Best RV Step Covers: Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Keep the dirt out of your RV with an RV step cover.

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BY Noelle Talmon / LAST UPDATED ON February 26, 2021

Getting an RV is an exciting adventure, and most users want to get on the road right away. However, you may need to customize it a bit before you leave for your first trip. One accessory that is often overlooked is an RV step cover. Many neglect this piece of equipment until they realize how convenient RV rugs can be. For example, one of the main reasons RVers use them is so their pets can more easily climb the stairs into the camper.


RV step covers also trap stones and other debris, so you don't track mud into your home away from home. They're a great addition to nearly any type of RV or camper. However, it can be challenging to choose the right product because there are so many options available. We list some of the best RV step covers available on the market today in our buying guide below.

Best Overall
Prest-O-Fit 2-0205 Wraparound Radius RV Step Rug

This step rug is 22 x 18 x 1 inches and fits manual or electric steps 8-10 inches deep. It comes in eight colors.

  • Easy to install and clean
  • Mold- and mildew-resistant
  • UV-protected
  • Price is a little high for one rug
  • Shiny look may not be appealing
Best Overall
Prest-O-Fit 2-0205 Wraparound Radius RV Step Rug
Best Value
Camco 42925-A 18" Rv Step Rug

This step rug is 18 inches wide and 17.5 inches long. It works on steps that are 8-10.5 inches deep. It can be used on both manual and electric steps.

  • No glue, screws, or tools required
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Won’t fit curved steps
  • Spring isn’t the best quality
Best Value
Camco 42925-A 18" Rv Step Rug
Honorable Mention
Camco 42910 RV Step Rug

This step cover comes in two sizes and four colors and features a TPE backing to keep it tightly in place.

  • Easy to install
  • Weather- and mildew-resistant
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Looks nice
  • Colors online may not represent true color of the rug
  • Can be tough to clean
Honorable Mention
Camco 42910 RV Step Rug
RV Step Covers Close Up

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Benefits of RV Step Covers

  • They remove debris. One of the best things about RV step covers is that they can remove some of the dirt and debris that sticks to the bottom of your shoes, so you don't track it inside.
  • They provide grip. RV steps have some grip, but they can get slippery when it rains or snows, so RV step covers can ensure better footing when you enter and exit your camper. This is convenient for both people and pets, who sometimes struggle when hopping into an RV.
  • They create a customizable look. RV step covers come in various colors and materials, so you can choose a brand that matches your camper's aesthetic.

Types of RV Step Covers


The nice thing about rubber step covers is that they are lightweight and easy to install. They're also simple to maintain and can be washed with soap and water. If you clean them once a week, they should last a decent amount of time. Also, rubber is mold-resistant. However, rubber can get slippery in certain weather conditions.

PVC and Plastic

PVC and plastic are lighter and cheaper than other types of materials used in RV step rugs. Cleaning step covers made of PVC or plastic is a cinch and requires just soap and water—the material dries quickly, too. One downside is that PVC and plastic don’t hold up well when exposed to a lot of sunlight and can crack.


RV owners like polyester step covers because they do a better job of trapping dirt and debris than other types of material. They're also easy to clean using a vacuum. One problem with this type of step rug is that it accumulates mildew and mold a little easier.

Top Brands


Camco is a well-known name in the RV industry. Based in Greensboro, N.C., the company has been in business since 1966 and makes various products for RV owners, including RV hitch covers, heaters, grills, and RV step covers like the Camco 42925-A 18" Rv Step Rug.


A former Arizona plumber founded Prest-O-Fit in 1980 after finding a market for a universal RV sanitation adapter. Today the company produces patio rugs and RV step rugs like the Prest-O-Fit 2-0205 Wraparound Radius RV Step Rug.

Shade Pro

Based in Spring Valley, Calif., Shade Pro has been equipping people with camping and RV gear for over 30 years. It makes everything from RV awnings and RV door holders to fifth wheel skirts and step covers like the Shade Pro RV Step Cover.

RV Step Covers Pricing

  • Under $15: You can find some brands that sell RV step covers for an affordable price. However, you may be limited by the color selection and the number of features provided.
  • $15-$30: Most RV rugs fall within this price range. They are available in different materials and sizes. Some also include UV protection and other features that cheaper models won’t provide.
  • $30 and up: Should you choose to buy more than one step cover in a single purchase, expect to pay a little more money. It’s a good idea to buy a set if you have multiple steps, and you may save by buying in bulk versus buying three individual packages.

Key Features


Before ordering new RV step covers, measure the steps on your camper. Be sure to write down both the width and the depth and perhaps the height. It's important to choose a product that is compatible with your steps, or it will not fit correctly. Also, take note of the number of covers that are included in each package.


Some users like thicker RV step covers because they are more comfortable to walk on. However, it can be difficult to close some steps if the rug is too thick and bulky. Check the dimensions and read reviews to see how thick a product is before you make a purchase.


Most RV step covers have grommets, and you attach springs with hooks to hold them in place. All hardware is typically included in the purchase, and you don't usually need any tools to affix them in place. Some brands have zip ties instead of springs, and you will need scissors or wire cutters for a better fit.

Other Considerations

  • UV Protection. While this feature isn't essential, it's nice to have since it prevents your step covers from fading over time. If they're exposed to a lot of sunlight, you may want to consider a product that has this type of protection. Otherwise, you may find yourself replacing the rugs because they start to look a little shabby.
  • Style. As we've already noted, RV step covers come in a variety of colors and materials, so you can customize the look of your camper based on the type of rug you install on the steps. Whether you choose brown, gray, black, or another shade, you can make sure it provides a complementary look to your RV.

Best RV Step Covers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Prest-O-Fit 2-0205 Wraparound Radius RV Step Rug

The Prest-O-Fit 2-0205 Wraparound Radius RV Step Rug is an excellent option if you have curved steps on your camper. Available in eight colors, the rug is 22 x 8 x 1 inches and fits manual and electric steps that are 8-10 inches deep. It wraps around the step and is attached with springs on the bottom that hook at adjustable holes. Users report that these rugs are very easy to install. They are made of outdoor turf that is mold- and mildew-resistant, and UV-protected, so they won't fade or get damaged in the sun. They have finished edges to prevent fraying and are simple to clean: just hose them off and dry them. 

Unfortunately, you only get one rug in the package, and it's a little pricey. Also, there have been some complaints that the covers have a shiny plastic look to them, which some users don't like.

Best Value
Camco 42925-A 18

This RV step cover measures 18-inches wide by 17.5 inches long and is designed for steps with an 8 to 10.5-inch tread. You get one rug in the package, and it wraps around a manual or electric RV step using hook springs—you don't need any glue, screws, or tools for installation. The rug is made of mildew-resistant polyester, which is easy to clean using soap and water. Users like the fact that you do not slide around when you walk up and down the step. These step covers are sturdy and hold up well over time. 

However, keep in mind that this rug is not designed to fit curved steps. Also, the spring holding the cover in place isn't the best quality and may break after a short period of use. Another issue is that it can take a while for the rug to dry after it rains heavily.

Premium Pick
Camco 42910 RV Step Rug

The Camco 42910 RV Step Rug is made of a turf-like material available in black, blue, gray, and brown in two sizes: 22 x 23 inches and 17.5 x 18 inches. Designed to trap dirt and debris, this RV step cover, which comes as a single unit, includes an improved, premium TPE backing that provides better grip between the rug and your RV's step, so it stays in place. It's simple to install and doesn't require glue, screws, or tools. It's also weather- and mildew-resistant and works on both manual and electric steps. Users report that these step covers are durable and long-lasting—plus, they look nice. 

One downside is that some colors may not appear as they do in photos online. There have also been some complaints that the dirt the rugs trap is tough to remove with a broom.

Most Weather-Resistant
Camco 42964 Gray Premium Wrap Around RV Step Rug

The Camco 42964 Gray Premium Wrap Around RV Step Rug is available in black, gray, or brown and measures 17.5 by 18 inches. This scrub rug is constructed of looped PVC that dries quickly and is designed to trap dirt and debris. It features a sponge-like material that's comfortable to walk on, and it's weather and mildew-resistant. The wrap-around rug is also easy to clean and install because no screws, glue or tools are needed. Users report that the rug does not hold water like polyester alternatives, and it stays firmly in place. Overall, it cleans your shoes, cushions your step, and prevents you from slipping.

Unfortunately, it may be tough to fold up the steps with these rugs installed. In addition, the brown option tends to have a purple hue.

Most Reliable
Prest-O-Fit 2-0314 Outrigger RV Step Rug

The Prest-O-Fit 2-0314 Outrigger RV Step Rug measures 18 x 9.5 x 0.1 inches and is available in four different colors. The cover is designed for straight steps and features micro-ribbed material for traction. The olefin carpet is mold and mildew-resistant and features UV protection so that it won't fade in the sun. It works on both manual and electric steps that are up to eight inches deep, and it's easy to install using the included springs. Cleaning them is also relatively simple: just hose them off and let them air dry. Users report that it collects a lot of dirt, mud, grime, grass, etc., just like it's supposed to do, yet it is still easy to sweep and wipe off. 

However, the step covers could be a little thicker, and if you buy more than one in the same color, they may not match.

Honorable Mention
Shade Pro RV Step Cover

The Shade Pro RV Step Cover is available in brown and designed to fit all types of RV steps, including those curved and up to 24 inches wide. One great feature about this product is that it has a rubber backing, so you can trim it with scissors or a razor blade for a more exact fit, which is very convenient. The step cover comes with heavy-duty grommets and bungees for installation, and the loop design on the fabric traps stones, rocks, and other debris. Since it is such a secure fit, you don't have to remove it when you pack up your RV and head to a new destination. 

Keep in mind that this RV step cover is only available in one color. Also, the picture online depicts two rugs when the package only includes one.

Honorable Mention
Prest-O-Fit 5-1091 Decorian Step Huggers

The Prest-O-Fit 5-1091 Decorian Step Huggers are 8 x 0.25 x 23.5 inches and are available in four different colors. They're simple to install using hook-and-loop fastening strips, and you can easily remove them and reattach them if required. The step cover is made of heavy-duty olefin carpet with a ribbed texture designed to trap dirt and debris. Users report that it doesn't show dirt and is easy to clean with a vacuum. It also stays in place and doesn't slide around. Overall, it's thick and sturdy and keeps your RV clean. 

However, there have been some complaints that the rug is shipped without the loop component. Also, the covers' fabric may snag after a short period of use.

Honorable Mention
Trailersphere RUGUP

The Trailersphere RUGUP provides a customized fit for the Step Above by MORryde and Solid Step by Lippert. This heavy-duty step cover is available in a variety of sizes, including 19 x 7 inches. You can remove it and reattach it as needed. It covers the step's entire surface, traps dirt, protects the step from scratches, and provides good traction. The rug has a ribbed pattern, dries quickly, and is UV protected to minimize fading in the sun. No tools are required for installation, and it's easy to clean using a broom, vacuum, or spot cleaner. The rug also has a non-slip backing. Users report that it's a perfect fit, is easy to install, and looks good.

However, it's only designed for steps made by MORryde and Lippert. Also, only one rug is included in the package, and it's a little pricey compared to some competing brands.

Honorable Mention
Prest-O-Fit 2-0051 Jumbo Wraparound + Plus RV Step Rug

The Prest-O-Fit 2-0051 Jumbo Wraparound + Plus RV Step Rug is available in eight colors, including black, green, and brown, so you have many style options. This step cover is intended for a straight step that is either manual or electric and 8-11 inches deep. The rug includes springs and is simple to install as well as maintain. To clean it, all you need to do is hose it off and let it dry. The rug's edges are finished and won't fade in the sun. Plus, it's mold and mildew-resistant. Users like how tightly it fits on an RV's steps and how well it keeps grass and debris from tracking inside the camper. 

However, the step cover is not incredibly thick, even though it may appear so in photos. Also, it's easy to overextend the springs during installation, so be careful during this process. 

Honorable Mention
Prest-O-Fit 3-Pack 2-4066 Outrigger RV Step Rug

If you need multiple step covers, consider the Prest-O-Fit 3-Pack 2-4066 Outrigger RV Step Rug. Each package of universal step covers contains three 18-inch-wide, chocolate brown-colored rugs. They fit manual or electric steps that are straight and up to eight inches deep. These rugs are made out of outdoor carpet that is micro ribbed for traction. They feature UV protection, so they won't fade in the sun and are also mold and mildew-resistant. The step covers have a wraparound design with grommets and include rust-resistant springs. They are also adjustable, simple to install, and easy to clean using a hose. Overall, they look great and work well. 

One downside is that fir needles and some types of debris tend to catch onto the fabric and may require a vacuum for cleaning.


  • When cleaning your RV step covers, it's a good idea to let them dry in the sun regardless of whether you leave them on the steps or remove them to maintain them.
  • As we noted earlier, you may have to remove the rug(s) to fold your RVs steps into the storage position. If this is inconvenient, consider getting a thinner step cover or one that is designed to easily attach and detach.
  • To truly assess the durability and quality of a step cover, read the reviews. RV enthusiasts are quick to let others know whether a product is worth the investment.


Q: How do you install RV step covers?

The good news is that most RV step covers are simple to install. They often come with springs that you simply loop around the rugs into the existing holes in your camper’s steps. 

Q: How should you take care of and clean RV step covers?

The best way to clean an RV step cover is by hosing it off to remove stones and other debris that gets trapped in the material. You may need to scrub some products for better results.

Q: How do you measure the size for RV step covers?

Measure the width and depth of the step and match the dimensions to the product you want to purchase.

Q: How long do RV step covers last?

That depends on several variables, including how often you use your RV. If you are a frequent RVer, you may need to replace the step covers at least once a year to best protect your RV.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best RV step cover is the Prest-O-Fit 2-0205 Wraparound Radius RV Step Rug. It fits both electric and manual steps and is very easy to install and clean. Also, it's mold- and mildew-resistant with protection against UV damage. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Camco 42925-A 18" Rv Step Rug.