The Best Snow Plows: Clear Out a Bunch of Powder in One Fell Swoop

If you live somewhere wintry, having a snow plow can be a total game changer—and you don’t always need a truck.

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The Best Snow Plows: Clear Out a Bunch of Powder in One Fell Swoop
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Shoveling snow is one of those activities that could either be a great opportunity for a good workout or be a complete and thorough pain in the rear end. We'll hazard a guess and say that most folks find it to be the latter. Luckily, there are products out there that enable you to put a massive shovel on the front of your truck, SUV, or even ATV, and remove literally tons of it quite easily and quickly: Snow plows!

Finding the best snow plow for your setup can take some research and planning. How big is your vehicle? How big is the area you're looking to make snow-less? Are you considering making some coin off of your efforts with your shiny new snow plow? Luckily, we've whipped this handy buying guide to help you in your search. Check it out!

Best Overall

Meyer Home Plow 80 in. x 18 in. Residential Auto-Angling Snow Plow with Electric Lift

One sturdy all-rounder.
  • Great snow-clearing ability
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Convenient wireless remote
  • Works well with light-duty trucks
  • Occasional issues with remote
  • Skid shoes aren't included
  • Some users report not receiving all required hardware
Best High-End

Meyer Home Plow WingMan 90 in. W x 36 in. H Commercial Power Angle Snow Plow

Chock-full of features that make it very easy to use.
  • Sturdy military-grade steel blade
  • Super easy removal and installation
  • Integrated wheels for installation and storage
  • Commercial-grade hydraulic system
  • Included right lights
  • Good for as much as light commercial duty, but might not hold up to anything more
  • Expensive
Best Value

DK2 82 in. x 19 in. Heavy-Duty Universal Mount T-Frame Snow Plow Kit

A great option for the price it commands.
  • Lots of value for the price
  • Easy assembly
  • Effective size
  • Easy Operation
  • Hardware can rust quickly—it's a good idea to take your time and coat it in rust-prevention solutions before use
  • Clips and winch aren't the sturdiest components
  • Instructions aren't very thorough

Summary List

Our Methodology

Unfortunately, this time around we didn't get the chance to climb up into a full-size pickup truck, fire up its meaty diesel engine, and drop each of these blades into some several-feet-high powder. Or, straddle a modest-sized ATV. But we did read through user reviews, took note of useful features, and then compared them with each product's price tag. For more on how we select and highlight products, have a gander at this.

Snow Plows Reviews & Recommendations


Great snow-clearing ability

Easy assembly

Easy to install and remove

Convenient wireless remote

Works well with light-duty trucks


Occasional issues with wireless remote

Doesn't include skid shoes

Some users report not receiving all hardware

This 80 x 18 unit by Meyer works well for residential applications, especially mounted up to any light-duty truck or SUV. Its automatic blade angling makes easy work of clearing off one's driveway, and easy installation and removal make it even easier.

Though, it's not the truly perfect setup. Some users reported having issues with the wireless remote, and others noted that not all hardware was included in the packaging. When it comes to the latter, it's a good idea to take inventory of everything before digging into assembly and installation.



Chock-full of features

Super easy installation, removal, and storage

Strong hydraulic system



Might not hold up to prolonged, focused commercial work

The WingMan by Meyer is a very sturdy, top-of-the-line unit. It features a 90 x 36 blade and users report that it's got a very good hydraulic system, so it's equipped for commercial use. Then, thanks to the included wheels on the back side, it's easy to install, remove, and store. As an added bonus, it includes super bright lights for an all-night-long removal service.

When it comes to commercial applications, users report that it's good for lighter service but it might not hold up to serious, season-long abuse. It's also quite expensive, though considering its size and features, it beats out a lot of similar-level units from other brands.


Lots of value for sub-$2,000

Easy assembly and installation

Easy operation


Hardware is prone to rust, quickly

Clips and winch don't stand up to abuse very well

Minimal directions

This 82 x 19 heavy-duty unit by DK2 made it into our list simply due to its massive amount of positive reviews. For the price, it's a great size for many applications, so it'll clear snow quite effectively. Speaking of effectiveness, users say it's easy to assemble, install, and operate.

However, users have reported that hardware rusts rather quickly. That means it's a good idea to coat it all with a quality rust-preventing solution prior to heading out into the great white void. Take care when operating on uneven surfaces and/or over gravel, too, as some folks have experienced broken clips and winches while putting it through the wringer.


Minimal assembly

Up to four feet of snow

Great plow size for the price

Easy installation, removal, and storage


Precision hydraulic adjustment takes a steady/quick hand

Skid shoes not included

Hydraulic system is a tad weak

This residential 80 x 22 plow is a great entry-level unit. It's easy to assemble, install, and remove, and stores easily in the garage. However, keep in mind that it's residential-rated, meaning it won't stand up to hard commercial work.

Users' complaints mainly focus on its hydraulic system. Its adjustment is a touch too precise, so it takes a steady and quick hand to operate. Then, the system is weak, so breaking a motor or blowing a line during prolonged service could happen. Though, for clearing a driveway in four-feet-or-less accumulation, it's one sweet unit.


Easy installation

Polycarbonate blade won't mess up any surfaces

Works with light gravel and sand

No hitches or hydraulics keeps it easy and straightforward to operate


When it comes to gravel and sand, light-duty is key

Won't push through deep snow

This 49 x 19.5 universal unit is great for anyone looking to perform plow duty with their ATV, UTV, or quad (er, aren't two of those one and the same?). It's easy to install, uninstall, and operate, and its polycarbonate blade won't mark up any surfaces. The blade's also easy to replace, as its three panels that bolt up together. What's neat is they'll tell you when a load is too heavy for the plow to handle by springing forward. Finally, there are no hydraulics to operate, making for a generally easier ownership experience.

On the downside, it's not the strongest unit. This means heavy and high snow is out of its reach. As is pushing around a lot of sand and gravel—it's considered for very light duty, only.

Our Verdict on the Best Snow Plows

When it comes to one plow to rule them all, or at least be very versatile and easy to use, you can't beat the Meyer Home Plow 80 in. x 18 in. Residential Auto-Angling Snow Plow with Electric Lift. However, if you're after the most effective way to save some scratch, the DK2 82 in. x 19 in. Heavy-Duty Universal Mount T-Frame Snow Plow Kit is a solid move.


You've got questions. The Drive's got answers!

Q: How deep should snow be to use a snow plow?

A: It should be at least an inch deep, though the maximum depth of snow depends on a snow plow's rating. Be sure to read the owner's manual before tackling an especially snowy day.

Q: I've got high and low in my truck, which should I use for operating a snow plow?

A: Use four-wheel low for low-speeds in tight areas, and four-wheel high for larger parking lots where you might exceed 5 mph.

Q: Will using a snow plow harm my truck or SUV?

A: It potentially could. It's a good idea to use a truck that has a transmission cooler, as its this part of the drivetrain that takes the abuse. Even in the cold of winter. If your truck or SUV doesn't have it, it's a good idea to look for a suitable unit in the aftermarket.

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