Best Replacement Car Batteries: Keep Your Car Performing at Its Best

These top-rated replacement batteries will start your vehicle and keep it running

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PUBLISHED ON October 12, 2019

A strong battery is the heart of your car’s electrical system. If it’s not in good working condition, starting your vehicle can be difficult, and the performance of electronics such as windows, door locks, and exterior and interior lights are affected. So, if you need a new battery or your current one is not up to the task, check out our recommendations below.

  • Best Overall
    Odyssey Automotive and LTV Battery
    Popular American-made battery offering a vibration-resistant, no-spill design that guards against potential mechanical and shock damage. Broad operating range of -40 degrees to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Long service life (up to 10 years) and fast recharge: only four to six hours. Three to four year, full- replacement warranty (not pro-rata), depending on the version you order.
    Some trucks do not fully charge the battery. It may require a spacer to make it fit on small and compact vehicles.
  • Best Value
    ACDelco Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 65 Battery
    Corrosion-resistant, a super well-constructed battery that starts your car or truck even on really cold mornings. This traditional name-brand manufacturer has held its quality over the years.
    This battery fits virtually every vehicle and comes with a full 36-month, free replacement warranty. It is a powerful battery for both gas and diesel vehicles that you can recharge many times if you need to.
    Slight adjustments needed to make it fit on some Ford trucks, specifically the Ford Ranger. It’s a tight fit on the F350.
  • Honorable Mention
    DieHard Group Advanced Gold AGM Battery GP 35
    Good, fairly-priced battery from a famous manufacturer. The advanced design protects inside parts and reduces the chance of internal electrical shorts.
    According to the manufacturer, this battery has 20 times more vibration protection, which translates into two times more battery life compared to lead-acid batteries. Top handles make for easy transport and installation.
    It does not fit on all trucks: A Toyota Tacoma requires side posts, and it does not fit on a Chevy Tahoe.

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  • Look for AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) type batteries. These advanced lead-acid batteries are vibration-resistant and built to support today’s high-demand vehicles. AGM batteries are also totally sealed, which means they’re maintenance-free: no water, no leaks, no spills.
  • Be sure the battery you choose will fit your vehicle. The owner’s manual for your car should provide an item number (a combination of numbers and letters) in the specifications section. You can also check the label on the battery you are replacing. 
  • Installation is usually easy, especially with readily available, online instructions so you can install the battery yourself to make sure it’s done right.
  • Battery acid is dangerous. Wear eye and skin protection when working with batteries and be aware of any potential contact with battery acid or corrosion.


Q: Which battery will work best for my vehicle?

A: It depends on whether the battery fits, of course, but also on the climate where you live as well as your vehicle’s power requirements. Warranty considerations are also important. Researching before you buy is key to a successful purchase. 

Q: What tools do I need to install a battery?

A: Aside from safety glasses and rubber gloves, you only need a crescent wrench. However, you may also need a wire brush and some water and baking soda to remove battery acid and corrosion from the old battery prior to removing it.

Q: Do batteries put out dangerous amounts of electricity?

A: No. Car and light truck batteries put out only 12 volts of electricity. This is not enough to electrocute you. 

Final Thoughts

The American-made Odyssey Automotive and LTV Battery is vibration-resistant and features a wide operating range. 

The budget-friendly ACDelco Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 65 Battery is a powerful, well-designed battery that fits almost all vehicles.