Best Electric Tongue Jacks: Level Your Trailer Perfectly

Use any of these electric tongue jacks to lift your trailer with ease.

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BY Daniel Rika , Norah Tarichia / LAST UPDATED ON April 2, 2021

Do you find yourself stabilizing or lifting your trailer with your hands every time you want to attach it to a tow vehicle? It can be quite challenging and strenuous, especially if you don’t have anyone nearby to help you connect the hitch. An electric tongue jack does all the lifting and stabilizing with just the push of a button. Here’s a buying guide to some of the best options on the market.

Best Overall
Lippert Power Tongue Jack

A powerful 29-pound machine that can lift up to 3,500 pounds with just the push of a button.

  • Power-efficient. Easy to use
  • Includes four LED lights
  • Manual crank and mounting hardware included 
  • Resistant to cracks and chips
  • Highly efficient and minimizes noise during operation
  • Slow operation
  • Hand crank is noisy
  • Lights aren’t waterproof
Best Overall
Lippert Power Tongue Jack
Best Value
LIBRA Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jack

An affordable, compact, and sleek 21-pound and 12-volt tongue jack with a lifting capacity of 3,500 pounds.

  • Quiet operation
  • Rust-resistant design
  • Bright LED light for nighttime illumination
  • Emergency hand crank included 
  • Rainproof buttons 
  • Long power cord 
  • Easy to use 
  • Remote control operated
  • Switches aren’t waterproof
  • Remote control may stop working 
  • Motor may burn out with frequent use
Best Value
LIBRA Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jack
Honorable Mention
Husky Brute Power Jack

A 30-pound and 26-volt electric tongue jack for RVs and trailers with a lifting capacity of 4,500 pounds.

  • Weather-protected switches
  • Three-sided LED light
  • Friction-reducing ball screw included 
  • Fast lifting speed
  • Produces less noise than most jacks 
  • Smart stop technology
  • Mounting hardware sold separately
  • Motor may burn out with frequent use 
  • Short warranty coverage
Honorable Mention
Husky Brute Power Jack

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Benefits of Electric Tongue Jacks

  • Save time. The use of an electric jack will make your hitching and unhitching process smoother and easier, which will ultimately save you time. Electric jacks create an accurate and efficient process. 
  • Increased safety. Trying to achieve the same lift manually can create a dangerous situation. An electric trailer tongue jack reduces the stress on your body while providing a stable support base for your trailer. 
  • Superior lift. When you use an electric lift, you can raise the trailer’s jack much higher than you would with manual methods. This gives you more flexibility when hooking up your trailer. 

Types of Electric Tongue Jacks


This type of jack gets welded or bolted onto the trailer and sits just behind the coupler. They typically have a lift capacity of 2,000 to 5,000 pounds. You’ll find this type of electric jack on utility trailers, campers, and travel trailers. You can also find this style with a drop leg that has either a solid foot or wheel attached. 

Heavy Duty

If the A-frame jack isn’t powerful enough, then you need to look at a heavy-duty electric jack model. These jacks have an increased weight capacity and can lift loads between 6,000 and 12,000 pounds. To mount your heavy-duty jack, you’ll need brackets to give it increased support and stability. 

Side Mount

While a side mount jack gets welded or bolted onto your trailer, it features a pivoting design. This lets it swing out of the way for towing and swing back into place for jacking. There are three sub-styles for side mount jacks: drop-leg, pipe-mounted, and pull-pin swivel. Pipe-mounted jacks can typically handle weight between 2,000 and 7,000 pounds. Drop-leg jacks have higher weight capacities, at 8,000 to 12,000 pounds. 

Top Brands


The Husky brand is well-known among RV trailer owners and has become one of the go-to brands for the best electric trailer jacks. The company prides itself on quality products and customer service. The Husky 82022 Super Brute Electric Jack with Remote Control is a quality jack that is sure to impress. 


For almost a century, the Bulldog brand has represented quality and performance. The company’s dedication to building solid relationships with its customers has led to it becoming one of the staple brands on the market. The Bulldog 500187 Black A-Frame Jack with Powered Drive is a perfect example of the company’s commitment to reliability, safety, and value. 


Founded in 1987, Uriah began as a limousine builder and then transitioned into trailer parts.  The company focuses on providing DIY solutions for trailer owners. It wants to make parts available to make trailer repairs fast, easy, and reliable. Try the Uriah Products Electric Trailer Jack on your trailer. 

Electric Tongue Jack Pricing

  • Under $150: This range of jacks will use cheap materials and have a distinct lack of features. While they will technically do the job, they won’t last or make it significantly easier. 
  • $150 to $300: This is the price range that most people purchase from because it offers high-quality jacks. You’ll find a decent amount of features and durable construction materials. 
  • $300 and up: These jacks cost the most but use the highest quality materials and are loaded with features. If you plan to use your jack regularly, then it can make sense to invest in a jack from this price range. 

Key Features

Lift Capacity 

To determine the lift capacity that you require, you need to figure out your trailer’s tongue weight. This is typically about 10-15 percent of the trailer’s overall weight. For example, if your trailer weighs 6,000 pounds, then you need a jack that has a weight capacity of 600 to 900 pounds. It’s best to buy a jack with a higher capacity than what you need to ensure a longer useful life. 


To ensure that your jack lasts, you’ll want to pay attention to the materials and construction method used. Look for a jack that is welded and sealed. This will protect the electrical components from water damage. You should also look for it to be weatherproof or weather-resistant. Corrosion protection is also a good quality to have. 


There are two options for installation: bolt-on or welded. If you want a permanent solution, then welded is the way to go. Bolt-on methods will use U-bolts and can be removed. You need to decide which solution is best for your situation before you start shopping for a jack. 

Other Considerations

  • Jack Shape. There are two shapes you need to choose from, either a straight tongue or A-frame. The one you need will be determined by the shape of your trailer’s front frame. Simply match the shape of your trailer with the correct jack. If the front of your trailer is A-shaped, then you need an A-frame jack. 
  • Electric or Manual Crank. Some electric jacks come with a manual override crank. This may seem like a useless feature at first, but you’ll quickly see its value when your jack’s battery runs out. It’s a valuable backup feature that you should consider having so that you’re never stuck. 
  • Crank Style. This is yet another choice you’ll have to make. Do you want side crank, top crank, or both? There is no right or wrong choice; it’s all about your personal preference. If you want complete freedom then choose a model with both, then you can decide what’s best when you go to use it. 

Best Electric Tongue Jacks Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Lippert 3500LB Power Tongue Jack

This jack is powerful enough to have a weight capacity of 3,500 pounds and works with just the push of a button. The jack weighs 29 pounds, which makes it easy to maneuver and transport. There’s also a manual crank and mounting hardware. There are four LED lights that make the operation of this jack simple and easy to understand. The lifting power is efficient, which makes quick work of the process. You’ll notice that the operation noise of the jack is minimal. While the jack is powerful, it’s slow to operate, so prepare to wait while it lifts your trailer. The electric motor may be quiet, but the hand crank is not. The LED lights are not water-resistant, so be careful when and where you use your jack.

Best Value
<strong>LIBRA Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jack</strong>

This sleek and compact jack weighs 21 pounds and uses a 12V power source to do the heavy lifting. It has a lift capacity of 3,500 pounds. There’s an emergency hand crank included. The operation of this jack is quiet, and the entire unit is rust-resistant. It also has a bright LED light to make use at night easy. The buttons are rainproof, and there’s a remote control. The button may be rainproof, but the switches aren’t. The remote control isn’t the best quality and may quit working on you. If you plan for heavy use, be aware that the motor on this unit may burn out.

Most Durable
Husky HB4500 Brute Power Jack

At 30 pounds and with a 26V electric hookup, this jack has a large lifting capacity at 4,500 pounds. This jack has weather-protected switches and works well with trailers and RVs. The LED light is three sided to give you visibility from almost every angle. The friction-reducing ball screw design creates a smooth operation, and you’ll notice that its lifting speed is faster than other jacks. It’s also quiet during operation. Once lifted, it has smart stop technology to cease operation. The mounting hardware for this jack is sold separately. It also has a five-year warranty. If you plan to give this jack heavy use, you may find that the motor burns out. 

Easiest To Operate
Uriah Products Electric Trailer Jack

This electric tongue jack from Uriah Products has a lift range from 9 feet to 31.5 feet. It can lift up to 5,000 pounds. Its switch makes it easy to raise or lower the trailer. The motor is water-resistant, and it has an extra large foot pad for high stability. This jack is designed to reduce friction and operation is simple and straightforward. It weighs 22 pounds. It also comes with an LED light so that you can use it at night. You are protected from any overheating due to its built-in thermal protection. This is definitely not a cheap product. It is priced well above its competitors. There are some reports of its power not holding up to the job. In these cases, customer service has been responsive to ship out a new product. However, you will need to wait for your first item to be fully returned, which can take a couple weeks.

Honorable Mention
Bulldog A-Frame Jack with Powered Drive

This jack from Bulldog has a maximum lift height of 22 feet and a weight capacity of 3,500 pounds. It has an integrated gearbox and motor and an emergency override crank if needed. It comes with an attached LED light so that you can work on projects even in the dark. It weighs 22 pounds and is extremely sturdy. It comes with a limited five-year warranty, so you have some peace of mind for any manufacturer defects. However, this is not a cheap product. But it is strong. There have been incidents of the motor cutting out or not starting altogether. In these instances, customer service from Bulldog has not been responsive or efficient with long call waiting times or no replacements in stock.


  • Always ensure that your vehicle’s hitch and receiver can handle the trailer weight before attaching it. The hitch’s maximum towing capacity is always labeled, either along the shaft that hooks into the receiver or on top of the hitch ball. 
  • The jack may swing back and forth before it gains stability on the ground, and it could injure you. Keep your feet and ankles clear of the jack’s metal stand to avoid injury when it’s extending.
  • Ensure that your trailer is in good shape before towing it. Grease the bearings, tighten the wheel lug nuts, check the brakes, and ensure that the tire pressure is correct. Perform the same maintenance for the towing vehicle.
  • After leveling the trailer, retract the trailer jack and do a full 360-walk around your towing vehicle and trailer before you drive off. Confirm that everything is secured. 


Q: How does an electric tongue jack work?

A tongue or trailer jack connects to the trailer tongue (the protruding part of the trailer that connects to the towing vehicle), and extends to the ground to stabilize and lift the trailer to the hitch level of the vehicle. The tongue jack is usually compact-sized before the operation, and during operation, its frame extends vertically to the ground with the help of a power-driven motor. 

Q: Can an electric tongue jack help me disconnect the trailer from the tow vehicle?

You typically don’t need a tongue jack to disconnect the trailer, but you can use it for extra stability after you unhook the trailer. What you can do is park your trailer and tow vehicle on a level surface and put the wheel chocks on the trailer tires. Disconnect the hitch lock and push your trailer towards the tow vehicle to loosen the attachment. You can then use the jack to stabilize the trailer. 

Q: Why does my trailer jack extend but not retract? 

It could be an electrical issue that may be a result of lifting too much weight. It takes a lot of power to lift a trailer and the battery may have died or the system failed after extending to its full height. Try recharging the batteries and give the shaft a little push when retracting it. If that doesn’t work, consider taking it to a professional for repairs.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best electric tongue jack is the Lippert Power Tongue Jack. It’s durable and uses less power to get the job done. 

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative with high lifting capacity, consider the LIBRA Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jack.