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Best Ford Bronco Accessories: Turn Your Mall Crawler Into A Trail Slayer

Here are some bits n’ bobs for getting the most out of Ford’s hottest adventure rig.
Caleb Jacobs / The Drive

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The new Ford Bronco needs no introduction, but the suite of accessories that followed might. Want to shred the dunes at trophy truck speeds? How about slow-and-steady scaling of the biggest boulders at Moab? No problem. Anything you can envision is yours, and it’s exciting yet also intimidating to think of how far the Bronco aftermarket has exploded in only a couple of years. Fortunately, The Drive is here for just that.

Lo and behold our tour of the hottest Ford Bronco accessories, one of our wildest buyer’s guides to date. Baja racers and overlanders will find value here as we cover everything from horsepower adders to recovery gear and even wheels. So scroll on through, happy shopping, and take a nice gander at the best Bronco accessories around.

Summary List 

Best Overall: Smittybilt GEN2 Overlander Tent

Best Value: Rough Country Hidden Winch Mount

Honorable Mention: Ford Performance by Borla Axle-Back Exhaust

Best Bronco Winch: Ford Performance by WARN Bronco Winch Kit

Best Bronco Cold-Air Intake: K&N 63 Series Aircharger

Best Bronco Mud-Terrain Tires: BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3

Best Bronco Interior Accessory: WeatherTech Floorliner

Best Bronco Recovery Accessory: Smittybilt All Element Ramps

Best Bronco Wheel: RTR Evo 6

Best Bronco Beadlock Wheel: Method Racing Wheels 105

Our Methodology

Curating one of our largest guides to date was primarily conducted through immense research. Deep dives into manufacturer specs and, more importantly, consumer input, has resulted in our flurry of choices backed by real-world feedback and expertise. It’s a collection of the best-fitting, best-performing, and best-constructed items of their respective categories.

Such a crazy mash-up of varying products called for more than just a single retail hub, so I must bestow credit to 4 Wheel Parts, CJ Pony Parts, and Ford Performance Parts for their near-infinite catalogs. Respected and credible forums, Bronco Nation and Bronco6G provided further insight into the current accessories market plus owner preferences.

As always, readers are always welcome to come and learn more about how The Drive generally curates its buyers guides.

Best Bronco Accessories Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall

Smittybilt GEN2 Overlander Tent

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Best Value

Rough Country Hidden Winch Mount

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Honorable Mention

Ford Performance by Borla Axle-Back Exhaust

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Best Bronco Winch

Ford Performance by WARN Bronco Winch Kit

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Best Bronco Cold-Air Intake

Ku0026N 63 Series Aircharger

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Best Bronco Mud-Terrain Tires

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3

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Best Bronco Interior Accessory

WeatherTech Floorliner

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Best Bronco Recovery Accessor

Smittybilt All Element Ramps

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Best Bronco Wheel

RTR Evo 6

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Best Bronco Beadlock Wheel

Method Racing Wheels 105

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Our Verdict

I hereby christen Smittybilt’s GEN2 Overlander Tent as our Best Overall for helping Bronco owners capitalize on the overlanding craze without shorting them on quality, amenities, and comfort. It’s just a darn good tent. The Ford Performance by Borla Axle-Back brings up the performance end for delivering a satisfying yet not-too-obnoxious growl under Ford’s warranty. Rough Country’s cost-effective Hidden Winch Mount is a solidly built and wonderfully dapper add-on whose value proposition gets even stronger when paired with either available winch bundle. It’s a nifty and functional piece of recovery gear that’d be at home on any Bronco model.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bronco Accessories

Off-Road Tires

Buyers can moan all they want about how dull and uninteresting those round, black rubber donuts are, but tires are actually as colorful and diverse as a single category can get. No two tires are the same, and some may exhibit better winter traction or on-road refinement than others. Off-road tires, especially mud tires, are typically among the worst performers in the snow, but a handful of M+S (mud and snow) tires far exceed their peers and can survive light snow. Mud tires hone their focus with added goodies such as stronger rubber compounds, stone ejectors, and tread cascading onto the shoulders to act as sidewall guards.

Recovery Gear

This is all that wicked, apocalypse-ready stuff that looks oh-so-pretty strapped to your Bronco, but you hope you never have to use it. Jacks, tow straps, tow hooks, winches, and traction boards all fall under this vast umbrella. Most Bronco models have built-in tow hooks, and the modular steel bumper places them front and center. Winches will help pluck your rig out of sticky situations, and traction boards can assist by giving your tires something rigid to grip.

Performance Upgrades

Here’s all the fun stuff for budding Baja enthusiasts whose idea of off-roading is slaying trails at near-triple-digit speed. Or maybe you just need some extra grunt to offset the weight of your rooftop tent. Either way, any gem from this bin will grant added horsepower and torque for whatever purpose you have in mind. Intakes improve airflow to the engine for cooler, denser combustion air, while new exhausts reduce backpressure and uncork the muted factory tones. Not every item in this realm is legal for use in all states and may require a CARB EO stamp to be labeled as 50-states legal.

Bronco Accessory Pricing 

Buckle up because this is going to be one roller coaster of a discussion. With our broad, all-encompassing scope of products, price ranges are all over the place, but it bottoms out at under $180 for the Smittybilt All Element Ramps. That’s not too far off the flow-formed RTR Evo 6 wheels, which start at $266 for a 17-inch wheel. With its more complicated forged construction, a comparably sized Method Racing Wheels 105 starts at nearly twice as much at $425, which is also in line with a single BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3. Atop the Less-Than-A-Grand Club is the Rough Country Hidden Winch Mount, which starts at $310 for the mount alone and elevates to $790 when paired with Rough Country’s PRO12000S winch.

Crossing the four-figure threshold is the bespoke WARN kit from Ford, which will set buyers back $3,500, and Ford’s exhausts by Borla slot in at less than half with $1,265 stickers. Smittybilt’s GEN2 Overlander Tent nudges right below at $1,213. MagnaFlow’s Overlander Series cat-back sits at the bottom of this price bracket at roughly $1,100.


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q: Do cold-air intakes require ECU tunes?

A: In most cases, no, and the few intakes available for the current Broncos are compatible with the factory tune. However, you can still extract the most performance with an ECU tune, either off the shelf from a big-name tuner once available or custom-made at your local speed shop.

Q: Are all intakes and exhausts 50-states legal?

A: No. Due to varying regulations on noise and emissions between states, especially in California, not every part is in compliance. Retailers and parts manufacturers will inform buyers whether the listed part is universally legal or not. Those that are compliant will sport the all-important CARB EO number to denote their status.

Q: Can I use off-road tires in the snow?

A: Aside from a small handful of M+S tires, the answer is generally no. They’ll string you along, but their widely spaced tread, especially on mud tires, is not the most effective at grabbing snow and ice. Their tough compounds are also susceptible to hardening in extreme cold.