Best Motorcycle Gloves: The Top Pairs to Wear on a Bike

The best motorcycle gloves to better protect your hands and to make your ride more comfortable

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Gloves are an essential part of any motorcycle riding protective gear. Finding ones that fit correctly and keep your hands safe from injury can be difficult. The style all depends on what you plan on doing while you ride and when you plan on riding. We’ve put together the best pairs of motorcycle gloves you can find to better protect yourself on the road, off-road, or in rough weather conditions.

  • Best Value
    ILM Madbike Steel Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves 
    These offer a great sense of safety for your hands with thick padding and protective knuckle armor. Their tough design gives you more abrasion resistance if you ever fall off your bike or need to catch it.
    These gloves come in four sizes with a range or colors to choose from. They are also available in a winter and summer pair. Wind circulation keeps your hands cool.
    While they may say waterproof, they can leave your hands wet if out in the elements for long periods of time.
  • Best Value
    Tcbunny Pro-biker Motorbike Carbon Fiber Powersports Racing Gloves
    The motorcycle gloves are made of a carbon fiber shell built around a mesh material and leather fingertips. They provide your hands with a comfortable grip to prevent your fingers from slipping off the throttle or handlebars.
    They come in six colors so you can match them with your bike. The cloth design keeps your hands from overheating while on long rides or during warmer months.
    The thin material may be good for keeping your hands cool on hot days, but it is easy to tear and rip.
  • Honorable Mention
    TitanOPS Full Finger Half Finger Hard Knuckle Motorcycle Military Tactical Combat Training Army Shooting Outdoor Gloves
    These are strong leather gloves mixed with nylon and extra stitching that helps hold them together after several hours of riding. Plastic knuckle guards protect your hands and the padded interior keeps your hands cool, comfortable and gives you a better grip.
    The gloves feature six colors with four sizes. They are simple to wash by hand or putting them in the laundry machine.
    They fit snug on your hands so you may want to order a size larger than normal.

Benefits of Motorcycle Gloves

  • Protect your hands. Motorcycle riding gloves are designed to keep your hands safe and warm while riding. They are built with toughness and comfort in mind. They’ll protect your hands from injury if you ever need to use them to catch the bike or right yourself during a fall.
  • Help circulate air. Many are built to keep your hands dry. They help circulate air through the gloves to keep your fingers from getting too sweaty, giving you more grip on the handlebars.
  • Keep water out. Motorcycle gloves are also meant to keep the elements from affecting your hands. Many are water-resistant and capable of filtering water through the gloves without getting your hands wet.
  • Improve comfort Gloves give you a more comfortable ride, especially on long trips, rough terrain, or on the track. They can help prevent calluses and skin irritation.

Types of Motorcycle Gloves


These fit over your hands like a gauntlet worn by medieval knights. Gauntlet gloves have a reinforced layer on the knuckles to better protect your hands from injury. Gauntlet-style gloves are also larger and come with more padding.


Racing gloves are made of padded leather and are typically lighter in weight. They come with more layers of protection and a more comfortable grip.


Dirt motorcycle gloves are designed to keep your hands gripped to the handlebars. More specifically built for dirt bike racing, they can also work for road trips and other riding styles. They are shorter and typically come to the wrist of the rider.


These gloves are meant for the hottest days of the year. Summer gloves help circulate air through them, keeping your fingers cool while you ride. These cool motorcycle gloves are designed to evaporate sweat through the fabric to keep your hands dry.


Riding in the winter and colder temperatures can be challenging. Winter motorcycle gloves are designed with warmth in mind. They are crafted with thicker fabrics or materials to keep your hands warm and waterproof.

Top Brands


ILM, or I Love Motor, is a professional manufacturer of motorcycle parts and accessories. It makes helmets, clothes, gloves, protectors, boots, bags, and more for riders. It started in 2015. One of its top-selling motorcycle gloves are the ILM Madbike Steel Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves


The company officially began in 1963 in Asolo, Italy. In the mid-1990s, it developed and launched the first of its apparel lines. It has designed gear for Formula 1 and Motocross teams. One of its most popular glove options is the Alpinestars SP-2 Leather Street Gloves

Motorcycle Glove Pricing

  • Under $20: Motorcycle gloves in this range are budget-friendly and give you grip to keep your hands protected from serious injury. Most of these motorcycle gloves use a cloth or mesh material in their design.
  • $20-$50: The mid-price range will offer you gloves that protect your hands and keep them warm or cool while also allowing you to access your cell phone screen without removing them.
  • Over $50: This range is full of more popular and higher-end motorcycle glove brands. These typically use more expensive leather and suede fabrics, while also offering the same functionality as the more affordable price ranges.

Key Features


While motorcycle gloves may all help protect your hands in the same way, deciding what pair you need depends on your riding style. Gloves come in all sizes, forms, and designs. If you’re planning a road trip, you may need to invest in a more durable, tougher, and water-resistant glove, while anyone with a dirt bike will want to go for a glove designed for grip.


There are a number of gloves to choose from, and you’ll want to make sure they are comfortable. Checking to see how a glove feels on your hand is preferable before you invest in a pair you’ll wear in the long run. If your hands sweat too much inside or don’t get enough airflow, check to see if there is a different material they come in that provides better circulation.

Other Considerations

  • Color: Motorcycle gloves come in a range of colors and designs. If you want a pair that matches your motorcycle, you’ll want to research to see what colors they come in. 
  • Size: Choosing a size that gives your fingers a large range of movement is important. Make sure to test what glove size fits best before investing in a pair you aren’t sure about. Many companies have a glove size chart to help you choose.
  • Water-Resistance: Keeping your hands dry from rain or snow is an important feature of motorcycle gloves. Many are made with mesh material on the inside and outside to prevent water from soaking through to your hand. Conversely, the material can also prevent sweat from forming on your fingers and filter it through the glove into the air.
  • Phone Accessibility: Being able to use your smartphone's touchscreen while wearing gloves is useful. Many motorcycle gloves have the capability of allowing you to access your phone through the fabric. It’s important to see if the gloves you are buying can be used with smartphones.

Best Motorcycle Glove Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best Motorcycle Gloves Overall: ILM Madbike Steel Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves

ILM Madbike Steel Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves

We found these to be top contenders for the best motorcycle gloves in regards to protection and comfort for riders. The knuckle armor and the gloves are made up of a fabric material stretched over alloy steel parts to provide more abrasion resistance for your hands and fingers if you wind up falling on a ride. They fit comfortably without the metal grinding or rubbing into your skin. The gloves give you a tighter and firmer grip on the handlebars and throttle, keeping your hands from slipping off.

They come in four different sizes, ranging from medium to extra extra large. Plus, you can pick and choose a color that best fits your motorcycle. While they aren’t heated gloves, you can get them as either a winter or a summer pair, depending on when you enjoy riding most. They offer great air circulation while riding in hot and cold weather and won’t leave your hands sweaty.

While they do come with a waterproof guarantee, we found rain or snow can soak through the material to your hands during your ride. This really only seems to come into play if riding out in the elements for long periods of time or during a heavy downpour. Shorter rides through rain should be fine and not leave your hands soaking wet and cold.

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Best Motorcycle Glove Value: Tcbunny Pro-biker Motorbike Carbon Fiber Powersports Racing Gloves

Tcbunny Pro-biker Motorbike Carbon Fiber Powersports Racing Gloves

These are designed with a carbon fiber hard shell built around a mesh material and leather fingertips. The fabric offers a comfortable grip on the throttle and helps keep the fingers on the throttle and handlebars. The knuckle protectors are also built with the same carbon fiber to prevent you from injuring your knuckles in a crash. 

Another thing these gloves feature is a wide array of colors. There are six different shades so you can match them to your bike. The thin cloth keeps your hands from overheating on warm days, allowing air to move through them, preventing sweat and an uncomfortable grip.

We recommend ordering a size larger than you may need. They tend to run a bit snug when first worn. This will help prevent tearing or ripping the fabric. Also, due to the thin cloth, they are not recommended for use as winter gloves. If you must wear them during colder temperatures, we advise wearing glove liners to keep your hands warm.

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Best Motorcycle Gloves Honorable Mention: TitanOPS Motorcycle Gloves 

TitanOPS Motorcycle Gloves

These leather motorcycle gloves are made of nylon and extra stitching to hold them together through hours of riding. The anti-slip material makes the palms and fingers have more grip and keeps them on the throttle and handlebars, plus the lining makes for a more comfortable ride. Plastic knuckle guards are built in to protect you as well. The gloves also double as a use for hunting, tactical training, outdoor work, cycling, hiking, and combat.`

They come six colors and four sizes; starting out at a medium and going up to an extra large. You can easily figure out what size you’ll need with the chart included with them. They are simple to wash after a long day out riding. Either toss them in the laundry machine and let it do the work, or wash them by hand with warm water and soap. The adjustable Velcro wrist strap provides a tight fit to your hands.

We noticed while the gloves may be great for hot weather riding, they aren’t designed for colder weather rides. We suggest wearing layers underneath the glove to help keep warm. The gloves also tend to be snug on hands, so ordering one size larger than you think you’ll need will help make them fit more comfortably.

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  • To ensure a comfortable fit and to prevent tearing, find a pair that fits comfortably. You need to move your fingers around without restriction from the material inside. When in doubt, you can consult with the manufacturer to see if they have a sizing chart.
  • When deciding which gloves are best, keep in mind the type of weather you will be riding in. You’ll need breathable gloves to keep your hands cool in the summer and thicker waterproof gloves for winter or riding in the elements.
  • If you’re riding in colder temperatures, and you can’t keep your hands warm, you can always invest in hand warmers or glove liners to help heat your fingers. Motorcycle gloves should easily fit over most liners.


Q: How can I be sure a glove fits comfortably before buying it?

A: A good way to test which glove size you may need is to measure your hands. You can simply measure the length of your palm and consult the sizes listed with the gloves.

Q: How do I wash motorcycle gloves?

A: Washing them depends on what style and material they are made of. Many are easy to clean by first rinsing them with warm water or using a wet towel mixed with soap. Consult the manufacturer to see the best way to properly clean your gloves so you don't ruin them.

Q: Are motorcycle gloves unisex?

A: Many come in pairs for men and women, but typically fit both genders. When in doubt, check the size chart to find a pair that is right for you.

Final Thoughts

Our overall best pick for a good pair of gloves is the ILM Madbike Steel Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves due to the reinforced design and protection.

Riders who want to avoid spending a lot on motorbike gloves while still getting a high-quality pair should go for the Tcbunny Pro-biker Motorbike Carbon Fiber Powersports Racing Gloves instead.

Let us know what you think are the best motorcycle gloves in the comments below.