Best Motorcycle Dollies: A Space-Saving Tool for Your Garage

These top motorcycle dollies make it easier to move your bike.

byNoelle Talmon| UPDATED May 26, 2021 11:31 AM
Best Motorcycle Dollies: A Space-Saving Tool for Your Garage

If you don't have a lot of space in your garage or you have to maneuver your bike into a tight spot, you should consider getting a motorcycle dolly. They are basically skates for your bike. You simply slide the dolly under the tires, so you can more easily move your bike around. Our buying guide highlights some of the best motorcycle dollies on the market.

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You can load any type of motorcycle onto this dolly. It can accommodate wheel and tire sizes that range from 13 to 30 inches. Its maximum load capacity is 1,300 pounds. You’ll find it easy to move this dolly while your bike is on it, thanks to the four oversized wheels. What makes this dolly stand out is the wheel chock on the front. It secures your bike and stabilizes it. There are also two flat feet that you can lower to anchor the dolly and prevent it from moving. 

Unfortunately, this dolly’s base plate isn’t solid. There are gaps that are supposed to hold the tire in place. However, they can make it difficult to roll the bike on and off the dolly. 

This bright red dolly will stand out in your garage with its red powder-coated finish. This makes it look great and protects it from rust or corrosion. You can load bikes that weigh up to 1,250 pounds on it. There are three adjustable positions that you can move the kickstand plate into. This dolly stands out with its smooth and easy-rolling casters. The distance between the stop pins is 75.5 inches. It sits 1 3/4 inches above the ground. 

The drawback of this dolly is that it doesn’t have a lock to hold it in place. There are two metal plates on either end that you can flip down, and the friction from them touching the ground is supposed to keep the dolly from rolling.

If you have a limited amount of space, then use this compact and adjustable motorcycle dolly. It lets you fit your bike into the tightest space possible. It’s also more stable than a traditional straight-line dolly. When not in use, you can tuck it away into a small space. The oversized wheels are high-quality and have easy glide bearings, making it easy to move this dolly while loaded. The plates that support your bike are constructed from 8-millimeter heavy-duty laser cut steel. You can also adjust the kickstand to make this dolly universally compatible. 

Unfortunately, there are no locks on the wheels, making it hard to keep it in place while loading and unloading. It also feels a bit unbalanced while moving, which can cause a tipping feeling.

Easily move your bike around your garage with this durable, high-strength aluminum dolly. It’s corrosion-resistant and won’t rust. You can load bikes that weigh up to 1,500 pounds, making it cruiser compatible. What makes this dolly stand out is the innovative design that lets you ride on and off. Supporting the dolly are five 4-inch heavy-duty locking casters. They have sealed roller bearings to make them more durable and better at maneuvering. The track measures 89 x 9 inches. You’ll appreciate the extruded surface that will give your bike extra traction while loading and unloading. 

One issue with this dolly is that the kickstand plate can bend from the weight of the motorcycle. This only becomes an issue with the heaviest of bikes and shouldn’t droop enough to drag on the ground.

Make it easier to store and move your chopper or other large motorcycles on this extra-long dolly. It’s constructed from 12 gauge steel and has a maximum weight capacity of 1,250 pounds. What makes it stand out is the integrated loading ramp and adjustable kickstand plate. This makes loading and securing your motorcycle easy. You can adjust the kickplate up to 31 inches with five locking positions on either side of the dolly. The track measures 94 x 8 inches. Supporting the dolly are five double caster wheels. 

Unfortunately, the casters are a bit small, making them hard to move once the bike is loaded onto the dolly. The smooth steel doesn’t have any anti-slip treatment, making it hard to get traction while loading.


  • When choosing a motorcycle dolly, make sure it has the capacity to hold the weight of your bike. Not all dollies can support all motorcycles. Some can only hold up to 500 pounds, for example.
  • Some types of dollies are more maneuverable than others. The adjustable and scissor-centered dollies are easier to use than fixed ones. However, they don’t work well with larger bikes.
  • It's critical to read the dolly instruction manual before using it with your motorcycle. Make sure you properly assemble it; otherwise, you put you and your bike's safety at risk.


Q: What type of motorcycle dolly do I need?

This largely depends on the weight of your bike. Fixed dollies are best for heavy bikes, while scissor center stand dollies are intended for lighter-weight bikes, such as dirt bikes. Adjustable dollies are good for medium-weight bikes.

Q: Do I need to use a security strap with a dolly?

It’s not a bad idea. Some products come with a security strap that you wrap around an area such as the front tire, or you may need to purchase one separately. A little extra security will provide a lot more peace of mind. 

Q: If the dolly cradle compresses the sidewalls, will that damage the tire? 

If it's a good-quality dolly, this shouldn't be a problem. Typically, there isn't too much pressure on the bike as the dolly holds it in place, so your tire should not be damaged.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best motorcycle dolly is the Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly for Wheel Chock / Trailer Stand. While it’s a little on the pricey side, it is very high quality, and it's simple to move your bike around due to the smooth-rolling wheels.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Extreme Max Standard-76" Motorcycle Dolly 1250 lbs..