The Best Pure Sine Wave Inverters (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021

Protect your valuable electronics and appliances from accidental damage with a pure sine wave inverter

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BY Corrina Murdoch , Lisa Conant / LAST UPDATED ON September 29, 2020

Electronics are becoming increasingly vital to our daily lives. We rely on computers for work and televisions for gaming and entertainment and our smartphones for basically everything else, like instant information, on-the-go navigation, and everyday communication. On top of these essential devices, there are other expensive pieces that range from gaming consoles to smart home appliances to even the kitchen microwave.


Pure sine wave inverters are a great way to take care of your tech devices by creating a steady power flow. More than a standard surge protector, pure sine wave inverters keep AC-powered equipment free of any potential damage by ensuring a consistent current that doesn’t surge or fade. Naturally, for something so important, you need to choose the very best option on the market.

Best Overall
VoltWorks 1500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

A durable and rugged 1500 watt pure sine wave continuous power inverter that can easily power multiple items.


Equipped with a 15-foot remote control and easy-to-read LCD for easy operation. Features three AC outlets and two USB outlets for powering multiple items.


The warranty is only 18 months, which is less than some other models. The remote control is wired, so it can’t be operated at distances over 15 feet.

Best Overall
VoltWorks 1500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
Best Value
BESTEK 300Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
A handy and compact pure sine wave inverter suitable for use in your car, truck, or any vehicle with a 12-volt charging outlet or cigarette lighter.



Compact enough to go in any vehicle. Able to charge or power multiple items simultaneously. A great option for sensitive electronics like tablets and laptops.


Not powerful enough to run or charge larger appliances. Only works in a vehicle, not in your home.

Best Value
BESTEK 300Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
Honorable Mention
Giandel Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 

This 2000 watt inverter has a peak power of 4000 watts, an LED display, two three-prong outlets, and a USB port.


The device is quick and simple to install and has a wired remote. The display is easy to read, and the inverter protects against high/low voltage, overloading, polarity issues, and more.


The fan is loud with higher loads, and the instruction manual is quite basic. The cables aren't the best quality.

Honorable Mention
Giandel Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 
Pure Sine Wave Inverter used for smartphone charging

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What is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

A pure sine wave inverter’s primary job is to convert DC (direct current) power from either solar panels or a battery bank into usable AC (alternating current) power. To do this, it takes continuous DC and changes it into a pure sine wave curve that vacillates smoothly and steadily above and below zero volts. This method of delivering AC power is clean enough to power sensitive electronics that require a steady input to function correctly.

How does a Pure Sine Inverter Work?

Pure sine inverters work on a three-step process:

1. Oscillation

The inverter produces a series of oscillating pulses that run through a transistor circuit, called an IC circuit. These oscillations produce voltage peaks through an alternate battery charge with both positive and negative poles. Once the peaks reach a specific frequency, they can be transferred to the inverter’s amplifier.

2. Amplification

The oscillating pulses are amplified—or boosted—to achieve a more elevated level of current. This level of current is necessary to power your appliances or electronics. To do this, the inverter applies the amplified voltage to the output transformer’s secondary winding.

3. Output Transformation

Low-level AC power that was received from the amplifier runs through the secondary windings of the transformer and is stepped-up to a voltage that is sufficient to power your electronics and appliances.

Benefits of Pure Sine Wave Inverters

  • Clean Power. Pure sine waves produce clean power with very low harmonic distortion that can power even the most sensitive electronics safely and effectively. There’s no disruption of power or energy that may damage your equipment.
  • Quiet Operation. Clean power from pure sine waves decreases the amount of audible electrical noise given off by fluorescent lights, televisions, fans, stereos, and more. No strange buzzing sounds when your electronics are turned on.
  • High Inductive Loads. Pure sine waves handle appliances like microwaves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, and motors with high inductive loads with ease, allowing them to run smoother, cooler, and quieter.
  • Smooth, Continuous Power. Since pure sine waves run smoothly, without choppy step-ups and step-downs, they allow your sensitive electronics to operate without glitches, crashes, or strange interruptions. This can extend the life of your electronics and appliances.

Types of Sine Wave Inverters

Pure Sine Waves

Pure sine waves have a smooth and continuous wave-form with a uniform phase angle that allows for constant and clean output voltage, which rises and falls evenly and instantly changes polarity as it crosses the zero-volt line.

Modified Sine Waves

These sine waves are choppy, and their voltage rises and falls abruptly. Phase angles are sharper and less uniform, causing a rougher, less predictable delivery of voltage. Changes between polarity at the zero-voltage line aren’t instantaneous, but take some time to occur, leaving gaps in the delivery of power to your electronics and appliances.

Top Brands


Founded in 2007, BESTEK has become a leading consumer brand in the power supply and automotive industries. Their aim is to produce high-tech, innovative products, like their USB Power Strip 8-Outlet Surge Protector, that enhance life quality. They’re headquartered in Paris, France.


GoWISE USA is a brand from Ming’s Mark and is headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz. It first began manufacturing and selling pressure cookers, later offering air fryers, blood pressure monitors, and bathroom scales.


Voltworks specializes in power inverters and electric transformers, like the 300 Watt Power Inverter For Cars. Founded in 2019, Voltworks is quickly becoming a leader in the power supply industry.


Giandel is based out of Australia and has been a leading power inverter manufacturer for over a decade. Known for producing high-quality, long-lasting power inverters, it also sells modified sine wave inverters and car inverters.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Pricing

  • Under $100: Pure sine wave inverters in this price range are usually car inverters or small capacity inverters that produce under 1,000 watts of power.
  • $100-$500: This is the price range of the most popular pure sine inverters that people use to supplement power needs in their homes, RVs, boats, workshops, etc. These inverters usually produce between 1,000-2,000 watts of power.
  • $500 and up: This price range will get you some seriously heavy-duty inverters that produce anywhere from 3,000 to 12,000 watts or more of clean, reliable pure sine wave electricity.

Key Features

Safety Features

A good pure sine wave inverter will have built-in protective mechanisms to prevent the unit from being damaged by overheating, over-voltage, under-voltage, under-current, short-circuiting, and more. It will be equipped with a solid grounding mechanism and well-insulated wiring components.

Power Outlets

Consider getting an inverter that allows you to power or charge multiple devices simultaneously. Look for an inverter with multiple AC outlets as well as USB charging options that make it more versatile.


Choosing an inverter that’s backed by a strong warranty provides you peace of mind in the knowledge that you’re getting a reliable and high-quality product from a company that stands behind it and will replace or repair any issues that might arise within a reasonable period.

Other Considerations

  • Power Output. Be sure to get an inverter that will deliver the proper amount of power to meet your needs. Reading owners manuals for your chosen electronics or appliances will ensure that you don’t get something that isn’t strong enough or that you waste money on one that’s too big.
  • Battery Requirements. Know how many batteries you need to provide as much power as you want to your chosen electronics or appliances for as long as you need. Are you going to use it as an emergency power source for occasional single uses, or are you going to use it as a primary power source for your camper, RV, or boat? The more power you need, the more batteries you need.
  • Space. What area or space will you set your inverter? Make sure the inverter will fit in the space you have in mind with enough room around it for proper ventilation and no fire hazards. If you’re limited on space, be sure to get a unit with a good fan and over-temperature protection.
  • Remote Operation. Some pure sine inverters come with convenient remote control options so that you can operate the unit from afar. Some have remote wire controls that allow for operation from up to 20 feet away, and some units have a wireless remote option that lets you run the inverter from 100 feet away for added convenience.

Best Pure Sine Wave Inverters Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
VoltWorks 1500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Our pick for the best overall product is the VoltWorks 1500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter. This inverter pushes out 1,500 watts of continuous pure sine wave power and 3,000 watts of surge power. It features three AC outlets and two USB ports for powering and charging multiple items simultaneously. The product liability insurance on this inverter is covered by AIG insurance company, so you can rest assured you are getting a durable and reliable product. This inverter is a great option for providing power to an RV, boat, home, workshop, or vehicle and can power some larger items, like computers, televisions, microwaves, mini-fridges, fans, vacuums, and more. 

A rugged aluminum housing protects the unit from damaging impacts or bumps, while built-in protective mechanisms guard against overheating, over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuiting, overloading, and over-current.

Best Value
BESTEK 300Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

The BESTEK 300Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is a really good value and a great travel inverter that can convert power from your 12-volt DC car outlet into 300 watts of continuous AC power and 700 watts of surge power. The inverter charges and operates smaller electronics, such as laptops, cameras, Kindles, iPads, game consoles, speakers, string lights, nebulizers, etc. This inverter features two USB charging ports and two three-prong AC outlets, allowing you to charge or run multiple items simultaneously. This inverter's unique design has strategically placed vents and a powerful little fan to help dissipate heat buildup during use. 

A built-in 40-amp fuse protects against over-voltage, under-voltage, overheating, overloading, short-circuiting, and overcharging. 

Most Heavy Duty
Giandel Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

If you’re looking for a way to keep your devices working better and longer, the Giandel Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is worth looking into. It’s quick and easy to install, coming complete with a wired remote, anode and cathode wires, and the inverter itself. Simply plug your devices into one of the three-pronged outlets at the front of the USB port. The DC sine wave power source provides 2,000 watts while keeping you safe against surges as strong as 4,000 watts.

It has a crisp display to keep you in the know about input and output voltage. The devices that you plug in to it remain secure against a wide range of threats. This includes overloading, temperature issues, polarity concerns, and either too high or too low voltage. Taken together, this means you don’t have to worry about your devices. The Giandel inverter ensures their safety so long as they are plugged into the unit.

Most Versatile
WZRELB 3000watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

If you require something with a bit more capacity, the WZRELB 3000watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter is an excellent choice. It provides 3,000 watts of continuous power and 6,000 watts of peak power to run appliances and electronics with larger power draws, such as microwaves, refrigerators, and more. It has a bright, easy-to-read LED display that shows you DC and AC voltages. Safety measures include sensors for over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuiting, overheating, reverse polarity protection, and overloading.

The built-in fan efficiently and effectively cools the inverter according to temperature, not load, which helps prolong battery life. A handy wireless remote control allows you to work the inverter from a distance of up to 100 feet in a room and 166 feet in an open area. This is an excellent power supply for your home, car, RV, or boat.

Honorable Mention
GoWise Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter

When you want an effective and affordable way to protect your electronics, the GoWise Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a terrific selection. It provides an ongoing 1,000 watts of power and can protect against surges as powerful as 2,000 watts. By including four output components, you can secure multiple technologies at any time. It features a marked anode and cathode and two wires for connections. The back of the machine incorporates a fan to stay cool and prevent overheating. This, coupled with the effective circuitry, keeps all your technology in good condition. 

You get security from multiple threats, including too much or too little voltage, in addition to overheating and overloading protection. Since it’s compact enough to bring in the car but powerful enough for the home, this is an excellent option overall.

Honorable Mention
GoWise PS1004 Continuous Inverter

If you need a high-quality inverter that protects business equipment or personal information, the GoWise PS1004 Continuous Inverter keeps your gadgets in premium condition, so you can focus on other things. It’s easy to set up, given the comprehensive design. The wired remote lets you control the power, while the red and black wires hook up to the anode and cathodes.

At the front, a trio of three-pronged outlets is there for your heavy-duty tech. This system gives a continuous supply for 3,000 watts, ensuring the even flow of energy. You don’t have to worry about overheating, excess (or too little) voltage. At less than three percent harmonic distortion, this machine is designed to feed your devices steadily. The small yet durable inverter is easy to place anywhere, keeping your tech safe whenever and wherever you need.


  • Mount your pure sine inverter securely. Don’t skimp on mounting hardware that will allow your unit to fall or to be tipped over.
  • Read customer reviews before purchasing to see the major issues or concerns with the model you’re considering before buying it.
  • Be sure that your inverter's input power supply matches the batteries or solar source you have. Some inverters work on a 12-volt supply, while others may run off a 24-volt or 36-volt supply.


Q: Do you really need a pure sine wave inverter?

A: It depends on what you want to run. If your goal is to power sensitive electronics, like laptops, TVs, power tools, printers, sewing machines, medical equipment, tablets, mobile devices, etc., then you absolutely need a pure sine wave inverter.

Q: How fast does a pure sine wave inverter drain battery?

A: The drain on your batteries with a pure sine wave inverter will vary greatly based on the amount of AC load you have and your battery bank size. Check out this handy reference article to get an idea of how long your batteries will last.

Q: Should I leave my inverter on all the time?

A: You can, but it’s a good idea to shut it off when not in use to ensure that there isn’t any unnecessary draw on your batteries or wear and tear on your inverter’s components. Shutting off the inverter will give the fan a rest and reduce the risk of malfunction.

Q: How many hours can an inverter last?

A: Again, this depends greatly on the size of your battery bank and your power draw. Suppose you have the capability of replenishing your batteries’ charge by either running your engine or using solar panels. In that case, conceivably, your inverter can last indefinitely, powering appliances like a refrigerator for 24 hours per day.

Final Thoughts

If you need supplemental AC power from a DC source—whether it’s for your RV, camper, boat, workshop, or emergency power—purchasing a pure sine wave inverter like the VOLTWORKS 1500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is a good idea. For a more budget-friendly option, the BESTEK 300Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter will ensure you get the cleanest, smoothest power on smaller devices.