How To Lubricate a Garage Door

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We’ve all been there. Getting home late one night, doing your best to keep everyone asleep in their beds and, SQUEAK, rattle, rattle, rattle, the garage door wakes everyone up. Now your kids are up and crying. Listen, partner, it’s time to lubricate your garage door. 

We know, we know, it’s news that garage doors need maintenance, but properly taking care of yours will keep your family asleep and ensure its longevity. In roughly 15 minutes of your time, you can keep your garage door silent as a tomb for whenever you return from a late-night party next. 

And for those of you who may be wary of lubricating your garage door for the first time, don’t worry, The Drive’s crack informational team is here to guide you through. 

Now, who’s got the grease?

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Lubricating a Garage Door Basics

Estimated Time Needed: Less than half an hour.

Skill Level: Beginner

Vehicle System: Garage door

Lubricating a Garage Door Safety

Working on your home can be dangerous and messy, so here’s exactly what you’ll need to ensure you don’t die, get maimed, or lose a finger and that you keep your jeans, shirt, and skin spotless—well, hopefully.

  • Nitrile gloves (optional)
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Everything You’ll Need To Lubricate a Garage Door

We’re not psychic, nor are we snooping through your toolbox or garage, so here’s exactly what you’ll need to get the job done. 

Tool List 

Parts List 

Organizing your tools and gear, so that everything is easily reachable when you are lubricating your garage doors, will save precious minutes waiting for your handy-dandy child or four-legged helper to bring you the sandpaper or blowtorch. (You won't need a blowtorch for this job. Please don’t have your kid hand you a blowtorch—Ed.)

You’ll also need a garage.

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Here’s How To Lubricate a Garage Door

Let’s get lubricating! 

  1. Shut the garage door.
  2. Using a ladder, unplug the garage door from the outlet on the ceiling. 
  3. Vacuum out the garage door’s tracks.
  4. With a damp rag, wipe down the garage door’s tracks.
  5. Take the garage door lubricant and spray it on the garage door’s hinges, rollers, and tracks. 
  6. Spray down the outside bearing plates (the two circular metal pieces on each end at the top of the garage door).
  7. Grease the garage door spring.
  8. Using the ladder again, spray the grease along the top rail that goes to the garage door motor. 
  9. Wipe away any excess lubricant.

You’re done, congratulations! 

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So if you have a question or are stuck, click here and talk to a mechanic near you.

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Pro Tips to Lubricate a Garage Door

Here are The Drive’s pro tips for lubricating your garage door. 

  • If your garage door tracks have a lot of built-up debris, you can use brake cleaner to loosen it up for easier cleaning.  

How Often Do You Need To Lubricate a Garage Door

It’s best to lubricate your garage door once a year, especially if you live in a locale with inclement weather or where dirt and debris can be blown into its tracks.

How Much Does It Cost To Lubricate a Garage Door

Garage door lubricant will cost you about $10 to $15 while cleaning out the garage door’s tracks shouldn’t cost you anything. 

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