Best Bluetooth FM Transmitters: Bring Some Flexible Sound into Your Old Car

The best Bluetooth FM transmitters to bring digital streaming music to older vehicles.

byNoelle Talmon| UPDATED Oct 18, 2022 11:27 AM
Best Bluetooth FM Transmitters: Bring Some Flexible Sound into Your Old Car

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Best Overall

Guanda Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Featuring a clear display and user-friendly interface, this FM radio and Bluetooth transmitter makes driving easier.
  • Large screen
  • Stable connection to DC adapter
  • Enables hands free calls and music control
  • Takes up quite a bit of space
  • Can encumber access to shift controls
  • Better with DC adapters placed higher on the dash
Best Value

Raxfly Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Affordable and compact, this FM transmitter incorporates a USB and a DC connection. It is built to offer a stable sound with reduced interruptions.
  • Equipped with two charging stations
  • Multiple playback settings
  • Over-voltage and surge protection
  • USB ports prone to wear and tear
  • Controls are fairly small and can be tricky to push
  • Easy to scratch the surface
Honorable Mention

Imden Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Simple and straightforward, this model incorporates Bluetooth along with FM function to enhance your car’s ability. The compact plug makes it easy to control
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth system
  • Pairs easily and efficiently
  • Includes overcurrent protection and thermal controls
  • Doesn’t enable hands-free functions without a pairing kit
  • Version three Bluetooth is good, but other picks have version five

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Best Bluetooth FM Transmitters Reviews & Recommendations

If you’re looking for something that will actively contribute to the function of your car, then the Guanda Bluetooth FM Transmitter is a good pick. It touts a stable Bluetooth connection that links efficiently. By incorporating a large LCD screen and easy-to-manage interface, this transmitter takes older vehicles to a new level. Ideal for retrofitting an older ride with modern tech, simply plug it into the DC port of your car and the up-to-date Bluetooth tech takes care of the rest. Built to dampen road noise and prevent vibrations, it remains durable over the long term. Performing consistently, this set is compatible with both Siri and Google Assistant. With an adjustable angle, this transmitter is a worthy candidate overall. 

It’s worth mentioning that there are some downsides to its bulky design. Yes, you can adjust it, but since it is much larger than other options, it risks getting in the way of your shift controls. Consider where the DC adapter is located on your vehicle before making your pick.

If you’re looking to stay within your budget, but don’t want to forego quality, consider the Raxfly Bluetooth FM Transmitter. Not only is it priced affordably, but the simple design and compact structure make it an unassuming addition to your ride. Going directly into the DC port on your ride, it uses fifth-generation Bluetooth technology to pair quickly and work smoothly. Preventing connection issues, it also neutralizes static from the radio for a crisp result. You can use it as a charger, plugging it in via USB to play MP3 files. Alternatively, you can rely on the handsfree call controls and secure transmission. Equipped with voltage regulators and safeguards, this Bluetooth FM transmitter isn’t prone to damage and is highly affordable. 

While it’s a terrific value pick, this design is far from perfect. Some of the controls are too small to use easily, especially while you’re driving. Though the screen is large, it also is fairly easy to scratch. Be careful when you store it — leaving it in will cause battery issues while improper storage risks damage. 

Working as the go-between for your phone and your car, the Imden Bluetooth FM Transmitter is a good option. It features dual USB charging ports, which allows you reboot more than one device concurrently. It's quick charging, too, as it boots back up your tech at around 80 percent added efficiency. Complete with all the Bluetooth standards, like static suppression and hi-fidelity controls, it also touts a powerful microphone. The call quality is clear and the secure connection prevents dropped calls. You can use this simple device to control your soundtrack, scan the radio, and take calls. The buttons are accessible and it takes up very little space, which enables you to get the full function of the transmitter without compromising access to the rest of the vehicle. Small and sleek, the Imden is definitely worthy of an honorable mention. 

Now, keep in mind that the petite nature of it has perks, but also downsides. On the plus side, it’s compact. On the downside, it adds to the likelihood of leaving it behind. It can drain your battery if left in place, so be sure to keep the adapter in mind to prevent issues.

In addition to being a good wireless FM transmitter, the Nulaxy Transmitter has a few extra features hidden away in its simple, compact design. The transmitter pairs well with most smart and mobile devices capable of Bluetooth connectivity. More than that, it's also compatible with many digital assistants like Siri and Alexa to play hands-free music automatically.

The overall build quality is on the high end for a transmitter at this price range. While plastic, the exterior has a rigid feel that doesn't have too much give when you are moving it around. The sound delivery is also good and lacks any noticeable distortion unless it's near a major source of interference.

This transmitter, however, can be inconvenient in a couple of ways. First, the adjustable neck is on the stiff side and requires some force to get it into a good position to see while driving. Secondly, the lack of set channels also makes it difficult to find an empty frequency if you travel between different cities or regions on a consistent basis. 

This Bluetooth FM transmitter comes with two USB ports, one being a smart charger, and is compatible with a wide range of devices. What sets this smart device apart from the rest is its large 1.7-inch LCD backlight display with intuitive controls. The large display is enough to display the song name, your car’s battery level, or the incoming phone number. The best part is that the display unit is supported with a 270-degree gooseneck, which you can adjust for a more comfortable viewing angle. 

As for the intuitive controls, it has a multifunction button for controlling the volume, two buttons on the left for adjusting the frequency, and two more buttons on the right for skipping to the next or previous track. 

The main issue is that it may take a toll on your car’s battery. The display will indicate the battery voltage but it may not be 100 percent accurate. To be on the safe side, press the next song key for about five seconds to turn off the unit when it’s not in use.

Are you looking to add a bit of flash to your car’s interior while also kicking your stereo into high gear? Try the Clydek Car Charger Bluetooth FM Adapter for its balance of flair and utility. It stands out from the crowd as one of the most sizable screens. At just under two inches, it features crisp resolution and a comprehensive display. With a main control to adjust phone and tuning, you can also use the included remote for controls. Touting three USB components and an AUX connection, you can hook this tech up to any soundsystem you prefer. With everything from Google Assistant to Siri working with the system, if you have a modern phone, this is an especially good pick. Reducing static, adding clarity, and with a high performance value overall, this high-tech solution is worth a look. 

Bear in mind that the bulk of the screen can interfere with air vents. It can interact with functionality by over-cooling or overheating the system. While there are safeguards in place, this can still impact its ability to work properly. You can adjust it over a broad range, letting you avoid this issue in most cases.

Standing out for its backlit, sleek design, the Lencent Bluetooth FM Transmitter is excellent for dated rides. If you’ve restored an older model or have a vintage car, this is a clever way to get the best of both worlds. It plugs directly into your DC port, the backlight turning on automatically. Pairing with your system easily, it is also compatible with a wide range of other mediums. You can plug in a microSD card, USB cords, or simply opt for a streaming service through your phone. Featuring a high-quality microphone, you get crisp audio and the person on the other end of the call can hear you clearly too. It is compatible with just about any device on the market and has an impressive range. Running between 87.5 and 108 megahertz, it accesses more stations than most without dealing with interference. Easy to use at night, the controls are user-friendly and the system itself is extremely durable. 

Naturally, there are some downsides to this design. For starters, it isn’t adjustable. The design is restricted to the placement of your 12-volt port. Also, it isn’t the easiest to pair. Once you’re set up, it’s fine, but expect to spend a few minutes getting started. 

The FlexSMART incorporates a number of features in one compact device to give buyers almost everything they are looking for in an FM transmitter. It uses Bluetooth 2.1 technology, and can pair with two devices simultaneously so that you can take calls while streaming music from the other source.


It has a wide LED display and intuitive controls for increasing the volume, answering, or declining calls. Since it has an innovative gooseneck design, it will be easy to access the controls while you are driving no matter the layout of your dashboard. Lastly, the unit can connect to non-Bluetooth devices via the 3.5 aux port or the USB port provided.

The main issue with the FlexSMART is that it only has a single USB port when most FM transmitters come with at least two. Also, it takes fairly long to power on and pair with Bluetooth devices within its range.

Our Verdict

Now that you know the finer points of picking out the best Bluetooth FM transmitters, it’s time to make your pick. For quality and performance, the Guanda Bluetooth FM Transmitter is a terrific pick overall. Working on a budget? Consider the value of the Raxfly Bluetooth FM Transmitter for its balance of utility and affordability. 

Key Features

Bluetooth Connectivity

Arguably, this is the very thing that makes an FM transmitter wireless. Bluetooth connectivity allows the device to connect to a smartphone without any cords. Be aware, however, there are a few FM transmitters that lack the Bluetooth addition, instead of relying on just a simple audio cable to connect the transmitter to the device.

USB Ports

If you want to charge devices on the go through a 12-volt outlet, built-in USB ports are a must. Large transmitters typically have one or two ports included in the body. Keep in mind that the type of USB ports included is important. Modern USB 3.0 and above ports are better for quick-charging the latest smart devices you may have.

Info Display

Modern audio systems do more than just play music; they also display helpful information about the music. For example, you can find the title, writer, and/or singer of the song from the display alone. Some FM transmitters can show this info on a built-in LCD or LED display. Others can also pipe this information onto the stereo display if it has the capability of reading/conveying this information. This capability will depend on the device itself since some Android phones and iPhones vary in compatibility. 

Bluetooth FM Transmitter Pricing

Don't spend over $20. If you are, you're getting ripped off.


You've got questions. The Drive has answers. 

Q. How do FM transmitters work?

An FM transmitter acts like a basic radio transmitter, similar to high-powered versions radio stations use. It sends a signal to a specific frequency. On the other end, it connects wirelessly to a smart device so data is transferred without the need for a cord.

Q. What kinds of devices can connect to an FM transmitter?

Anything with an audio source and Bluetooth connectivity should work. Beyond smart devices, modern music players are typically compatible. Higher-end transmitters can also use expandable memory like SD cards so you can play music from the device itself.

Q. Will an FM transmitter drain the car's battery?

This depends on the car itself. If the vehicle has an auto shut-off feature whenever the car is off, the battery should be just fine. If it lacks this feature, you may find the battery to be drained if the FM transmitter and stereo are left on overnight or while you are out.

Q. How is the sound quality with an FM transmitter?

No matter how good our car stereo is or how fancy your FM transmitter is, you'll always lose some signal clarity and, therefore, audio integrity when using Bluetooth. It's simply the nature of Bluetooth. A noise-canceling receiver will help. Remember: When it comes to electronics, you (almost always) get what you pay for.