Here’s Your First Look at the Brilliant Base 2021 Ford Bronco With Steelies and a Stick Shift

It took a tricky URL workaround to get it, but here’s that sub-$30K Bronco you’ve been lusting after.

byPeter Holderith|
Ford News photo

I think the unveiling of the new Ford Bronco did a lot to lift some of our mid-pandemic spirits. I mean, has a car ever been so universally praised upon its unveiling? Anyway, there's just one hangup—the build configurator isn't up yet. So you're telling me I can't waste the entire day building various specifications of theoretical Broncos? That just doesn't work.

It also didn't work for members of the Bronco6G forums, who—through some internet trickery—have cracked the code to getting images of basically any Bronco configuration you want. The one I'm interested in, though? That's the very base model. From where I'm sitting, it looks tight as a drum, and come on. Everybody loves that sub-$30,000 hometown hero, especially with a manual transmission.

The process by which these photos were obtained involves a lot of copying and pasting various codes into a preset URL. The poster on the Bronco forums walks you through how to do all of it, and it's reasonably simple—might take a little practice, though. But let's move past this URL modification talk. It's boring computer nonsense! I hate it! Let's take a look at that base Bronco.


The interior switchgear perhaps leaves a bit to be desired but besides that? You're getting a lot of car for the $29,995 base price. And as a reminder, four-wheel-drive is standard. Other cars may have some allure at the same cost, but not with four-wheel drive (looking at you, Chevy "Blazer"). Heck, even the two-door Jeep Wrangler falls short. The base price of the Wrangler is less on paper, but not when you add a hardtop, which is standard on the base Bronco.

You can configure any Bronco you want, though. I'm not trying to talk you into buying the bare-bones model. I would probably spec a few options in also, like heated seats. I also would go with a different color besides white. Ford doesn't offer green yet, which is weird, but I guess no new car is truly perfect. The Bronco just gets awfully close.

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