Best ATV Snow Plows: Prepare for Winter with a Snow Plow Kit

Get rid of snow on your driveway with these tops ATV snow plows

byAlice Musyoka|
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BYAlice Musyoka/ LAST UPDATED ON October 24, 2022

ATVs are super useful machines. They're rugged, capable, and can help you do chores around the house, farm, or homestead. They're especially great when you have to plow your driveway or ranch, as they make quick work of snow thanks to all-wheel drive and not being Arby's-powered like you are, you squishy meat-bag. But to do so, you need an ATV plow and since there are so many on the market, it can make it difficult to choose which is right for your rig. Don't fret as The Drive's crack reviews team has put together the below to ensure your driveway gets plowed this winter season. Take a look.

Best Overall
WARN 106080 ATV Snow Plow Kit

WARN 106080 ATV Snow Plow Kit

Warn has been the go-to workhorse brand name for everything from winches to plows and that's why it receives our top prize. This Warn plow kit includes everything you'll need to immediately hook it up to your ATV, which makes it easy and cost-effective.
  • Everything needed included
  • Not expensive
  • Warn brand name
  • Not the biggest plow blade
  • Not powered, but is capable of being powered
Best Big Blade

Extreme Max UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow

This snow plow kit comes with a welded push tube for quick and convenient installation. The UniMount universal mount makes it a good fit for most ATVs.
  • Heavy-duty
  • Six-way adjustable
  • 50-inch blade
  • Assembly is challenging
  • Bolts are not the highest quality.
Most Durable

Camco Black Board Snow Plow ATV Kit

Camco's name is synonymous with quality, making its bones in the RV market. This ATV kit has everything you'll need to clean off your driveway in minutes and features a 9-position, 48-inch blade. You can't go wrong.
  • Camco brand name
  • 9-position, 48-inch blade
  • All-in-one kit
  • Expensive
  • Not powered

Our Methodology

I live in a snow clime. In fact, as of this writing, we got our first big snowfall. In October...

I've used ATV snow plows throughout my life, and I know the accessory work space well from my time working at a local Parks department working maintenance. I trust brand names, as they're the most reliable and built the best. I went through a host of great ATV plows, but only three made the cut. And if you want to know more about The Drive's product review criteria, click this link.

Warn has been the go-to workhorse brand name for everything from winches to plows and that's why it receives our top prize. I've used Warn products extensively and trust the brand implicitly at this point. This specific Warn plow kit includes everything you'll need to immediately hook it up to your ATV, including all the hardware and the blade. This complete system makes it easy and cost-effective, though it's more designed for smaller displacement ATVs with its 28-inch blade. It isn't the cheapest of units, however, especially for its size. But what you're paying for with this kit is the peace of mind Warn products have. It's also a universal fit, making it perfect for a host of ATVs on the market. This specific kits is also compatible with Warn's Provantage Plow Lift system that allows you to raise and lower the blade with a push of a button. That, however, is sold separately.
Extreme Max isn't exactly a household name, but this kit is absolutely the business. Coming with a 50-inch blade, this universal snow snow plow kit has everything you'll need to get your driveway cleaned in no time at all. The kit is a universal kit, in that it'll work for nearly every ATV around, however, Extreme Max does sell brand-specific snow plow kits for Polaris and Can-Am, too. Installation takes only an hour, according to most buyers, and the instructions are clear and easy. Where it really shines is in price compared to blade length. For under $650 at the time of writing, it's 50-inch blade makes it a helluva bargain and will shorten the time you spend out in the cold. It is, however, from a manufacturer that isn't as well known, so some quality issues can occur.
Camco's name is synonymous with quality. The brand made its bones in the RV market and racking up one of the best-known and most-trusted names around. This specific ATV snow plow kit has everything you'll need to clean off your driveway in minutes, coming with everything you need. The kit itself features a 9-position, 48-inch blade, and all the mounting equipment. It is quite expensive, but you're paying from brand-name recognition and Camco's warranty. Camco also touts that you can install and remove the snow plow kit in only a few minutes, which makes switching ATV tasks far more simple. It also works with installed winch systems so that you can raise and lower the blade quickly and efficiently. You really can't go wrong.

What You Need To Know When Buying an ATV Snow Plow

Here's everything you need to know.

Lift Systems

Lift snowplows come in two categories: manual lift (chain lift) and direct hydraulic lift. Manual lifts are good for small-scale plowing and lifting around the home. Direct lifts are designed to handle bigger debris. Both do a great job, but direct hydraulic lifts raise and lower seamlessly over curves and bumps in a driveway.


Yes, you’ll be clearing snow while seated on your ATV, but that doesn't mean you should be lax about the blade material, because it determines your plow’s durability. Most blades are made of top-grade steel. The material also needs to be powder-coated to make sure snow doesn’t accumulate on it as you plow through it. 


Since you’ll be clearing paths large enough to allow for foot traffic, you need a blade that is wide enough to clear large sections at a time. Most snow plows for ATVs are 50 to 62 inches wide. However, some are wider. The plows measure about 16 inches in length. 


One of the costliest mistakes you can make is getting an ATV snow plow kit that is incompatible with your ATV. Manufacturer websites let you check whether your kit is compatible with your ATV. You can choose a snowplow with a universal mount to accommodate future changes. 


You've got questions. The Drive has answers.

What's the best size snow plow blade for an ATV?

Between 28 and 50 inches, but it really depends on the engine capacity of your ATV. If you have a smaller engine, it won't be able to push a larger snow plow blade full of snow.

Do I need tire chains to plow snow with my ATV?

That depends on how much snow you have and if there's ice across your driveway, but it can't hurt.

What about a winch, do I need one to plow snow with an ATV?

You technically don't, but a winch will allow you to raise and lower the snow plow blade without the use of hand tools and stopping.

How much do ATV snow plows cost?

They range from a couple hundred dollars for a cheap one on Amazon to nearly $1,000 for powered units from brand names.

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