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Best F-150 Floor Mats: Keep Dirt and Debris Off Your Original Flooring

Don’t let mud, snow, or spills wreck your truck’s floors; use a set of top-tier floor mats instead.

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You never quite know what’s going to get tracked into your truck’s cab – or spill all over its flooring. Accidents happen, whether in the form of muddy boots, melting snow, or a spilled travel mug of coffee. The best way to prevent these everyday occurrences from turning into unsightly stains on your Ford F-150’s floor is to cover up that factory flooring with a set of protective floor mats. Available in all kinds of materials and sizes, you can easily find floor mats that’ll effectively stop dirt, trap liquids, and prevent long-term discoloration, damage, and staining before it can happen. No matter what model you’re driving, you can find F-150 floor mats that’ll match seamlessly with your interior and provide you with better traction and more dirt-stopping power than the standard fabric mats so common straight off the lot.

Summary List 

Our Methodology

To choose and highlight the best F-150 floor mats, I took a look at every type of vehicle floor mat, from fabric to rubber to elastomers as well as universally sized and custom-fit. I sought out mats made by well-known brands, such as WeatherTech and Husky, to find options that would be reliable for the long-term and able to live up to your floor protection expectations. Floor mats that offered more customized sizing topped my list, as they could provide a surer fit and prevent common problems like slipping and gaping. I also sought out floor mat sets that would work for various F-150 models and model years, looking to users’ ratings and reviews to understand their fitment. 

Best F-150 Floor Mats: Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall

WeatherTech 3D Front Floor Mats

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Best Value

Husky Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

See It

Honorable Mention

Rough Country Front Floor Mats

See It

Best High-Edge

Rugged Ridge Front Floor Liners

See It

Best for Liquids

Westin Sure Fit Floor Liners

See It

Best for Off-Road Messes

Rugged Ridge All Terrain Floor Liner Kit

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Our Verdict on the Best F-150 Floor Mats

When it comes to the combination of durability, dirt- and liquid-trapping capability, and all-weather performance of WeatherTech 3D Front Floor Mats, it’s hard to find a better choice for your F-150. These vehicle-specific mats offer a seamless fit and serious protection for your flooring. However, for great bang for your buck, the extra-thick and nicely durable Husky Heavy-Duty Floor Mats are an affordable alternative that covers your entire front seat floor space.  


Q: Will 2020 F-150 floor mats fit a 2021 F-150?

A: It depends on the kind of floor mat you’re working with or thinking about buying. If you’ve chosen custom-fit mats made for specific makes, models, and model years, then a 2021 F-150’s mat may not fit in a 2022 model year. However, if you’re going with trim-to-fit or universal fit mats, you shouldn’t have an issue.

Q: How do you clean F-150 floor mats?

A: If you’re opting for rubber, vinyl, or similar materials, you can easily rinse your mats clean. For a deeper clean, you can soap them up with a cleaning solution and rinse them off. Carpet-like or fabric mats will need to be cleaned like upholstery – vacuuming, carpet-safe cleaning solution, water, and time to air dry will all be required.

Q: How do you keep F-150 floor mats from sliding on vinyl floors?

A: If you opted for vinyl flooring in your pickup truck, the typical carpet claws and textured undersides of your average floor mat won’t really prevent sliding. Instead, you may want to opt for mats that hook into place, or use carpet or rug grip tape (also called non-slip tape) to keep everything secure.

Q: How do you get floor mats to lay flat?

A: When your floor mats first arrive, they may be curled up and refuse to lay flat – but just give them some weight and some time. Adding weight, like stacks of books, bricks, or other heavy items, can help them lay flat or adopt the correct shape once taken out of their packaging.


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