Ford Bronco Delayed Again, Customers to Receive $495 Sound-Deadening Headliners for Free

Free stuff is nice, but a Bronco delivered on-time would probably be a little more welcome.

byPeter Holderith|
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Ford Bronco deliveries have already been delayed and are set to begin this summer, but now it seems like, for some customers, that wait may be longer still. In an email sent to reservation holders on March 25, Ford announced that many anxious Bronco owners will end up receiving a 2022 model-year due to production delays.

According to Automotive News, these delays have to do with supplier issues for some of the truck's hardtop roofs, specifically the "modular painted" or "dual roof" option. Mark Grueber, Bronco Marketing Manager, says that vehicles equipped with the standard "molded-in-color"—unpainted plastic—roofs are still on schedule and will be delivered in June.


To make up for this, Ford is doing a few things. First of all, if you want an unpainted molded-in-color roof instead of the modular painted roof, you have until April 8 to update your original order. That would mean getting your Broco earlier. If you do this, or if you already have the molded-in-color roof selected, you will receive the optional sound-deadening headliner—a $495 option—for free. 

Optioning a cloth or leather interior gets you this option automatically. In this case, you'll get $495 off the final price of your Bronco. However, if you chose the vinyl interior, it's now a no-cost option. 

The Blue Oval is also offering extras for those who decide to stick it out and keep their truck optioned with the painted modular roof. According to Automotive News, certain customers could receive up to $1,000 worth of "FordPass" Rewards points that can be used for anything from oil changes to accessories, and the Dearborn automaker is assuring customers that just because their trucks may be sold as 2022 models, their price will not increase.

Ford claims to be investing millions to make sure deliveries happen on time, but it's never good news when a brand's flagship SUV sees delay after delay. On the bright side, Ford says that 66 percent of deposits have been converted into full-fledged orders, so hopefully, when production is finally in full-swing, Ford will have 125,000 sales locked down. If you want to be one of them as soon as possible, you'd best lose that fancy two-piece roof. 

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