Best 5.25 Speakers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

Experience a loud and powerful sound with these top 5.25-inch car speakers

Best Overall

u0026nbsp;Rockford Fosgate Prime

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Pyle Car Sound Speaker

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Kicker D-Series Car Speakers

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Even when you pay a little extra at the dealership to equip your new car with the best sound system, the speakers aren’t always up to par. Sometimes you’re stuck with speakers that deliver less-than-flawless sound, alter volume, and don’t amp up the frequencies or bass the way you’d hoped. There’s an easy fix, and it’s one you can handle yourself. You can swap out your existing speakers for a better set of 5.25 speakers. Take your audio system into your own hands and choose out 5.25 speakers that’ll deliver the clarity, volume, and other benefits you desire. You can upgrade your car’s sound system with one of the following products, which are some of the best 5.25 speakers you’ll find.

Our Methodology

To choose the best 5.25 speakers for any vehicle and driver in need of upgraded sound, the search started with a comparison of many different speakers available. I considered products from many brands, specifically seeking out reputable and well-known brands in the audio space. I compared each speaker set’s features and benefits, taking a close look at details such as frequency range and response, power range and handling, and user feedback on how the speakers performed with various types of audio and at different volume levels. Fit and installation were also taken into consideration. 

Best 5.25 Speaker Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall

Rockford Fosgate Prime

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Best Value

Pyle Car Sound Speaker

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Best Premium

Kicker D-Series Car Speakers

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Best Loudspeaker

Boss Audio Systems Car Speakers

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Best Easy to Install

Pioneer Car Speakers

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Our Verdict on 5.25 Speakers

Our top pick for the best car speakers are the Rockford Fosgate Prime. They offer a natural and accurate sound, have nice aesthetics, and are well-built for durability. Our pick for the best value 5.25-inch car speakers are the Pyle Car Sound Speaker. They’re affordable and offer great sound quality with no unwanted distortion.  

What to Consider When Buying 5.25 Speakers

This buying guide can help you pick out a quality set of 5.25 speakers for your car. It gives you the tools to find the right speakers for your audio wants and needs.

Types of 5.25 Speakers

Component Speakers

These types of speakers are also called separates, and they work in conjunction with a pair of subwoofers, crossovers, and tweeters. They offer a vibrant and rich sound quality, while at the same time they’re small and save on space. A three-way car speaker configuration may include tweeters, midrange speakers, and subwoofers for powerful high, mid, and low frequencies.

Coaxial Speakers

These are the most affordable speakers, and most stock car audio systems use them. The basic configuration of a full range, coaxial speaker system is a tweeter that’s mounted on the cone of a woofer for the best blend of high- and low-frequency sounds. These speakers also have a space-saving design.

5.25 Speakers Key Features

Speaker Configuration

There are two-way speaker components that only include a woofer and tweeter mounted on a cone, which deliver low and high frequencies. Another speaker configuration is a three-way speaker system that includes a midrange speaker in the tweeter and woofer collection for a more accurate and fuller sound.

Power-Handling Capacity

The speaker’s power is gauged in RMS and peak watts. RMS is the amount of power that a speaker can handle on a continuous basis, while the peak power is the maximum amount of power that can be handled by a speaker before blowing out. Ensure that the new speakers can handle the power produced by your amplifier or factory stereo.

Build Material

The build material affects the overall sound quality of the unit, especially for the woofer cone. Some common cone materials that minimize sound distortion include mica, clay, polypropylene, fiber polymer, and metal-coated synthetic fabrics. Some speakers are made of textile or glass, which aren’t as durable and generally produce a lower-quality sound.


Sensitivity is the ability to convert the amplifier power into sound. High-powered car stereos work better with low-sensitivity speakers, and the opposite goes for low-powered car stereos.

Frequency Range

Choose a speaker with a vast frequency range to experience the best lows and highs in your car’s audio system. That way you won’t have to pair the speakers with a set of subwoofers.

5.25 Speaker Benefits

Space Friendly

If you have a sports car or drive any other compact car with limited internal space, you may not have enough room for large speakers. You also need to save the space for your groceries and other items that can be stored in your trunk. Fortunately, 5.25 speakers don’t take up much space since they can fit in a car door or dashboard.

Improved Sound Quality

If your factory speakers are just not doing it for you, you can upgrade your car’s sound system with some of the best 5.25 speakers for the money. They typically produce a better sound than your factory speakers, while reducing distortion at high volumes.

Upgrade Your Interior

Most 5.25 speakers from high-end brands carry elegant designs that are sure to make your interior pop, whether they’re installed in the doors or the dashboard. They also create a better listening room in your car.

5.25 Speaker Brands to Know

Rockford Fosgate

Jim Fosgate introduced Rockford Fosgate into the car audio industry in 1973, and it’s currently an industry leader in audio innovation and engineering. The company is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, and designs some of the best audio systems for automobiles, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and marine equipment. One of its best 5.25 coaxial speakers is the Rockford Fosgate Prime.


Pyle Audio is a U.S. manufacturer of audio equipment and replacement stereo systems and was founded in 1960. The company also designs some of the best digital cameras, televisions, DVD players, metal detectors, projectors, and musical instruments. Pyle Audio is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, and aims to transform every car into a “media system on wheels.” One of its best 5.25 speakers is the Pyle Car Sound Speaker.


JBL is a California-based subsidiary company of Samsung Electronics owned by Harman International Industries. James Bullough Lansing founded the company in 1946, and it currently manufactures a wealth of audio equipment, including earphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, headphones, and car speakers. One of its best 5.25 component car speakers is the JBL Stage 502 Coaxial Speakers.


Boss Audio has more than 30 years of experience in the audio equipment industry. The company manufactures and designs some of the best amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, tweeters, in-dash tablets, and other entertainment accessories. Boss Audio is headquartered in Oxnard, California, and one of its best-selling 5.25 three-way speakers is the Boss Audio Car Speaker.

5.25 Speaker Pricing 

For $50 or less, you’ll find plenty of name-brand speakers that are budget friendly and able to meet your expectations for performance, quality, and durability. The speakers are typically loud and can be powered by a factory or aftermarket stereo. Spend more than $50, and you’ll find premium speakers that offer enhanced durability and sound quality. Most are backed with warranties, are resistant to collision damage, and offer great low-frequency response that’s ideal for bass enthusiasts.

Tips and Tricks

As with something you do for decades, you pick up a few tips and tricks along the way in terms of selecting the right product and using it. That’s the case with us and 5.25 speakers. To help you bridge the information gap, here’s a selection of what we’ve learned.

  • Power low-RMS rated speakers with a factory stereo. You don’t need an external amplifier with a low-power speaker, but you need an external amplifier if your speaker has a high RMS rating. If you underpower or overpower a speaker, it may lead to sound distortion and eventually may damage the speakers.
  • Don’t make a habit of tuning the tweeters on component speakers to a flat setting. You may end up with highs that are too bright and flat lows with no punch. Tune the crossover settings to ensure that the mids balance out the highs and lows.
  • New speakers need time to break in before you can feel their full power. That can take a few hours or longer. However, if it’s been weeks and you aren’t getting the full potential of your speakers, you might be underfeeding them with power and need to hook them up with a high-power aftermarket stereo or external amplifier.
  • You don’t have to rewire your sound system if you’re powering your new 5.25 speakers with the factory stereo. The factory speaker wire will work as long as it’s not damaged or worn out. If you plan on connecting an external amplifier, you might need to rewire the entire sound system from the stereo to the amplifiers and speakers. 


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q: How long do aftermarket speakers last?

A: It depends on the construction quality and how often you use the speakers. Speakers typically last for five years but can stretch to 10 years if they’re from a top audio brand. Generally, a speaker that blasts hard rock for longer periods is more likely to tear or blow out than a speaker that only plays classical music.

Q: Will an amplifier improve the sound quality of the speakers?

A: Most speakers can be powered by your car’s stereo, but some stereos produce a low wattage and might not power some high-end speakers. In that case or if you just need more volume or would like to get rid of sound distortion, you can include an amplifier in the setup. An amplifier will give you 10 to 20 years of service, depending on the quality of the brand. 

Q: Will new speakers make a difference if I still have an old stereo?

A: New speakers are an inexpensive way of improving the sound quality of your stock stereo, especially if you can only listen to the AM/FM radio while driving. New 5.25 speakers make the sound louder, more dynamic, and cleaner than what your factory speakers could offer. They will also give you enough time before you upgrade your stereo and enjoy music from other auxiliary sources. 


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