Best Sway Bar Bushings: Improve Your Vehicle’s Handling

These top sway bar bushings will make your ride smoother

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PUBLISHED ON September 27, 2019

The stabilizer bar on your car is designed to absorb bumps and reduce noise when you’re driving. They feature rubber bushings that prevent your vehicle from rolling as it corners. Sway bar bushings wear out over time and can cause issues with steering and handling. Check out this buying guide to find the best sway bar bushings on the market.

  • Best Overall
    Moog K3171 Sway Bar Bushing Kit
    These bushings fit 1984-1997 American vehicles. The inner sleeve is phosphate coated for corrosion protection, and all parts meet or exceed OEM standards.
    The split design fosters easy installation, and they produce like-new steering and handling. These solid, stiff bushings eliminate the clunk in the front end and fix some vibrations.
    These bushings may be too small for certain makes and models. They may require a bit of elbow grease to install, and they are also blue, which may not be appealing to everyone.
  • Best Value
    Moog K200222 Sway Bar Bushing Kit
    These bushings are engineered to promote long-lasting dependability. Like the top pick, they feature an inner sleeve that is phosphate coated for corrosion protection.
    These bushings are a great upgrade to your old, worn-out OEM original rubber bushings. They are easy to install, require only two bolts to hold each one, and they're very inexpensive.
    You need to measure your sway bar with calipers before purchasing them to make sure they fit. Also, you may need to buy new clamps so they fit better.
  • Honorable Mention
    Prothane 4-1138 Red 34 mm Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit
    These red bushings are precisely fabricated to ensure a perfect fit. They are made of premium-grade polyurethane components to provide the necessary rigidity for your ride.
    The bushings are good quality, easy to install and make your ride a lot smoother. They hold their shape due to their dense material, and they make your ride look unique.
    These bushings are significantly pricier than our top and best value picks. They are also red, which can be a turnoff for some, particularly if you prefer black.

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  • It's important that you keep your sway bar bushings lubricated. They need lubrication if you notice a squeaking sound when you drive over bumps or make aggressive turns.
  • Stabilizer bar bushings can be fragile and may require special tools when you replace them. It can be challenging to do the work yourself, so make sure you do your research to ensure they are safely and properly installed.
  • If your sway bar breaks, drive slower than you normally do. Avoid highways where you have to change lanes, and don't turn too quickly.


Q: When do I need to change my sway bar bushings?

A: You may need to replace the bushings if you notice your vehicle is more sluggish when making turns. Or you may hear a clunking sound or squeaking noise underneath your vehicle.

Q: Is it okay to drive with a broken sway bar and bushings?

A: You can still drive a vehicle with a broken sway bar, but you should be very careful. The problem can affect the handling ability of your car or truck. Experts recommend replacing a faulty sway bar and bushings as soon as you can for optimal handling.

Q: How much does it cost to repair a sway bar?

A: That depends on your vehicle's make and model as well as where you get the vehicle serviced. It can cost a couple of hundred dollars, not including taxes and fees. Since much of this cost is labor, you can save money if you replace the bushings yourself.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best sway bar bushings is the Moog K3171 Sway Bar Bushing Kit. They are very solid, easy to install, and greatly improve your vehicle's handling abilities.

For a more budget-friendly pick, consider the Moog K200222 Sway Bar Bushing Kit.