Best Windshield Covers: Guard Your Car From Snow and Debris

Make sure you have a windshield cover with you to protect your windshield from the elements

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During the winter, you need to protect both you and your car from the cold weather. One area you need to cover during such periods is your vehicle's windshield. Ice might form on, or snow might cover, your windshield causing damage. Having a windshield cover is necessary, so here are the top picks.

  • Best Overall
    FrostGuard Pro Tec Premium Winter Windshield Cover
    Durable, water-resistant, and utilizes Fit Fast technology. Fits different sizes of vehicles including large SUVs and trucks.
    It is easy to install and remove as the process takes a few minutes. Comes with a quick-dry compact pouch for storage.
    Does not have extra door flaps to secure it inside the car doors. It can be blown away by strong winds.
  • Best Value
    Cypropid Car Windshield Snow Cover
    The multi-functional feature of this cover makes it stand out. You can use it during both winter and summer. Its three-layer polyester taffeta makes it resistant to tear. Most covers with such features cost a lot more, making this one a winner in this category.
    It uses elastic hooks and strap, so it’s quick and easy to set up and remove. No magnets, meaning no scratching the paint as you remove the cover.
    For some SUVs, it is not large enough to cover the whole windshield, leaving some parts exposed to the extreme weather.
  • Honorable Mention
    Sunny Color TMA-1 Magnetic Edges Windshield Snow Cover
    This frost guard windshield cover uses ultra-powerful magnets to stay in place, and can be used on a variety of vehicles ranging from trucks, SUVs, and most cars. Apart from magnets, this cover has an elastic edge design which is meant to be secured using the vehicle’s doors, making it windproof.
    Provides whole-window coverage including the windshield wipers. Easy to install and remove as it does not use strings to attach to the car. Comes with a drawstring storage pouch.
    Its fabric is a bit lightweight and can be easily damaged if not handled and stored well.

Why Buy a Windshield Cover?

  • Protect your windshield from scratches and cracks. When driving, you have to keep the windshield clean and flawless for visibility. The impact from falling snow or ice might damage your windshield by cracking it. The wind might blow objects such as twigs that might scratch the windshield. Having a good cover will prevent objects from coming into direct contact with your windshield, protecting it from damage.
  • Keep your windshield clean. You need to see the road clearly when driving. If you keep your car parked outside, dust can accumulate on your windshield. If you use a cover, you will not have to worry about dust or leaves smeared all over your windshield. It is a good way of preventing dirt from getting on your windshield when you are not using your car. 
  • Protect your dashboard from UV rays. Leaving your car parked in the open exposes it to the sun’s UV rays which will hit your dashboard. Such heat exposure might end up causing your dashboard to fade. By using a windshield cover, you will prevent excess sunlight from damaging your car in the process.
  • Save time on scraping ice. An efficient frost windshield cover will prevent ice from forming on the windshield. You won’t have to grab your scraper/brush to remove ice or snow, saving you time and effort. All you will have to do is remove the cover before getting into your car and driving away. Plus, some covers come with a storage pouch, so you don't have to worry about the cover getting your back seats or trunk wet. 
Car windshield covered with frost early in the morning

Avoid scraping frost in the morning with a good windshield cover.


Double-Sided Windshield Covers

This type of frost-free windshield cover is designed with either side having different uses. During the winter, the black side will absorb heat when it is cold to keep the car warm, while the silver surface reflects heat away when it is hot.

All-Weather Windshield Covers

Products in this category not only protect your windshield from snow and ice, but are also resistant to rain, are windproof, and can function as a visor sunshade when it is hot. With these all-weather windshield covers, your windshield will be protected from UV rays, dust, frost, and wind debris.

Top Brands


FrostGuard, started in 2012, is an automotive brand headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. It is part of Delk, a privately-held consumer product company founded in 2001. FrostGuard is popular for providing solutions to problems related to cold weather. One of its top products is the FrostGuard Pro Tec Premium Winter Windshield Cover.


Founded in 2011, OxGord’s main offices are located in Gardena, California. This privately-owned company deals in an array of products ranging from auto parts and accessories, home and garden tools, pet supplies and accessories, and baby and kids’ products. Its best-selling, heavy-duty windshield snow cover is the OxGord Windshield Snow Cover Ice Removal Wiper Visor Protector.


  • $10 to $20: You can find an ideal car windshield cover for less than $20, with others priced as low as $10. Most of the items within this price range will get the job done, but the durability is low. A lot of these windshield covers are secured using straps and door flaps that are held in place inside the car by closing the doors on them.
  • $20 to $30: In this price range, you will find premium windshield covers, especially ones fitted with magnets. Most of the covers here are multifunctional, meaning you can use them for both winter and summer seasons. Others have more than one way of securing them utilizing magnets, flaps, and straps with plastic hooks.
  • Above $30: You will find top windshield covers comprised of special materials such as plant cotton, PEVA, and non-woven fabric, making them more durable and weatherproof. Some covers come with a pouch for storing them when not in use, and others also include side mirror covers. You will also find some with luminous strips to make your car visible at night.

Key Features

Type of Fittings

Before purchasing a windshield car cover, consider the method used in securing it on the car. You can use straps, magnets, suction cups, or door flaps. While most manufacturers design their covers with at least two types of fittings, it would be wise to consider those that have all three types, as they will be more secure on your vehicle.

Side View Mirror Cover

You will find that some manufacturers will include side mirror covers. These inclusions will help protect the mirrors from winter frost and dust during the summer.

Storage Pouch

Some windshield covers come with a pouch in which you can store them when not being used. This is helpful, especially when you remove the cover and it is still wet. since you won’t worry about getting your back seats or trunk wet. 

Other Considerations

  • Durability: Consider getting a windshield cover that can withstand different weather conditions such as snow, ice, and rain without getting damaged easily. While most windshield covers are below $30, you will want one that is waterproof and will give you value over a long period.
  • Flexibility: You will want a windshield cover that is flexible enough for you to store without damaging it. A good windshield cover is one that is easy to fold and keep in the trunk. It should take up the least space possible in your trunk.
  • Construction: Most frost-free windshield covers are made up of high-quality and strong PVC materials. This makes them durable, easy to maintain, and weather-resistant.
  • Size and Coverage: While most manufacturers will tell you that their windshield cover tends to fit most cars, you should get measurements before purchasing a windshield protector.  You will want your cover to be secured flat on your windshield at all times to prevent moisture and wind from getting beneath it. It should cover the whole windshield viewing area.
  • Security: Sometimes windshield covers get stolen. Consider getting one that has door flaps on both the driver and passenger sides. 

Best Windshield Cover Reviews and Recommendations 2019

Best Windshield Cover Overall: FrostGuard Pro Tec Premium Winter Windshield Cover

FrostGuard Pro Tec Premium Winter Windshield Cover

This is one of the best windshield covers you can get since it protects your vehicle from frost, snow, and ice. It can withstand the cold winter weather, preventing your windshield glass from freezing. It is the best overall windshield because of its large size (69 inches by 32 inches), making it the ideal fit for most cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks.

This product stands out because of its durability, owing to the weather-resistant PVC lining it is made of which gives it its water-resistant and protective capabilities. It is also easy to install and remove as you strap it to the side view mirrors when in use.

While it is among the best windshield covers you can buy, it might not stretch enough to cover the wiper blades for some vehicles. You might also find it to be a bit heavy and difficult to get it back in its bag. If you drive a van, minivan, an SUV or truck, then this is the ideal windshield cover for you.

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Best Value Windshield Cover: Cypropid Car Windshield Snow Cover

Cypropid Car Windshield Snow Cover

This windshield cover will provide high-quality protection for your car windshield for a relatively low price. With three layers of polyester taffeta, you can use this cover for a long time before it wears out.

You will be able to use this windshield cover for both winter and summer seasons. It uses plastic hooks to hold the straps to the wheels when in use to prevent the wind from blowing it away. It also comes with frost-free side mirror covers, which are adjustable using a drawstring. 

While it can fit most cars, it might not be ideal for some large SUVs and might be an inconvenience when you want to store it while it is wet. In case of heavy snowfall, you will have to do some digging before unhooking the straps from the tires to remove the cover.

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Best Windshield Cover Honorable Mention: Sunny Color TMA-1 Magnetic Edges Windshield Snow Cover

Sunny Color TMA-1 Magnetic Edges Windshield Snow Cover

We had to include this item in our review because of its unique magnetic fitting. It uses ultra-powerful magnets on its edges to keep it secured on your vehicle. The top side has movable magnets that you can rearrange to fit your windshield appropriately.

It is easy to install as there are no straps involved, and the door flaps have an added weight so that they are secured by the closed doors. The windshield cover is also long enough to protect the wipers, and its thick fabric protects your car from being scratched by the magnets when removing the cover.

This product is the ideal choice for most vehicles ranging from SUVs, trucks, and cars. The downside is that its fabric is lightweight and can be damaged by ice cover. The magnets might also fail to hold if the windshield is wet. 

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Tips and Advice for Windshield Covers

  • If you are using a magnetic windshield cover, make sure that your windshield is dry before placing the cover on it. The magnets might not hold if the surface is wet.
  • Buy covers that are equipped with a security panel if you feel your windshield cover might get stolen. Such covers get shut in the driver's door to give it extra security to prevent it from being stolen
  • In case you live in an area prone to strong winds, you might want to consider a cover with door flaps that can be secured by the front doors. This will provide the extra grip to avoid being blown away by high winds.
  • Always make sure the cover stays flat against the windshield. Check that the straps are not loose and the door flaps are firmly secured by the doors. Elastic straps will help secure the cover to your windshield tightly to prevent air from flowing underneath it and spreading ice on the windshield. Suction cups might be useful here too.


Q: Do ice and snow windshield covers help? 

A: Yes, they do, if you get the right one and place it as instructed. If you live in a place with a lot of snow and ice, these covers will protect your windshield. You will not have to scrape snow and ice from your windshield every time, which is a good way to avoid scratching the glass.

Q: What if my windshield has a crack?

A: While the windshield covers in this review work well, they will not be effective if your windshield has cracks.  When it is snowing, the low temperatures might cause the windshield to contract along the cracks, making them wider. In such cases, the windshield cover can only keep the snow off. Consider repairing or replacing damaged windshields.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best windshield cover is the FrostGuard Pro Tec Premium Winter Windshield Cover.  It is popular because of its high durability, and it is easy to set up and store.

For a cheaper alternative, consider the Cypropid Car Windshield Snow Cover.

Do you have experience with windshield covers for snow and debris? Let us know about your preferences in the comments below.