The Ford Bronco Will Reportedly Use the Explorer’s 10-Speed Transmission, and Fans Aren’t Happy

Everyone assumed it’d have the 10R80 like the Ranger, but dealer data says otherwise.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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When the 2021 Ford Bronco dropped last summer, the public's reception indicated it was worth the long, long wait. Anxious order holders may feel a little different now with all the production setbacks, but Ford has tried to make amends by offering free upgrades and, surprise, more power. All that said, details from an alleged Ford parts catalog being passed 'round the forums have some potential buyers riled up, and it has to do with the Bronco's 10-speed automatic transmission.

The information was leaked by a Bronco 6G forum user who claims to be a Ford parts pro. They explained that the transmission replacement is listed in their computer as a 10R60 unit, like the Explorer has, rather than the 10R80 like the Bronco's Ranger platform-mate has. Seeing as the new off-roader is available with 35-inch tires that are anything but light, some think Ford made the wrong call.


Naysayers piled on the post, complaining that a dedicated 4x4 like this should have a heavier duty truck transmission instead of one from a family-hauling crossover. Meanwhile, glass-half-full types say the 10R60 shifts smoother, no matter if it's in automatic or manual mode. How it'd do in the Bronco is anyone's guess seeing as virtually nobody but Ford has driven one yet.

After combing through the library of press materials Ford has sent my way regarding the Bronco, it's only ever referenced as a 10-speed automatic with lots of dynamic adjectives attached. The 10R80 was never specified but rather assumed by 'most everyone seeing as that's what the Ranger has, and the Bronco's supposed to share plenty of parts with the midsize pickup.

In combination with the off-road suspension, the 10R60 could also explain the relatively low 3,500-pound max tow rating Ford achieved with the Bronco. 

We've reached out to Ford for confirmation on this, though the automaker is yet to respond. We'll update this space once we hear back and if you ordered yours with a seven-speed manual, feel free to carry on with your Monday.

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