Best Car Door Edge Guards: Prevent Dings, Dents, and Chipped Paint

Protect your vehicle and others when you park with these top car door edge guards

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BYMike Knott, Scott Roepel/ LAST UPDATED ON April 14, 2021

Opening and closing your car doors can be a pain in a parking lot. You have to be extra careful to not hit the vehicle next to you. Slamming a car door into a neighboring vehicle can be a costly expense, but fortunately there are ways around it. The best edge guards can prevent any unwanted dents or paint chips and protect your door in the process. Check our guide for some of the top door edge guards you should consider.

Best Overall
Winunite Car Door Edge Guards

Winunite Car Door Edge Guards

This door guard is made with a thick strand of rubberized material to protect your car door from scratches, paint chips, and rust. It can even reduce the amount of noise the doors make when being closed.
The guard is versatile and can be installed on almost any door as well as the hood and tailgate. The material is able to conform and shape around curves and grooves and clings to the metal or plastic snuggly and securely without glue or tape. 
The guard adds a distinct black color to each door frame, and due to the thickness, you may need to use a little strength when closing the door. It will not fit every vehicle.
Best Value

MATCC Car Door Edge Guards

This door guard is waterproof, reduces noise, and is corrosion and high temperature resistant. It is also simple to install on any door on the car.
The flexible trim can be cut with a knife or pair of scissors to mold around any corner or sharp edge. The guard prevents hot and cold air from leaking out the door. The trim will also keep water, dust, and dirt from getting inside.
It may be difficult to cut the material. Plus, it may not fit properly on all types of vehicles.
Honorable Mention

EJ’s Super Car Door Edge Guards

This product is developed with a strong, durable plastic trim material that fits around edges, curves, and grooves with ease. Plus, it features a clear door edge trim to blend in with your car.
It is designed with UV protection to extend its life and ensure it won’t fade, peel, fall off, or harm your paint job. This also makes it withstand and absorb damaging impacts.
Small bubbles may appear under the tape and can make installing it more difficult. You may also find the clear plastic can change colors after it rains, causing the trim to stand out.

Benefits of Car Door Edge Guards

  • Protect your vehicle. Car door edge guards are meant to prevent or reduce the number of door dents and scratches. This works to keep your vehicle free from damage. Since they are attached to the rim of the door, they act as a buffer to soften the impact the door has when it contacts other objects.
  • Prevent harming nearby cars. Opening your door can sometimes be impossible to do without resting it on the vehicle next to you. A strong gust of wind might blow it into the other vehicle. With an attached door guard, the chances it will leave a mark, chip, or paint scuff are reduced.
  • Reduce stress. Door edging trim can also reduce your stress levels when getting in or out of your vehicle. You don’t have to worry as much about your metal or plastic doors damaging other cars.
  • Improve resale value. Part of owning a car means you have to take care of it properly. One day, you may want to sell it, and any sign of wear or tear can reduce its value. Damage to the doors can also cause rust to form, and fixing that can be costly. Installing door guards ensures your vehicle won’t develop any dents or rust, saving you money and increasing the car’s resale value.

Types of Car Door Edge Guards


Adhesive door edge protection is applied to the door with a long-lasting and powerful tape. It goes on like a sticker with double-sided tape. The material can come in a roll that can be cut to fit the entire length of your doors, or it can be a single piece of plastic or soft bumper material. Tape door guards feature double-sided tape that is easy to remove and apply directly to the vehicle.


These door edge guards are made of a durable and thick rubber material to hold tightly to the side of your vehicle’s doors. There is a small groove that fits snuggly to the metal or plastic on your doors to ensure a secure fit. The rubber compound is flexible, enabling it to be stretched around corners or curves.

Top Brands


3M began as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company in Northern Minnesota in 1902. It helped create Scotch tape and developed the reflective coating for highway signs. Today, it also focuses on car wraps and door guards to help customize and protect your car. One door edge protector it makes is the 3M Door Edge Protection Film.


This company is responsible for creating and designing a number of accessories for cars and motorcycles. While ATMOMO specializes in light kits and effects for vehicles, it also makes a number of trim guards to ensure your car door is dent free. The ATMOMO Light Black Car Door Protector Bumper Guard is one of its top-rated guards.

Car Door Edge Guards Pricing

  • Under $10: You will find the majority of tape door guards in this price range. However, each one will typically be a thin piece of plastic or bumper-like material that absorbs impacts instead of a roll or strand of material.
  • Over $10: Here is where you will find rolls of both adhesive and cling-type door guards. These are the most common and perhaps the best at protecting your vehicle. Typically, the longer the roll, the higher the price of the guard.

Key Features


One of the most important factors when installing a car door guard is how much you need. The size and length of a spool or roll can range from a few feet to 32 feet and well beyond. You can also find individual strips to place anywhere on the door. If you just want to protect the driver's side door, then you won’t need much or may just need one strip. Protecting each door or more space on the door will require either more material or extra strips.


Door guards or trim guards are made up of a durable plastic or rubber material to absorb impacts. Think of the plastic as if it were your vehicle’s front or rear bumper. It may appear weak but is designed to withstand pressure and hits. Rubber is more pliable and is capable of bouncing off of objects without leaving an impact.

Other Considerations

  • Compatibility: You will want to ensure the guard you are purchasing will fit properly on your vehicle. Some may not be designed for certain SUVs, trucks, or cars. This can be due to the design of the doors.
  • Style: Door guard protection will change the look of your vehicle. After installing the material, the doors will either have a black or clear trim around them.

Best Car Door Edge Guards Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Winunite’s brand of trim door guard is developed with a thick strand of rubberized material. This design makes them able to protect your car doors from scratches, paint chips, and even rust. One unique benefit is that they can reduce the amount of noise the doors make when they’re being closed.

Another plus is that the guards are versatile and can be installed on almost any door as well as the hood and tailgate. Since they can conform and shape around curves and grooves, the compound clings to the metal or plastic snuggly and securely without glue or tape. Strong metal clasps help to grip the ends of the strand to ensure it won’t fall off when you open or close the doors.

There are few downsides to this guard. However, it will add a black trim color to each door frame. Another issue is that you may need to use a little more strength when closing the door because of the thickness. It will not fit every vehicle, such as a 2019 BMW X3 MF0i, 2013 Mercedes C250, and some Tesla models.

The MATCC Car Door Edge Guard not only protects your vehicle from dents and dings, but it is also waterproof, reduces noise, and is corrosion and high temperature resistant. It is also incredibly simple to install on any door on your car. You easily press the rubber material to the metal or plastic edge of the door, and it slides into place.

The design is a flexible trim that can be cut with a knife or pair of scissors to mold around any corner or sharp edge. Another benefit is that the guard prevents hot and cold air from leaking out through the door. This helps control the temperature inside the vehicle, so you don’t have to crank up the AC or heat. The trim will also keep water, dust, and dirt from getting through the gap between the door and the frame.

One problem is you may find it difficult to cut the material with a pair of scissors, so you may need a stronger tool for the job. The ends also have exposed metal that helps it cling to the door, so be careful when installing it to ensure you don’t hurt your fingers. Plus, it may not fit properly on all types of vehicles.

If you want high-quality protection for your door and vehicle, consider EJ’s Super Car Door Edge Guards. The durable plastic u-shape trim material fits around edges, curves, and grooves with ease. The adhesive tape clings tightly to the inside of the doorframe, and as an added bonus, the clear-coated trim blends in with your car and is not very noticeable after it’s installed.

Another extra feature is that it is designed with UV protection that both extends its life and ensures it won’t fade, peel, fall off, or harm your paint job. In order to make sure it fits effectively, all you need to do is clean the door with soap and water and then wait for it to dry. Plus, installing it on every door of your vehicle is easy and takes only a few minutes.

One drawback is you may encounter small bubbles under the tape when applying it to the door. This can make installing it more difficult, but you can pop them with a needle to help ensure a tight fit. Also, the clear plastic may change colors after it rains. This can cause the trim to stand out on your vehicle but shouldn’t impact its functionality. 

The CloudBuyer Car Door Edge Guards are a direct replacement and easy to install: simply push the rubber seal into place. Since they are a universal fit, they are compatible with most vehicles. The edge guards are 33-feet long and 0.8-inches thick and are designed to prevent chips, nicks, and scratches. They are also resistant to corrosion, UV rays, and high temperatures.

One of the best things about this product is that no glue is required. The edge guards are very flexible, stay in place, and don't scratch your vehicle's paint during installation. They are weather tight, and the metal core makes it easy to use a pair of pliers to make the guards fit even tighter on whatever they are protecting.

However, you have to push a bit to get these edge guards into place, and your forearms may get tired during installation. In addition, a rubber mallet is required to do a good job. Also, if you own a truck, check the door's thickness before purchasing this product to make sure it fits.

The TRUE LINE Automotive Black Door Edge L Shape Molding Kit is 12-feet long. It comes with 3M tape, not glue, which is commonly featured in u-shaped molding products. It takes about 20 minutes to install this kit, and it requires some trimming using scissors, a knife, etc., but it's still rather simple as long as you take the time to properly prep the surface.

This is a great option if you have a black vehicle as it blends in fairly well. It holds up well in automated car washes, and it has a good amount of flex during installation. Users report that it tolerates hot temperatures and adheres well even in areas of the country that experience extremely hot summers. Overall, it keeps damage to a minimum when you open the car door and it accidentally bumps another car, garage wall, etc.

Unfortunately, the product is only available in black, so it will stand out on your vehicle if you use it on one that doesn't have a black finish. It's also critical to properly clean the vehicle before affixing the edge guards or they won't adhere properly.

This 32-foot car door edge guard is designed to protect your vehicle against chips, dents, nicks, and scratches. It is constructed of black plastic and is 0.5 centimeters wide. It features a built-in, double-sided adhesive for installation.

One of the best things about this product is that it's very thin so it blends in with your vehicle, and from a distance it's hard to tell that it's even there. In addition, there's a lot of material, so you may be able to use it on more than one vehicle.

Unfortunately, the adhesive is not very strong, and it's easy to slip the guard out of place if you put too much force on it when opening or shutting the door. It's also a little challenging to put on a vehicle’s doors, so be prepared to have a little patience during installation.

The Edge Trim Black U Extrusion Plastic Edge Protector is available in several sizes from five feet up to 100 feet, so you can purchase the length that works best for your needs. This product features internal metal clips for grip and is very sturdy. It's made of high-quality materials, is very flexible, and is easy to install without requiring adhesive.

These durable and protective edge guards have a tight fit, look good, and are a great value. The trim contours over bumps and imperfections as well as corners, and it's very easy to cut and form to the curves of a door. The 25-foot product is enough to fit all of the doors of an SUV as well as a four-door sedan.

However, it's important to crimp the edge guards down with pliers, so they stay in place better. Also, they’re not compatible with all vehicle models, so make sure to check the product's dimensions before making a purchase.

This black rubber strip from 3M is made of nitrile rubber and is nine feet long. It features a U-shape channel and can be used as a car door edge guard or on cabinets, doors, and windows on your home. It also has some electrical applications.

The material is durable but bends freely, so installation isn't difficult. It's also easy to adjust and remove, and it bends back to its natural shape should you decide to take it off the edge of your vehicle's doors.

One downside is the product is only nine feet long, which is a bit less than some of its rivals. There have also been some complaints that it's not flexible enough for some applications. In addition, it's costlier than some other brands, considering how much comes in the package.

This kit of door edge guards comes in several colors: blue, gray, red, and black. The guards are 130mm by 15mm and are compatible with passenger cars, SUVs, and other types of vehicles. They are made of PVC and feature double-sided adhesive tape for installation.

This trim molding kit provides excellent anti-scratch protection. It's easy to install and will not damage your vehicle's finish. The material is durable and waterproof and will not fade over time. The four-piece kit is also much more affordable than many of the options on this list.

However, if you don't have a blue, gray, red, or black vehicle, these door edge guards will stand out a lot, which can be a little unsightly. Also, only four guards are included, and they only cover a small area of the door edge, so they are not 100-percent effective.


  • When installing certain types of car door edge trim, consider using a rubber mallet to gently tap it onto the edge of the door.
  • Leave out the strand of rubber or plastic in the heat for a few minutes to help stretch it out. This will allow you to form and mold it more easily.
  • If a pair of scissors won’t cut the material, you can use a more powerful tool, such as wire cutters or industrial-strength scissors.


Q: Is a car door edge guard strong enough to prevent all dents?

A: While it is designed to reduce the amount of impact caused by a door against another vehicle, it may not prevent all damage. If you open the door with extreme force and collide with a vehicle next to it, you may still get a dent or ding. It’s meant to act as a barrier against normal wear and tear.

Q: Will a door guard ruin the paint around the car’s door?

A: Door guards will not ruin or damage the paint they are wrapped around. They act as paint protection and prevent chips and scratches while also protecting the area the cover. They can even be used to cover existing damage to hide it.

Q: Will the weather impact the look of door edge guards?

A: While rain may discolor the plastic trim, it should not impact all types of guards. If applied correctly and snuggly, the weather should not affect the functionality or design of the trim.

Q: Can I remove the door edge guard from the car?

A: Yes, you can easily remove the guard by peeling it off with your fingers. Any leftover tape can be washed off with soap and water. You may even be able to reuse the guard again on a different vehicle.

Q: How can I tell if a guard will fit my vehicle?

A: You can consult your specific car, truck, or SUV’s owner’s manual. It will have the dimensions and sizes of the doors, hood, and trunk so you can match it with the type of guard you are considering.

Final Thoughts

For one of the best trim door guards to protect against dings, scratches, and dents, consider the Winunite Car Door Edge Guards. You can also check out the MATCC Car Door Edge Guards and save a bit of cash while still getting a high-quality and long-lasting door guard.

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