a very strong hold, then a floor jack will do the trick. However, this type of jack works best on flat surfaces. While some brands have wheels and can technically be used in sand, snow, and mud, they can be difficult to move around. They are not the best choice for off-roading.


Bottle jacks are also known as hydraulic jacks. The best bottle jack for off-roading is adaptable, but its versatility depends on the type of base it features. Those with wide and grippy bases are best for off-roading. Still, bottle jacks are most efficient if they're used on flat surfaces.


There are pros and cons to using an inflatable jack for off-roading. One advantage is that they work well on uneven or cambered surfaces, including sand, snow, and mud. The biggest problem with this type of jack is that it can be punctured, so it needs to steer clear of sharp objects (as well as hot temperatures).

Top Brands


The Hi-Lift Jack Company is part of the Bloomfield Manufacturing Company, which has been owned and operated by the Harrah family since 1895 and is one of the oldest companies in Indiana. Hi-Lift produces a variety of jacks, accessories, and other products, including this Hi-Lift Jack.

Powerbuilt Tools

Powerbuilt is based in Cypress, Calif., and has been making tools for 40 years. Its products are geared towards automotive professionals and include hand tools, power tools, tool storage, and jacks and lift equipment, such as the Powerbuilt Black Alltrade 3 Ton, All-in-One Bottle Jack.


Smittybilt was founded in 1956 by Basil "Smitty" Smith and is based in Compton, Calif. The company got its start producing four-wheel-drive equipment for trucks and Jeeps. Today, the company manufactures more than 2,000 products for the truck and SUV market, including the Smittybilt Universal Trail Jack.

Off Road Jack Pricing

  • Under $50: There are several off-road jack options in this price range. You can find bottle jacks or scissor jacks that can accommodate a weight capacity up to several tons, depending on the brand.
  • $50-$100: Slightly more expensive off-road jacks may provide more safety features, such as wider bases and safety bars. You will find Hi-Lift jacks in this price range and products that are powder-coated or gold zinc-coated for a longer lifespan.
  • $100 and up: Some off-road jacks cost several hundred dollars. They are constructed of high-grade steel or are inflatable. They are very versatile and can be used in sand, mud, and extreme conditions. They are designed to resist sinking on uneven ground and are designed to operate in the toughest terrain.

Key Features


Safety is a number-one priority when you're shopping for the best off-road truck jack because you want to minimize risk. Therefore, ensure that it is designed to meet the needs of your particular situation so you don’t hurt yourself or others. Look for safe jacks that come with protective features, such as shear bolts, built-in weight limits, locking pin systems, and safety bars.

Vehicle Compatibility

Not all off-road jacks work with all vehicles. Do your research and make sure the jack you purchase is designed to work with your vehicle's make and model. Check the lifting capacity and whether it can easily fit under your car, truck, or SUV. Also, check the size to see if it can easily be stored in your vehicle.


The best off-road jacks are heavy-duty, sturdy, and durable. They should be constructed of high-grade steel, so they can withstand the stress of off-road use. Some high-quality jacks are powder-coated, which protects them from rust and corrosion and extends their lifespan. Avoid cheaply made jacks that are more likely to fail within a short period of time.


Some jacks are more versatile than others, as we noted earlier. While many brands are geared towards road use and are perfect in the garage, some can also operate in the mud, sand, or gravel. An on-/off-road jack is convenient because you can use it in a variety of situations.

Other Considerations

  • Size. If you own an off-road jack, you're probably going to carry it with you when you go off-roading. Some jacks are designed to be compact and portable, so they're easy to store in your truck, SUV, or Jeep. Many can be paired with accessories such as mounting brackets to save space.
  • Jack Base. This is a must-have jack accessory. Essentially, a strong and durable jack base provides a sturdy platform when you lift your wheel off the ground. One example is the Hi-Lift ORB Off- Road Base Accessory Jack, which keeps your jack from sinking on soft surfaces. It's compatible with all standard Hi-Lift jacks and is a universal fit.

Best Off Road Jack Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Hi-Lift Jack

This 28-pound jack measures 49 x 5 x 10 inches and can lift up to 3.5 tons. It's powder-coated and designed out of cast and high-strength steel components to lift, push, pull, winch, and clamp in off-road, farming, and auto recovery situations. It features a shear bolt, so it can't be used on loads heavier than 7,000 pounds.

This product is very handy, especially if you have bigger tires and go off the beaten path. It works well with larger tires using its two-piece handle and socket. It can also be used in tight spaces because it's slim and lightweight. Overall, it's versatile, sturdy, and easy to use.

One downside with this jack is that its solid base stand is sold separately. Also, the paint may chip over time, and it may rust. Some of its parts are also loose, which makes it noisy when you're driving.

Best Value
Pro-Lift B-004D Hydraulic Bottle Jack

This 8-pound, 4-ton capacity steel jack measures 7 ⅝ inches tall. It works best on vehicles with a lower clearance and is designed for auto, truck, farm, and shop use. The jack is heat-treated in high-stress areas for durability and meets ANSI/PALD standards.

This tool is much better than the standard jack that comes with your car. It's simple to use, the instructions are easy to follow, and overall it is low maintenance. The extension screws adjust and can accommodate your desired work height. It also features a built-in bypass system to prevent ram over travel.

One problem with this jack is the base is small. Also, it may lose pressure if you leave a vehicle on the jack overnight. Another issue is it may not go as high as you need.

Most Durable
Torin Steel Scissor Jack

This 7.7-pound scissor jack measures 26.4 x 19.1 x 9.4 inches and has a 1.5-ton weight capacity. It lifts from 4 1/8 inches to 15 1/8 inches. It's designed to be a durable replacement jack or an extra utility jack and features a heavy-duty steel frame and saddle. It meets ASME standards and comes with a one-year warranty.

This jack can be used as an RV or trailer jack, car jack, and on most small and large vehicles. The big base plate makes it very stable, and it's compact so it's easy to store in your vehicle. The jack is quick and easy to use and comes with a long, folding handle for cranking.

However, the handle may be challenging to turn when raising your vehicle. Also, the base length of 15 inches may not fit into the tire wall space that held the original jack that comes with your car.

Premium Pick
Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack

The Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack is a tall portable off-road tool that is built out of durable cast iron. It’s sturdy, rugged, and dependable for any Jeep or off-road enthusiast. When we say portable, what we mean is it is small and thin enough to fit in a truck bed or the back of a Jeep or SUV. That being said, it is hefty and weighs 29 pounds.

One great aspect of the jack is its price. It isn’t overly pricey nor is it set at a lower price that can be considered too cheap. The metal is finished with an extra layer of powder coating that increases its strength and torque. Another rather beneficial feature of the jack is its maximum load weight of 7,000 pounds, which is impressive for its price and stature.

However, its weight makes it awkward to lug around by hand. The base also may not be the most helpful, as it can be considered too small and it can make the entire tool difficult to stay in place. It may also be rather difficult to operate due to its design and weight.

Best Lightweight
Smittybilt Universal Trail Jack

The Smittybilt Universal Trail Jack is a reasonably priced device for off-roaders. It’s designed to be tall and thin so it doesn’t take up all that much space in a car, SUV, Jeep, or truck. Not to mention, it has a solid cast steel design and powder-coated finish that enhances its overall build and quality.

This jack is also surprisingly light for its build. It is rated to be able to lift up to 4,660 pounds and stands 54 inches tall. This makes it perfect for tucking away out of sight in most vehicles and much easier to carry around by hand when you need to lift up your off-roader. It even looks great if mounted to the front bumper of a Wrangler.

While it is capable of lifting a lot of weight, other jacks are able to lift more. But you won’t be paying an arm and a leg for this device. While the powder coating helps reduce the chance it will rust, there have been reports that it can corrode over time. This can happen if it is left covered in mud and not cleaned.

Best Compact
Powerbuilt Alltrade Bottle Jack

The Powerbuilt Alltrade Bottle Jack is a mighty powerful tool that is designed to be compact and easy to take along with you. It’s a lower-priced off-road jack that is capable of lifting a vehicle from 11 to 21 inches. It even works on vehicles that have been previously lifted, whether by larger wheels or a lift kit.

The tool features three height adjustments, increasing its versatility and functionality. Plus, it is rated to lift up to 3 tons, and it includes a safety bar that locks it in place to keep you and vehicle safer. It works quickly and isn’t all that difficult to set up. Another benefit of the jack is it is easy to store, thanks to its smaller size.

However, the handle may be the worst thing about it. It isn’t all that long and can be difficult to use if you have it placed further under the vehicle. Also, it may not be the best jack for smaller or shorter vehicles like hatchbacks or compact cars. It may even be an issue on lower SUVs or trucks, too.

Best Premium
Torin Ratcheting Off Road Utility Farm Jack

With a name like Torin Ratcheting Off Road Utility Farm Jack, you can tell it’s built to be strong. It has a 3-ton capacity, which is 6,000 pounds. That’s plenty of power to lift up the heftiest of vehicles and farm equipment. It’s also quite versatile and has a wide lifting range that is between 5.12 and 40 inches.

By far one of the greatest features of the jack is its multi-directional ability. It can be used either horizontally or vertically, depending on the specific need. It has even been powder-coated with protective paint that helps keep it from rusting. Plus, with its wide stand, it is solid and is designed to not move around on you while you work.

It is a heavy item, however, weighing around 31 pounds. Another issue is how expensive it is. It may also be difficult to set up due to its heftiness and design.

Best Looking
Arcan Heavy Duty Farm Jack

The Arcan Heavy Duty Farm Jack is a 48-inch off-road jack that is set at a budget-friendly price. It’s another steel-constructed jack that can be adjusted to be used either vertically or horizontally, increasing its versatility. It’s powder-coated with an extra-bright green finish that definitely stands out.

It can raise a vehicle between 4.9 and 40 inches, giving it a wide range of movement. It’s a stylish-looking jack that looks perfect on the front bumper of any Jeep, truck, or SUV. Not to mention, it is thin and simple to store away in a garage or truck bed. 

However, it is one of the heaviest jacks around, weighing around 33 pounds. There have been reports that the handle may be too short and awkward to use. It may also be hard to set up when you need to use it.


  • Use the jack according to its designed purpose. Hi-Lift jacks are designed primarily to get your vehicle out of a tight spot. You should not use them to change tires or to perform other types of maintenance on your vehicle.
  • Try lifting your car with the off-road jack before you hit the trail to confirm that it works well. It’s important to find out about any working issues before you actually need to use the jack.
  • Use the jack according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some parts may get damaged if not used correctly, compromising the safety of the device.


Q: What type of jack will support my vehicle?

Most jacks can support a car weighing from 1.5 to 4 tons. Look up the weight of your car and compare that to the weight that the jack will hold. 

Q: How much does a jack weigh?

Jacks have different weights and sizes. For off-road use, make sure the jack is not too heavy and that it will fit in tight spaces if you need to use it.

Q: Will off-road jacks fit in my trunk? 

While most jacks will fit in your trunk, they may not fit in the space where your car’s original jack fit. You can always store an off-road jack in a storage box. Then it won’t slide around your trunk.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best off-road jack is the Hi-Lift Jack. This jack is slender and will fit in small spaces.

For a budget-friendly alternative, take a look at the Pro-Lift B-004D Hydraulic Bottle Jack.