The Best ATV Hunting Accessories (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

Get the right accessories for your four-wheeler for a fun hunting experience.

byNorah Tarichia| UPDATED Mar 8, 2021 3:42 PM
The Best ATV Hunting Accessories (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

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BYNorah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON March 8, 2021

Many hunters are turning to ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) to take them away from the expanding suburbia and into the great outdoors. This is because ATVs can take you to the rugged trails where a standard vehicle can’t access. Therefore, it becomes important to equip these vehicles with the right hunting accessories. Ideally, these accessories should help you perfect your hunting skills or at least offer a certain level of comfort that will make your hunt easier and more enjoyable.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which accessory is best for your next hunting expedition? Well, our buying guide will help take the pain out of swimming through the many options on the market.

Best Overall
Ram X-Grip Phone Mount

Ram X-Grip Phone Mount


This is a universal phone mount that’s compatible with most Android and iOS devices. It uses rubber caps and spring tension to hold your phone in place.

  • Easy to mount and adjust 
  • Made of sturdy and reliable material 
  • Maintains a secure grip of the phone 
  • Includes a rubber tether for added security
  • May push the volume button on some Android devices
  • Leaves your phone exposed to road dirt and debris
Best Value

All-Rite Products Pack Rack Plus


This is a gun or bow rack that mounts on the handlebar. It’s a two-piece set with rubber fins on each mount to provide a secure fit.

  • Comes with a universal mounting system 
  • Can be customized to fit different-sized objects 
  • Each mount is fully rotatable
  • Durable rubber mounts
  • Not as secure as most dedicated gun racks 
  • Smaller than most gun racks 
Honorable Mention

HME Products Truck Hitch Game Hoist


This is a well-built game hoist that can hold 400 pounds of game in the air for hours. It attaches to your ATV’s hitch receiver and balances on adjustable foot support. 

  • Functional design that’s easy to use 
  • Can be used for hoisting gear or game
  • Foot support relieves pressure from your ATVs hitch receiver
  • Installs on trucks, UTVs, and ATVs
  • Has a lower load capacity than other game hoists within its price range
  • Somewhat unstable with heavy loads
  • Can be a bit challenging to assemble

Benefits of ATV Hunting Accessories 

  • Carry game easily. There are lots of options for cargo racks and storage boxes for your ATV. Most are large enough to hold game and won’t bog down your machine. Also, most ATV cargo units are more resistant to wear so you can use them for years.
  • Carry weapons safely. Carrying bows, crossbows, or forearms on your ATV can be risky, especially if the trail is rough and you haven’t secured the weapons correctly. You can get racks and cases that will help you safely transport your weapons to and from the trail.
  • Hide your quad. Camouflage seat covers and full ATV covers can make your ATV look more natural in the outdoors. You can also use one to hide your ATV so animals don’t damage your gear. 
  • Customize your machine. Accessories such as LED lights, aftermarket windshields, cargo carriers, and saddlebags can upgrade the look of your ride by adding more style to it. You can get more decorative items to make your quad look like a mean hunting machine.

Types of ATV Hunting Accessories 

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Storage Units  

Storage units on an ATV can be beneficial to a hunter. You can use them to keep your hunting gear secure or to store a few snacks for your hunting trip. Most ATV storage units are designed with reinforced and weatherproof material so they can withstand being used in the harsh outdoors. You can opt for a simple hunting backpack, saddle-mounted storage bags, a compact storage box, or a cargo rack. 

Gun Cases and Racks 

Since it can be tricky to transport your firearms and other hunting weapons on an ATV, gun cases and racks make it safer to carry them into the bumpy trails. Gun cases come in a range of sizes that can hold single or multiple firearms, while gun racks come in different styles but leave your weapons exposed to road debris. 


For the times when you need to get your ATV unstuck from a mud pit, deep snow, or any low traction area when you are offroading, you need an ATV winch. They come in different designs and will have a standard pulling capacity (typically ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 pounds). They can also be used for a hoisting game to make it easier to skin or you can pull it to a smoother surface so you can dress it easily. 

Camouflage Covers 

While you can use any other type of ATV cover, a camouflage cover can make your ATV blend in with nature so it doesn’t scare away the animals. The cover will also help protect your ATV from the elements so you can find your machine dry and in good condition for a comfortable ride back home. It will also help to keep your gear and other accessories clean. 

Top Brands

Champion Power Equipment 

From its inception in 2003, Champion Power Equipment (CPE) has maintained a growing reputation in manufacturing some of the best power equipment in the outdoor and automotive industry. It’s headquartered in California, but has other operating facilities spread out in North America. Some of its products include power generators, pumps, pressure washers, winches, and more.


Kolpin is a Minnesota-based manufacturer of aftermarket accessories for offroad drivers, hunters, ranchers, and outdoorsmen. The company traces its roots back to 1943 when Howard Kolpin started the company to make a few goods that he could use while in the outdoors. Throughout the years, it has grown to make more innovative products, including gun boots, winches, ATV seat bags, ATV seat covers, hitches, and more.    

All-Rite Products

All-Rite Products was founded in 1984 and is popular for being one of the first companies to make ATV accessories with the average hunter, rancher, farmer, and recreational rider in mind. It’s headquartered in Utah. Some of its best-selling ATV gear includes gun and bow racks, fishing rod holders, tool holders, and crossbow holders.  

HME Products 

HME Products is a subsidiary brand of Good Sportsman Marketing and was founded in 2000 in Irvin, Texas. HME stands for Hunting Made Easy, which highlights their specialty—they design products that can be used before, during, and after hunting. Some of these products include camera accessories, scent masking sprays, saws, knives, and game hoists.   

ATV Hunting Accessories Pricing

  • Under $50: While you can find any ATV accessory at just about any price point, budget this much for more portable accessories such as LED lights, phone mounts, seat covers, multitools, compact saddlebags, and more.  
  • $50-$100: This price range holds a wide range of products with the higher end being well-designed accessories such as storage boxes, saddlebags, tool racks, gun racks, and more.    
  • $100 and up: This price point typically features better quality products that are more resistant to wear and tear. You can also find permanent fixtures such as winches or larger equipment such as loading ramps.

Key Features


When in the outdoors, most of your accessories will be exposed to unpleasant weather, road debris, and other harsh conditions on the trail. Therefore, it's important to choose accessories that are designed to hold up to whatever the trail may throw at them. So, on top of choosing weatherproofed material, also look for impact-resistant material that can withstand the shocks and bangs it may experience. 


You need an accessory that will fit on your ATV. Carrying bulky items not only makes your ride uncomfortable but can also be hazardous. If you need to install large items such as storage units, take the measurements of your machine and get a unit that can fit within the space available without compromising your sitting space. Alternatively, you can buy accessories that are specifically designed for your ATV so you can get a perfect fit. 

Other Considerations

  • Purpose. Consider if the accessory you need is recreational or hunting-related to determine if it's worth your money. If you only take your ATV out for a hunt once every few months, then you may not need to splurge on items such as a sound system. 
  • Versatility. It can be beneficial to have an accessory that you can use on other vehicles besides your ATV. For example, you can use the same ATV winch or game hoist for your truck. 

Best ATV Hunting Accessories Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Secure your phone or any handheld navigation device on the Ram X-Grip Phone Mount. It connects to the handlebar with a flexible ball and socket mechanism that allows a complete 360-degree rotation of the phone holder. The spring-loaded arms have rubber caps on each end that dampen vibrations and hold your phone tight. You can use the rubber tether provided for a more secure hold so you can ride your quad at top speeds. The minimal design makes it easy to mount and remove your phone. It’s also built for the rough trails with arms made of marine-grade aluminum and a stainless steel mounting bracket. This phone holder is compatible with most Android and iOS devices, and can also be mounted on any type of ATV or motorcycle.

However, the rubber caps may push the volume button on some Android devices, and adjusting it can be somewhat frustrating.

If you are looking for an affordable but safe rack for carrying your firearms, then you may want to consider the All-Rite Products Pack Rack Plus. It’s a two-piece rack for securing guns or bows, and it mounts on the handlebar of most ATVs and bicycles. The mounting bracket is designed with steel U-bolts that can mount on tubular or square handlebars with a 1/2- to 1-inch diameter. The rack has an aluminum construction with a steel core for added strength, and the entire unit is covered in soft rubber. Each rack features alternating short and long rubber fins to provide a secure grip and cushion the firearm. 

While it may have an ingenious design, it’s not as secure as most higher-priced gun racks and is also smaller in comparison.

Lift 400 pounds of game up to 8.5 feet in the air with the HME Products Truck Hitch Game Hoist. It attaches to your ATV’s hitch receiver and comes with adjustable foot support that balances the hoist on uneven surfaces. The game is hoisted on a hanger with a 360-degree swiveling shaft that lets you rotate the game. After finding a suitable position for dressing the game, you can lock down the hanger to keep it from swiveling with the gambrel locking system. A rotating handle at the right-hand lets you adjust the height of the hoist from 74 to 102 inches. The hoist is made of high-strength steel that’s weather-resistant and capable of holding the game in the air for hours as you initiate the skinning process.  


However, this hoist can be somewhat challenging to assemble and you will need multiple tools to set it up. Also, it will rock from side to side if you don’t anchor it properly.

The Champion Power Equipment ATV Winch Kit is a small and powerful 2,000-pound winch that will help you pull heavy loads or get your ATV unstuck from a mud pit. It’s powered with a 12-volt motor that releases 10.5 feet of cable per minute with no load and 3.3 feet of cable per minute on a full load. The cable is 49 feet long and is made of galvanized, aircraft-grade steel that’s resistant to fraying or damage even when used in harsh operating conditions. To improve its pulling efficiency, the winch is fitted with a planetary gear system with a dynamic mechanical brake for smooth and safe operation. Additionally, a handlebar-mounted remote control and a free spooling clutch make this tool easy for one person to operate. Champion backs this winch with a two-year limited warranty. 

Just be warned that the controller can be somewhat cumbersome since it has large buttons that are hard to press. Also, it comes with a short controller cable.

Carry extra gear and supplies on the Titan Ramps ATV Rear Cargo Basket, which is easy to load up, unlike standard storage boxes and backpacks. It measures 41 x 22 x 13 inches and only weighs 42 pounds so it doesn’t drag down your four-wheeler. The rack is made of alloy steel that’s molded into a mesh design so dirt and debris fall through and leave your supplies clean. The metal is also powder-coated so it can resist rust when exposed to the elements. Installing it should be a breeze since it comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and bolts for attachment. 

The only downside is that it leaves your load exposed to dirt and road debris so you may have to cover it with a small tarp if you need your supplies clean.

The Badass Moto Gear ATV Cover is a camouflage cover for your ATV that will come in handy when you need to leave it unattended and hunt your game on foot. It’s made of a durable fabric with an elastic hem that provides a snug fit on the ATV, and also helps to keep the cover intact even in strong winds. The fabric is also waterproof and has taped seams that further help to keep water out. It will help protect your four-wheeler from dust, dirt, debris, rain, intense sun rays, and more. It will be easy to find your ATV at night thanks to the bold yellow stripes on the fabric that are highly reflective at night. What’s more, the cover is available in different sizes ranging from small, medium, to large. It can fit a wide range of ATVs, including 2006-2019 Arctic Cat, 2008 Suzuki King Quad, 2004-2019 Polaris, 2004-2019 Kawasaki, and 2009-2019 KYMCO. 

Keep in mind that the four-way securing straps let you leave the cover on when towing your ATV, but they may not hold up to highway speeds.

With a huge number of rear ATV saddlebags on the market, the Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag stands out as a quality storage unit that offers great value for money. It’s a camouflage bag with a three-piece design that includes detachable bags. The bag doesn't sacrifice comfort as it includes a padded seat and back. The armrests are two storage bags that you can use to fit your gear and the center bag is a cooler bag that can fit a dozen beverages. You can secure smaller items with the external shock chords included. Generally, the bag measures 32 x 22 x 11 inches while the side bags measure 16 x 6 x 8 inches. It only weighs 5 pounds when empty and offers 2.02 cubic feet of storage. It’s also built for the outdoors with a waterproof and UV-protected nylon construction. 

One of the few drawbacks is that it can be a bit challenging to put together on your ATV since it doesn’t come with an installation guide. But once you have it in place, you will appreciate how well it stores your food, drinks, and gear. 

The Kolpin Gun Boot is a suitcase for your gun that can hold firearms that are up to 51 inches long. It even has room for pistol grips and a small bi-pod. The case is made of weather-resistant hard plastic and should last for years with proper care. It also includes a snap closure so you can remove your gun in seconds. For user convenience, Kolpin includes an ergonomic handle that includes an attachment for a sling so you can carry it around easily. The gun rests on a removable foam impact liner to protect it from scratches or damage. 


If you like a little variety in the type of firearms you carry, you may want to look for a larger rifle case since this option can only accommodate a single pistol, rifle, or shotgun.


  • Ensure you don't void your ATV manufacturer’s warranty by installing semi-permanent or permanent accessories. 
  • Remember to carry emergency supplies such as first aid kits, firestarters, multitools, or an all-purpose vehicle emergency kit to be ready for any unexpected situation. 
  • Consider carrying a compact and portable power generator so you can avoid straining your machine’s battery.
  • On top of having the right hunting gear, it’s important to wear the right safety gear for riding your ATV. This includes a helmet, safety gloves, goggles, and riding boots.   


Q: Is hunting on the decline?

Hunting may be on the decline for younger people but people over the age of 35 are still aggressive about the sport. However, there’s a high possibility that the younger generation will catch on with the hunting culture.  

Q: Which states hunt the most?

The states of Texas, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota have a high percentage of hunters. 

Q: Can you make a living hunting?

Hunting is mostly done for sport but it’s possible to get short-term income from being a hunting guide. 

Q: What's the easiest animal to hunt?

If you are a beginner, you can start by hunting squirrels since they are easy to find. 

Final Thoughts

We rated the Ram X-Grip Phone Mount as the best overall accessory since every hunter needs a safe mount for their phone when blasting across the trails. It’s a sturdy phone mount that resists damage even when exposed to the harsh outdoors. If you are looking for an affordable gun or bow rack, we recommend the All-Rite Products Pack Rack Plus.