Best ATV Accessories: Upgrade Your Machine

These top ATV accessories will make your riding experience even better

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PUBLISHED ON November 13, 2019

Nothing feels as good as riding an ATV outdoors when the weather is great. You get an adrenaline rush and have a sense of freedom. However, anything can happen in the great outdoors—and that’s where preparedness comes into play. There are numerous ATV accessories out there, but some are more useful than others. Here are some of the best ATV accessories on the market.

  • Best Overall
    Superwinch Terra 45SR Winch

    The Terra 45 superwinch is a workhorse designed to give you optimal performance with its heavy-duty engineering. It can pull heavy loads (up to 4,500 pounds) without warping or getting damaged. 


    The reinforced steel drum is coupled with a 55-inch synthetic rope rated at 7,700 pounds to minimize heat generation and increase the rope’s lifespan. The 1.6-horsepower magnetic motor does not draw a lot of power from your car’s battery.


    The Terra 45SR’s line speed is noticeably slower than that of other models in the same class. Its battery cable is short and at times fails to connect to the solenoid. 

  • Best Value
    NOCO Genius Battery Charger

    This charger quickly powers 12v and 6v lead-acid batteries. It also charges lithium-ion batteries and ensures your ATV runs well while you are out on excursions. It comes with a five-year limited warranty.


    It has an overcharge protection feature and only dispenses charge when it’s needed. It automatically switches itself off as soon as the battery is fully charged. It is waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof, and dustproof. It can charge batteries in cars, boats, trucks, and much more.


    Very low temperatures (minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit) will affect its performance. Its cycles interrupt AM frequencies, so it might tamper with your entertainment.

  • Honorable Mention
    Nilight LED Light Bar

    Mount this LED light on your ATV and get up to 4,790 lumens of light—perfect for night vision. You can also attach the multipurpose light bar to your off-road vehicle or boat for a better visual experience.


    You can choose between a flood beam, a spot beam, and a combo beam pattern. The bar is IP67 rated and is waterproof, dustproof, and quakeproof. It only draws 72 watts of electricity and has a rated life of 50,000 hours.


    It is subject to state regulations for bright lights and may require a special permit. It produces a static discharge that will mess with AM frequencies.

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  • When you select ATV accessories, choose them according to function, then comfort. This will help you to know the must-haves versus the accessories you can set aside. 
  • Research the locations you wish to visit on your ATV. This will not only help you to figure out the accessories you need, but it will also prepare you for problems specific to those areas. 
  • No matter how prepared you are, carry extra straps. Your luggage can easily fall off if you ride on rough terrain. Straps will reinforce your tie-downs and make sure you don’t lose any valuables. 


Q: What other accessories do I need for my ATV?

A: The more you explore, the more your ATV accessory list will expand. Top on your list should be a first-aid kit, basic tools (for maintenance), a tire repair kit, and protective wear. Always choose functional accessories over comfortable ones. 

Q: Do ATV accessories come with the ATV?

A: Your ATV will probably come with only protective wear. It is up to you to assess your needs and purchase aftermarket accessories that suit your preferences. Costs will vary, but many items will be worth the investment. 

Q: Can I install ATV accessories by myself?

A: Most ATV accessories come with manuals to guide you through the setup process. ATVs are also designed to accommodate a few features for the best performance. If you cannot install the accessories by yourself, auto shops and accessory dealers can help. 

Final Thoughts

ATV accessories are too many to count; however, the Superwinch Terra 45SR Winch is one of the best. 

If you want a high-value, affordable accessory, the NOCO Genius Battery Charger won’t disappoint.